The Priestess of Old

In ancient times, the priestess was believed to have contact with other realms through intuition and dreams. The priestess would practice rituals, leadership, and help others find a connection to the divine. The community would seek counsel from priestesses in order to discover what actions they should take in their lives.

The Modern-Day Priestess

In modern times, the role of the priestess looks a little different; however, its essence is pretty much unchanged. A modern-day priestess is not always a teacher or leader, nonetheless, she is capable of governing/advising those who come to her for help. She’s in service to her community and regards all those around her as equals.

Unlike the priestess on a tarot card, a modern-day priestess does not sit in a throne, nor does she wear glowing robes and adorn herself with amulets. The reality is, by appearance alone, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a priestess and anybody else you come across.

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Developing Your Abilities

The development of intuition is important to a modern-day priestess. This is something that’s done primarily through meditation. Expressing yourself creatively and meditating on a regular basis is vital when it comes to enhancing your intuition as a priestess. Doing both of these things will give you access to your inner voice whenever you’re in need of divine guidance.

Typically, a modern-day priestess will use various rituals during her daily life. These rituals infuse magic, intention, and sacredness into mundane acts. For example, saying a blessing before a meal changes the experience of the meal and will bring forth clarity and purpose. Meditation, singing, or lighting a candle encourages peace and serenity to make their way into one’s life and the most appropriate time.

Rituals can also be used for a specific purpose. These are not necessarily traditional rituals such as weddings, funerals, and/or christenings. Rituals for a priestess honour the process of letting go, grieving, the lunar cycle, or the change of seasons. Participating in a ritual is the most effective way to mark big transitions in life.

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The Purpose of the Modern-Day Priestess

A priestess is the natural holder of sacred and healing spaces; a priestess will create a safe space for others to be themselves without fear of being judged. People will naturally turn to a priestess for guidance so that they can lead better leaves by receiving her wisdom. Creating a safe space for those who come to her is not about controlling or dictating what people should do with their lives, it’s a place filled with love, understanding, and support. If you think you have what it takes to be a modern-day priestess or think that your abilities are in the process of awakening, speak with our trusted psychics today. Our readers aren’t just here to tell you the future, they’re here to guide on the path that will lead to you becoming the best version of yourself. To get a cheap psychic reading over the phone, simply give us a call so we can connect you with the best spiritual advisors in the UK.