Aquarius (August 2019)

Aquarius Horoscope Forecast for August 2019

General Horoscope

This month will see you calm and collected as you try to figure out how you’re going to work through some of the obstacles you’ve recently stumbled into. In the back of your mind you’re probably thinking that some of the problems you’re now facing could have been dealt with much earlier; however, now is not the time for regrets. In order to figure out a solution, you must set you sight on the future.Take responsibility for any mistakes you have made but don’t beat yourself up over it because that won’t help anyone. On August 15th, you will be kind and considerate to everyone you meet which will bring good karma into your life. Do what you can to help those in need, you may find that you will need someone to return the favour sometime soon.

When August 15th, comes around, you will want to make changes in your life. These changes may involve cleaning up your house, eating healthy, or starting to partake in early morning jogs. If there’s a job at home that’s waiting to be done, now’s the time to complete it. You’re going to become quite the risk-taker on August 28th, at least when it comes to trying out new foods, hobbies, and places you like to visit during the weekend. Having new experiences seems to have become very important to you, so don’t shy away from doing things that give you a little bit of a scare. By time August comes to a close, you will fully believe in the things that you are capable of achieving which will inspire you to continue living outside of your comfort zone.

Love Horoscope

When the month begins, you won’t have much going on in regard to love and relationships as most of your time will be spent dealing with your own emotions. You’re quite the deep thinker when it comes to choosing who you would like to settle down with which makes it hard for you to make a final decision. When Uranus is in retrograde on August 11th, your sex drive will see a bit of a dip; so, while you’re not being distracted by your physical urges, use this time to do a bit of soul searching. Is it time for you to look for something a little more serious? That’s the thought that will be running through your mind as the summer comes to an end; that being said, it’s wholly possible that you’re not quite ready to give your heart to someone for safe keeping.

The full moon in Aquarius on August 15th will excite you in a multitude of ways. If you attend social gatherings around this time you may attract someone who has a very similar energy. While this may not be a relation that stands the test of time, the passion that you experience will be undeniable. Your unique personality and outlook on life makes you an interesting person to talk to, so share your ideas and be unapologetic about your thoughts. It’s also important to note that the way in which you perform in the bedroom will improve as your sexual stamina gets a boost.

August 18th will be the perfect time for you to let your crush know how you feel. However, if you’re in a long-term relationship, it won’t be a bad idea to show your partner how much you care by doing something special and unexpected for them. Don’t rush or pressure them into anything, just say your piece and walk away; if they feel the same, they’ll let you know soon enough. While you await your answer, you may find yourself thinking back to a past relationship, one of the happier memories that you’re able t recall. While there’s nothing wrong with taking a trip down memory lane, don’t lose your way and trap yourself there because the future is waiting for you. As August comes to an end, you’ll realise that finding true love is nothings something that can be rushed. Taking things slow is the best course of action, soon enough, you’ll find the person who’s able to draw you into their world.

Career Horoscope

This month it seems to be the case that by doing something you love you will be able to bring in a little extra cash. On August 11th, when Uranus enters retrograde, you will notice calmness flowing throughout the workplace. With everyone’s spirit open to new ideas, there’s a chance that you will be able to reconnect with a colleague that you’ve had a falling out with. By setting your differences aside, you will be able to pick up where you left off. You’ll find that what you fell out about wasn’t a big deal and your career will be better of if you’re able to work with everyone on your team.

Between August 15th and August 18th, you will have a desire for freedom, so, if you have the luxury, working from home will probably give you the space you need to clear you thoughts. While you’re perfectly happy to work with a team, sometimes, you’re able to produce your best work when you’re left to your own devices. Keep this focus up for the rest of the month and you will get the results that you’ve been after, there may even be a financial reward in it for you.

What It Means to be an Aquarius Representative

There are two sides to Aquarius representatives; one on hand, they tend to be quite shy, but on the other, they’re the most outgoing and energetic people you’ll ever meet. One thing that remains consistent though is their ability to engage in deep thought. Aquarius representatives are very intellectual and are able to see the world without prejudices; it’s almost as if they see the Earth from the viewpoint of a higher dimension. They can easily fit in/ adapt to their surroundings and there are very few problems they cannot solve. With all that being said, there does come a time in which an Aquarius needs to be alone in order to recharge their batteries.

It’s not unusual for those born under the star sign of Aquarius to have their sights set on the distant future. They like to envision what their life will be like down the road in order to get the inspiration they need to push on. Thinking about the future isn’t all they do though; Aquarius representatives love to spend time within their local communities as they try to improve the living situations of those less fortunate. Aquarius representatives believe in freedom and equality for everyone, a cause they’ll never stop fighting for.

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Love and Relationships

Despite wanting to make the world a better place, when it comes to romantic endeavours, Aquarius representatives can be cold and insensitive. However, this isn’t because they want to be mean, more often than not, it’s a tactic they use to protect themselves from getting hurt. Aquarius representatives must learn how to trust others if they want to enjoy a happy, long-term relationship. If you’re able to stimulate the mind of an Aquarius, you’ll be well on your way to sparking their romantic interest. They love to engage in deep, interesting conversations that’ll open their mind up to new ideas. They have wild imaginations, so conversations with those born under this star sign are usually quite interesting.

Getting an Aquarius to welcome you into their heart is a big ask. Nevertheless, if you manage to do this, the rewards are great. Aquarius make for good, honest, and loyal partners which is what you need if you wish to find success in love. When in a relationship, an Aquarius will always give their lover space to manoeuvre however they wish. They’re not the type to suffocate or overcrowd their partners because they believe that people should always maintain a sense of independence.

Family and Friends

Don’t be fooled by the talkative nature of an Aquarius. Whilst they may be outgoing, when it comes to letting people get emotionally close to them, they’re not so quick to open up. For Aquarius representatives, opening up means exposing yourself to heartache, so, tread lightly in your friendships with them—they’re not as indestructible as they first seem. Whether you’re a friend or family member, it doesn’t matter to an Aquarius, in order to pursue a successful relationship with them you must be intellectual, or at the very least, willing to explore new ideas. You must be creative, and you must have integrity, there’s usually no compromise on that last one. An Aquarius will do anything for someone they love, even if it means sacrificing themselves. With all that being said, if you make friends with an Aquarius, you’ll be making a friend for life.

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Career and Finance

The enthusiasm of Aquarius representatives can be infectious. However, it’s their lively nature that makes them great to work. They’re very imaginative and their intellect will get them through the most difficult of tasks. If they find a job that brings them personal satisfaction as well as help them to make the world a better place, nothing would make an Aquarius happier. Balancing their financial spending between business and pleasure is something that Aquarius representatives do will. So, whilst they’re able to save a lot of their money, they won’t regret blowing some cash every now and then.

Summary of Aquarius

Element: Air
Quality: Fixed
Ruler: Uranus, Saturn
Date range: January 20 – February 18
Strengths: Progressive, original, independent, generous
Weaknesses: Emotionally withdrawn, temperamental, uncompromising
Likes: Socialising, helping others, intellectual conversation, solving personal problems
Dislikes: Limitations, broken promises, being alone, boring situations, being challenged
Compatible Signs: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius
Best Compatibility: Leo, Sagittarius

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