Scorpio General Horoscope January 2021

When Mars makes its way out of Aries starts hearing towards Taurus, you can expect to experience a slight change of pace in your life. You are used to things moving quicker than they are right now, while it may be frustrating to deal with, in time, you come to appreciate these moments of quietness. Take a breather, look around and appreciate the simple things you have in life, it is a shame how much we miss because we’re too caught up in the everyday going ons in life.

On January 14th, the sun will link up with Pluto, during this time, you will be granted the power you have been wishing for. Yes, it’s nice to be in control of things, however, don’t let this get to head. Stay focused and in control of what your destiny could be; while this strength/power will not last forever, it will last long enough for you to put yourself on a good path. The full moon that takes place in Leo on the 28th is going to make things a little more unpredictable in your life; it will seem like when one problem ends/is solved, another one pops right up. This may be stressful to begin with but with the support network you have fostered over the years, you should be able to push through it.

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Scorpio Love Horoscope January 2021

As we move out of 2020 and into 2021, you may be feeling ready to celebrate as your love life is set to be quite an eventful on. When Mars enters Taurus on January 6th, you will want to have as much fun as you possibly can. If you are in a relationship, you and your partner should think of something exciting to do, something cheap, yet, something new. If you’re casually dating, why not do something with a new love interest that you don’t know much about, this could be super-fun for both of you.

During the start of January, you shouldn’t be short of passionate nights, whether you’re engaging in play online or in person. With Venus entering Capricorn on the 8th, at the same time Mercury makes its way into Aquarius, your partner may let it be known that they’re ready to take things to the next level. You must figure out what it is you want from this situation so that you don’t waste anybody’s time. Soon enough, your love life will pick up its pace, however, until that time comes, be wary about the choices you have to make. Just as you are being slow and deliberate with your decisions, don’t rush things in the bedroom, get to know your partner in more intimate ways.

If you are still looking for love, maybe it is about time you bring in some help so you can get things done more efficiently. The conjunction between the sun and Pluto on January 14th will create an environment that makes it easier for you to get what you want out of love, if it is what you truly want. Nothing is going to just come to you without a bit of effort on your part, that said, once you start putting yourself out there, you will realise it is not as daunting as you may have once thought. If there’s anything you learn this month as a singleton, it’s that love is seldom something that occurs by chance, it requires a willing effort from everyone involved if they want to experience something life-changing.

Thankfully, around this time of the month, you will be more appealing to people than normal, so attracting a new love interest should not be too difficult for you. If you see someone who intrigues you, make an approach and let your desires be known, you may be pleasantly surprised by how they respond to your gesture. Whether you meet this person online or are luckily enough to bump into them, sparks will fly if you let things flow naturally. The full moon that lights up the night sky in Leo on January 28th will fill your mind, body, and soul with innocence. During this time, you and your partner will be more playful with each other than normal, be sure to enjoy this precious time you spend together.

Scorpio Career Horoscope January 2021

This month, you will be thinking about making moves in your career/financial situation. However, when an opportunity makes itself known, you must be careful about your next move, remember, life is a marathon, not a sprint. If you are struggling to make choice, consult someone who has been in a similar position as you, you may get the wisdom you have been seeking. While you have a lot of ideas, you are not sure whether any of them will bear fruit, that said, don’t toss your plans to the side, get a second opinion. When an offer from someone from your past comes up, consider it, bring it to a partner and see whether it is something either of you would be interested in.