Cancer (August 2019)

Cancer Horoscope Forecast for August 2019

General Horoscope

As the month kicks off you will find that you are able to communicate your thoughts and feelings in a very effective manner. For some reason, the things you say are filled to the brim with compassion which makes people want to hang on to your every word. If there are any difficult conversations you’ve been putting off, now’s the time to air your grievances. When August 8th comes around, there will be a lot for you to be hopeful about. So, if you’re sitting at the edge of your seat waiting for some urgent news you should cross your fingers and get ready to smile the evening away. With there being very little stress in your life, you should make sure to get all of your duties done ahead of schedule so that nothing creeps up on you.

On August 15th, you will want to come out of your shell so that you can show your face to the world. With this newfound confidence, you will be able to put your creative abilities on display for the world to see. While you may be showered with more attention than you know what to do with, don’t hideaway, there’s no shame in enjoying yourself. Now, when August 21st comes around, you may find yourself having to rethink the way in which you handle your financial matters. While you’re used to making short-term goals, it’s about time that you start thinking about the future. Spending your hard-earned cash isn’t a bad thing but planning for unforeseen events is a must.

Love Horoscope

When it comes to lovemaking, make sure that you are giving as much as you are receiving; this is something that applies to both singletons and those in long-term relationships. While it can be tempting to roll over and go sleep once you have been satisfied, think about the needs of your partner; nobody likes a selfish lover. Talking about the future of the relationship you’re in is going to be of the utmost importance to you. Even though most people like to avoid having this type of conversation for as long as possible, you’re more than willing to open up the floodgates. However, don’t feel like you have to express everything you’re feeling all at once. You have time, so let your partner take in what you’re saying before moving onto the next point.

On August 8th you should expect to hear from someone who has been making you go weak at the knees for some time now. That being said, when they reach out to you, let them say whatever it is that they’ve got to say in their own time. Uranus will go into retrograde on August 11th, so your sex drive may hit a bit of a low point; this isn’t something that you need to worry about but don’t use it as an excuse as to why you don’t want to pleasure your partner. This isn’t a phase that is going to last for too long as on August 15th the full moon in Aquarius will reawaken your sexual side. Even though your sensual natural will come forefront, you won’t want to steer too far away from doing whatever it is you’re used to.

On August 18th, if you’re single, you will want to let all of your summer flings go so that you can partake in some self-reflection. Focusing on yourself and what your desires are for the future of your romantic life is what will lead you towards the relationship you desire.

Career Horoscope

During August, your personal and financial confidence levels will be through the roof. You will feel as though you’re on top of the world as everything around you seems to be heading in the right direction. There will be a boatload of opportunities for you to explore this month, so make sure that you don’t hide your skills/ talents away from your colleagues. Even though you may not think much of the things you’re able to do, your co-workers will feel differently by the time everything is said and done. On August 7th, you should be able to enjoy a project that you’ll be able to work on with one of your teammates. While you don’t often get the chance to work together, this will be a good time for you to catch up.

When August 15th arrives you will be granted with an amazing insight into where the company is headed. However, during this time you will have to decide whether you’re going to stick around for the ride. You are set to have a few busy days in which you won’t have much time to think about anything else, unless it involves the completion of the job you’re working on. The rest of the month should be pretty smooth sailing for you as long as you’re able to stay focused. There will be a few distractions heading your way from August 25th, so try not to get caught up in all of the mayhem that is going on around you.

What It Means to be an Cancer Representative

Whilst sentimental, Cancer is one of the most difficult star signs to get to know. They’re empathetic and will do anything to take care of the people close to them. However, forging the initial bond with a Cancer isn’t easy to do. Loyalty and empathy are very important to them, so they’re never in a hurry when it comes to letting strangers into their lives. Cancer representatives are guided by their emotions and have a hard time when it comes to fitting in due to their intense nature. If you’re going to approach a Cancer, do so with care and consideration and give them the space they need to feel comfortable. During their later years, Cancers have been known to lose their patience; this is especially true if they conclude that their emotional boundaries have prevented them from living their best life.

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Love and Relationships

Strong emotions are what Cancer representatives are best known for. Above all else, the relationships they enjoy throughout their lives are the most important thing to them. When it comes to choosing a lover, finding someone who they’re able to communicate with on a spiritual level is vital. The need to be understood is something that’s at the top of the list for Cancers, so the relationships they have must go beyond the physical. Material possessions mean very little to Cancer and instant gratification is not something they find appealing. When it comes to sex, Cancer representatives have a hard time expressing themselves because they fear that they’ll be judged; nevertheless, if they find someone they can trust, they’ll be able to enjoy mind-blowing lovemaking experiences.

Once they find a life partner, Cancer representatives are able to relax and enjoy the comfort and security they’ve been seeking. If you’re romantically involved with a Cancer, don’t take their willingness to open up to you lightly; more than likely, opening their heart was a big decision, bigger than most could ever imagine.

Family and Friends

If you want to develop a friendship with a Cancer, the best thing to do is get the approval of someone who is already close to them. A verification from someone they trust will go a long way in regard to getting a Cancer to welcome you into their circle. Once you’re approved, you’ll be able to enjoy an open and communicative relationship; should a Cancer representative invite you to their home, take it as a sign of their willingness to open up to you. Whilst Cancers are difficult to understand from afar, once in an intimate setting, all will become clear.

There isn’t a star sign out there that cares about their family more than Cancer. Caner representatives are very protective of their family members and treasure each and every memory they share them. Once they’re able to create a social circle they can depend on, Cancer representatives are able to build the happiest homes you’ve ever seen.

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Career and Finance

When it comes to seeing a job through to completion, a Cancer will never let you down. They love to be left alone to complete their tasks because it allows them the space they need to focus. Whilst they can work with others, their emotions can serve as a distraction if not kept in check. They love jobs that keep them on their toes which is why you’ll often find them in roles like housekeeping, gardening, and decorating. Of course, money is a big issue for cancer due to their need for certainty and stability; many would say it’s why they push themselves so hard. Saving up is definitely one of their strongest qualities, not only can they manage their own finances, they often look after the wealth of their family members and closest friends.

Summary of Cancer

Element: Water
Quality: Cardinal
Ruler: Moon
Date Range: June 21 – July 22
Strengths: Tenacious, highly imaginative, loyal, emotional, sympathetic, persuasive
Weaknesses: Moody, pessimistic, suspicious, manipulative, insecure
Likes: Art, home-based hobbies, relaxing, helping others, dining
Dislikes: Strangers, opening up (emotionally)
Compatible Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces, Capricorn
Best Compatibility: Capricorn, Taurus

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