Libra (November 2019)

Libra Horoscope Forecast for November 2019

General Horoscope

With Venus resting in Sagittarius on November 1st, your mind will be at ease as you find yourself in a relaxing state. While enjoying life, you’ll want to open yourself up to new experiences so that you can start to see things from different points of view. There’s not much for you to get done on your to-do list right now, so why not add a few extras so that you can make the most of your free time? Kindness and a willingness to help others will overcome you on November 8th, however, you should be careful to not let people take advantage of your generous heart. If you’re not careful, your desire to do good can turn into anger, so be mindful about who you choose to keep around you.

On November 14th, you’re going to be cautious with your money and how you approach your romantic relationship(s). Despite the fact that you haven’t had many issues in these areas, it may be just about time for a reality check as things aren’t always what they seem. With that being said, keep your head high and stay strong, you can pull yourself through if you focus on finding a solution. When Venus enters Capricorn on November 25th, you should have a clear view about where you want to go in the future.

Love Horoscope

As Venus makes its way through Sagittarius, your sex drive is going to be through the roof. You and the special person in your life won’t be able to get enough of each other, especially as the cold nights seem to become more and more frequent. If you’re in a loving relationship, the precious and intimate moments you spend with your lover will be unlike anything you’ve experienced before. If you’re your single and looking for an adventure, you may be able to find exactly what you’re looking for if you’re able to let your inhibitions go. Finding true love isn’t always easy, however, with a bit of faith, you’ll soon find what it is you truly desire. With that being said, if there’s a close friend in your life, make sure that taking things to the next level is really what you want; sometimes, platonic friendships don’t always translate into great romantic bonds.

On November 12th, you should take some time out so that you and your partner can engage one another over a romantic, candle-lit dinner. As you gaze into one another’s eyes and enjoy a fruitful conversation, you’ll be reminded of what it was like when you first started dating. If there are issues from your past that have been left unresolved, it’s time for you to face the music, especially if you’re about to get into something new. Thinking about your financial situation is also important, especially if you and your partner are wanting to make plans for the future.

On November 18th, keeping any complications you can out of your love life can only work in your favour. If there’s someone you want to be with or you simply want to spend more time with your partner, let them know; this isn’t the time to play guessing games as it may end with your partner getting frustrated. Once you’ve opened up to your partner, make sure to give them the time they need to respond to whatever it is you had to say. While you may spend the next few days feeling vulnerable, it’ll work out in your best interests as letting people in is vital if you want to deepen your bond.

Career Horoscope

When there are arguments popping up all over the office, it’ll be up to you to stand up and establish a peaceful working environment. While this may sound like a daunting task, you shouldn’t worry because you don’t have to do it alone. One of your co-workers will jump at the chance to play the ‘good guy,’ so don’t hesitate when it comes to getting them involved. Ensuring that everyone is getting along is important for you, especially if you want to minimise the distractions as you work on your latest project/task. Luckily for you, your workmates want the drama to end just as much as you, so it won’t be hard to get everybody back onto the same page.

On November 18th, you may be rewarded for something you’ve done but have since forgotten about, so don’t be alarm if a note of some kind finds its way onto your desk. As November comes to a close, there may be another surprise waiting for you, so keep your eyes open. Bringing people together is going to be one of your greatest strengths this move; this is something that is true both inside and outside of work.

What It Means to be a Libra Representative

Amongst the most peaceful of the star signs is Libra. They enjoy being a part of a union because symmetry is very important for them. Being with someone who has similar values to their own is like holding up a mirror; this, in and of itself fills them with a sense of balance. When it comes to focusing on what’s on the inside, Libras are the best. They always try to see the good within people which allows them to connect with a variety of personality types. Libra representatives are also known to avoid conflict whenever possible; with their high intellects and keen minds, they’re able to handle toxic situations before they become violent.

Libras love a good book, in fact, they get a lot of their inspiration from the wise words of those who came before them. One thing that Libras aren’t so good at though is choosing sides because they fear that they’ll choose wrongly, leaving them to live with their choice until the end of time.

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Love and Relationships

Libras are often thought of as being great lovers, but rather than being sexually adventurous, they’d rather find one special person to settle down with. Although the sign of Libra is closely tied to sexuality, they desire long-term relationships because they derive satisfaction from spiritual as well as physical lovemaking.

Once a Libra finds someone they can depend on, they never look back. From that moment forward they’ll focus their energy on creating something with their partner that’ll last forever. Their charming personalities make them a joy to be around and more of than not, relationships with Libras tend to lean towards the peaceful side. Seeing as Libra is the sign that relates to the union of marriage, those who fall under this sign tend to be quite traditional. The way in which the world sees them is very important which is why they’re very careful when it comes to choosing a life partner. Once a Libra representative decides to be with someone, there’s nothing that’ll stop them from making that relationship work.

Family and Friends

Libras love to be social, but they don’t enjoy being in the spotlight; instead, they’re more than happy to elevate their friends whenever they’re in a social setting. They’re great listeners and will always be there for the people they love. Due to their desire to avoid conflict, Libras are very good to have around when problems arise within a group of friends because they’re great at putting out fires. Understanding what makes people tick is what Libras do best, so there’s never a toxic situation they can’t get under control. With all that being said, the avoidance of conflict can cause problems within their families. This is because Libras tend to shy away from voicing their opinion. Rather than vent a frustration they have, Libra representatives would rather keep it to themselves which can cause damage in the long-term. In order to re-balance themselves, Libras will often shut themselves off from the world in order to find peace.

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Career and Finance

Above all else, Libras enjoy stability. Balance is also important, so very rarely will they do overtime if it means missing they have to miss out on spending time with the people they love. Usually, Libra representatives have a schedule that they like to stick to; this schedule will make sure that they distribute their time evenly between their social and professional lives. Libras work well in a group, and although they’re not natural-born leaders, they’re able to give compelling and motivational speeches when the time calls for it.

It’s no secret that Libra representatives love to splurge cash on expensive things. That being said, they do their best to not go overboard with their spending. In truth, the reason as to why Libras don’t spend as much as they’d like to is because they struggle when it comes to making final decisions.

Summary of Libra

Element: Air
Quality: Cardinal
Ruler: Venus
Date Range: September 23 – October 22
Strengths: Cooperative, diplomatic, gracious, social
Weaknesses: Indecisive, avoids confrontations, unforgiving, self-pity
Likes: Harmony, gentleness, sharing, outdoor activities
Dislikes: Violence, injustice, loud people, conformity
Compatible Signs: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius
Best Compatibility: Aries, Sagittarius