Cancer General Horoscope January 2021

At the start of the month, you may find yourself feeling a little more restricted than usual, however, this may put you into the mindset of getting yourself organised this year. What are the things you would like to accomplish by the end of 2021? Do you see yourself changing? Is your love life something you wish to pay attention to? These will be the sort of questions that are on your month at the beginning of the month, you should do your best to answer them honestly.

The gentle, loving Venus and Mars will trine on January 9th, this will give you the balance you were looking for so you can sort through your wants and needs with a clear mind. Your romantic decisions around going to be at the forefront of your mind around this time, so pay attention to what your heart and mind are trying to tell you. You know you deserve to be happy and you know you deserve to get the best for you and your loved ones, however, it will require your hard work and determination to see this wish come true.

The new moon that shows its beautiful face in Capricorn on January 13th is a sign that this is the time for new beginnings. Whatever your intentions are for the future, now is the time to make a plan, a plan that you can and will put into action. The shift in energy that takes place when the sun moves from Capricorn to Aquarius is not something you can easily miss; when this event takes place on January 19th, you will feel a powerful surge of ambitions vibrations travel through the core of your being.

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Cancer Love Horoscope January 2021

Sex and emotions are not things that you can easily separate from one another, something you will see for yourself when Mars makes its way into Taurus on January 6th. As the New Year kicks off, as a singleton, you may come to the conclusion that it’s time to find something serious/long-term. While you may have someone in mind, it’s your duty to make sure that they’re on the same page as you, otherwise, you may find yourself in the midst of a messy conversation. Dealing with uncertainty is something you will have to put up with through this testing time, especially if you want to partner up with the right person.

With Mercury entering Aquarius on January 8th, you and your lover will have a lot to talk about; while it may be easier to make love and enjoy a bit of small talk, this is not going to get you to where you want to be. The Venus and Mars trine on the 9th is going to give your love life a bit of a boost, you will feel a surge of confidence within you, so if you have something to say, say it. Whether your relationship is casual or long-term, you can expect there to be sparks in the bedroom around this time. This month will not be without moments of tension; with the new moon in Capricorn on January 13th, you should try not to get into any arguments as they may get more intense than you could ever imagine.

If you and your partner have issues to discuss, try to do so in a calm and rational way; however, if things start to become tenser, walk away and resume the discussion when calmness returns. Thinking ahead is going to be one of your greatest strengths during the middle of the month. Looking into the future and trying to make arrangements for all sorts of possibilities is not fun, however, you will be glad that you did when the time comes. Your independence has always been something that is important to you; when the sun moves from Capricorn to Aquarius on January 19th, you will start to appreciate the company of others, more so than you have in the past. As the end of the month nears, taking a brisk walk outside of your comfort zone may give you the insight you need in regard to where you relationship/love life is heading.

Cancer Career Horoscope January 2021

As soon as the year kicks off, you will want to pay attention to your finances. You may not be in as bad a situation as you once imagine, but it’s clear that there are some changes that ought to be made. Speaking with your superior about a raise may not be the most enjoyable start to the year, but if you don’t ask, you may never receive. Look out for anything that could prove to be a detriment to your finances come the middle of the month, what seems like a good deal may be very far from it. The same could be said about a friend, relative, or co-worker approaches you with a business idea, make sure they know what they’re doing/talking about before you make a commitment to anything.