Author: Anna Rivers

Love and Relationships

When Should You Get Married? 

When should you get married? This is a question that many people struggle with on a daily basis; in fact, the concept of getting married in this day and age is an alien concept to a lot of people. There are a lot of people who never see themselves tying the knot, so, what do you do when you come across an… read more

Love and Relationships

Balancing Positive Energy in a Relationship 

A healthy, balanced relationship doesn’t mean that you and your partner won’t have ups and downs, it just means you’re able to work through them without any long-term damage. Contrary to popular belief, when you’re in a romantic relationship with a soulmate or your twin-flame, you will often face a lot… read more

Love and Relationships

Can Your Soulmate Cheat on You? 

At Trusted Psychics, it’s not unusual for callers to ask whether it’s possible for their soulmate to cheat on them. Most of this comes from a misunderstanding of what it means to be someone’s soulmate due to how the term is used in pop culture. Unfortunately, the truth is, it is possible for your… read more

Love and Relationships

Cheap In-Depth Love Readings 

Are you at an impasse in your relationship? Is there something missing from the bright future together that you always dreamed about? If you’re in need of psychic support, we have the most trusted readers online 24 hours a day who are ready and available to give you the support you need. Talking with… read more

Love and Relationships

Are Sexless Marriages on the Rise? 

Do you sometimes feel as though the power of intimacy has diminished in your relationship? If so, you’re not alone in this. All over the world, there is a rise in sexless relationships/marriages; however, if you find yourself in a sexless relationship, don’t fear, it doesn’t mean that your love… read more

Love and Relationships

Why Your Partner May Be Ignoring You 

With a little spiritual direction, you can learn/understand the reasons as to why your partner may be ignoring you. When it comes to love and relationships, speaking with a trusted psychic over the phone will give you all the answers you need so you can better your love life. Whether your concerns… read more

Love and Relationships, Self-Improvement

How to Manage Your Emotions 

Many areas in our lives need balancing, however, if we were able to manage our emotions, we would be able to keep ourselves in check. Very few people are able to live life on easy mode, at some point or another, we have to face obstacles we must overcome. Learning how to empower yourself will help you… read more

Love and Relationships

The Power of Love Spells 

There are many situations in life in which you may find yourself being tempted to perform a love spell on someone you care about. It may be that your eyes met from across a crowded room and you felt as though what you experienced was love at first sight. However, in the back of your mind… read more

Love and Relationships

The Pros and Cons of Marriage 

Marriage is the legal union of two people; traditionally it was only men and women who were able to marry one another, however, nowadays, this is no longer the case. Marriage is well recognised throughout most cultures across the world, some culture even allow people to marry more than one person… read more