Capricorn (August 2019)

Capricorn Horoscope Forecast for August 2019

General Horoscope

One of the challenges that you will have to deal with this month is keeping your calm. This May sound like an easy thing to do but when there are exciting things happening all around you, it’ll be hard for you to maintain focus. This is not to say that you can’t enjoy the new things that are taking place in your life but you shouldn’t forget what your true purpose is. On August 11th, you will be given the chance to reveal your thoughts and feelings to someone important in your life. It could be that there’s important information you need to pass onto your boss, or a friend/ partner has done you wrong and you want to air your grievances. No matter what’s on your mind, don’t shy away from speaking about things with the people who play a vital role in your life.

On August 11th, it will be a good thing for you to get rid of the things in your life that you don’t need. While you may think that holding onto things may work out for you in the long-run, more than likely, they won’t. Be honest, there are things in your home that you no longer have any use for; however, they may be of benefit to someone else in your life, so ask around. This doesn’t only apply to any items that you possess, it also includes any toxic people who you may be in contact with. When August 23rd comes around you will want to make some changes in your life to improve your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. These changes will support you on your journey towards bigger and better things in your life.

Love Horoscope

Since you are always hard at work, at times, you often avoid getting involved in romance because you’re so focused on getting to the new point in your career. However, while it’s fun and exciting to set professional goals for yourself, your heart deserves a little love and attention too. This month, you should try having more of a balance between your professional and love life. Put yourself out there and see if anything comes of it, who knows, you may find a world of happiness that you never knew existed. On August 11th, your charming personality will be in full swing and you won’t be able to turn people away fast enough. However, you must be careful to not attract someone into your life for the wrong reasons; while it may be fun to be the centre of attention, is that who you really are? Make sure that you allow your real personality to shine through during all the commotion.

When August 18th arrives, you will want to look deeper into someone’s character before you decide whether you should spend quality time with them. While you’re still attracted to good-looking people, you also realise that if there isn’t a connection between you, they won’t have much to offer you beyond the physical. August 21st will see to it that you take a long hard look at your busy schedule so that you can make time for someone special in your life. Whether you’re casually dating or are in a serious relationship, making time for your lover is something you need to do right now.

If you want to get a revelation about your love life, wait until August 29th; on this day, you will have a bit of an awakening as you come to your sense about something that is on your mind. Maybe it’s time for you to tell that special someone in your life something you should have told them long ago. Well, it’s better late than never, right?

Career Horoscope

When you start second-guessing something you have done, it’s time for you to rethink what your actions will be going forward. While you may have to take a few risks in regard to your professional life, it beats thinking about the things that ‘could have been,’ had you been bold enough to make a decision in the past. On August 7th, you will find a way to balance your risk-taking practices with your safer options. Being able to toe the line will enable you to get the best of both worlds but it won’t be easy. When Uranus goes into retrograde on August 11th you will have to think carefully about a big decision that comes your way.

Things will start getting interesting for you on or around August 17th as you have a lot of confidence in the things you’re able to do; this confidence will go a long way in inspiring your team, it will make them want to work harder and faster than they have been up until this point. You’ll also have a choice presented to you onAugust 21st but this won’t be the first decision you’ve had to come to on your own. You know what to do, so have a little more faith in your ability. Once this is done, you’ll be able to keep your head down for the rest of the month while doing what you do best.

What It Means to be an Capricorn Representative

Capricorn representatives are serious individuals and are perhaps the most responsible amongst the zodiac signs. They are sturdy characters and they wouldn’t trade their independence for the world. Whilst carrying traditional values, Capricorns are masters of self-control and are able to fight off any desires they may have for instant gratification. When it comes to leadership, Capricorns will quickly rise to the challenge as they have a way of making others want to serve them. Making plans and executing them is what Capricorns do best, so, if you need a job doing quickly and efficiently, Capricorns are the ones to call. Although a Capricorn may not be born with much going for them, as they age, they’re able to get the most out of any situation they’re placed in.

Even though they seem to have everything under control, Capricorns aren’t strangers when it comes to making mistakes. With that said, unlike with most leaders, Capricorns will be the first to tell you that they were wrong—very rarely will they ever make the same mistake twice. Whilst their minds are hard to change, once they get an idea about something, Capricorns are grounded individuals. So, if an argument is good enough, they won’t hesitate to change their viewpoint. Capricorns are also known to be cold, distant, and unforgiving, so it’s not all sunshine and rainbows with this crowd.

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Love and Relationships

Winning the heart of a Capricorn isn’t easy, due to their stubborn nature. Nevertheless, if you’re able to find a way through, you’ll land yourself the most committed partner you could ever hope to find. Whilst they may not be the best when it comes to talking about their feelings, Capricorn representatives do well when it comes to expressing them through actions. It usually takes years for a Capricorn to get to a place in which they feel comfortable enough to expose their vulnerable side to their partner. Whilst great leaders, they’re not always the easiest to get along with wherever romance is concerned.

Capricorns sometimes lack the compassion needed when deciding to form a long-term relationship. However, their partners can always rely on them during times of need as a Capricorn will always do everything within their power to rise up their lovers. So, whilst they may not be big on compromise, bettering the life of the one they’ve fallen for is something that a Capricorn can do in their sleep.

Family and Friends

Capricorns are great uplifters, so, if their friends have big dreams, they’ll do anything they can to help them achieve their goals. Their loyalty knows no bounds, as long as you appreciate the boundaries they set, there’s no reason as to why you can’t enjoy a solid friendship with a Capricorn. Their nature doesn’t allow them to have the largest social circle, but the friends they do make often stick with them for the rest of their lives.

Family traditions are very important to Capricorns with many of them having great memories of various traditions from their childhood years. When they become parents themselves, they can be quite strict; by nature, Capricorns are exceptionally responsible, so when it comes to their children, they won’t take any chances.

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Career and Finance

More than most zodiac signs, Capricorns set very high standards for themselves. Having goals that are difficult to achieve makes working towards them that much more enjoyable. They love to be surrounding by people who aren’t afraid of hard work, seeing others give their all inspires Capricorns to push themselves further. Long hours don’t mean anything to a Capricorn, in fact, many of them much rather be tied up at work that at a social engagement. Careers in programming, management, and accounting are perfectly suitable for Capricorns because it allows them to flex their organising skills to the fullest.

Capricorns are damn near the best when it comes to managing their finances. They like to save for a rainy day and will do anything to avoid getting into debt, unless it involves education or buying a house. Even then, they’ll do everything within their power to set themselves free as soon as possible; not having complete control of their money is not a fate to be welcomed by Capricorns.

Summary of Capricorn

Element: Earth
Quality: Cardinal
Ruler: Saturn
Date Range: December 22 – January 19
Strengths: Responsible, disciplined, self-control, good managers
Weaknesses: Know-it-all, unforgiving, condescending, pessimistic
Likes: Family, tradition, music, craftsmanship
Dislikes: Too many to list
Compatible Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces
Best Compatibility: Taurus, Cancer

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