Taurus (August 2019)

Taurus Horoscope Forecast for August 2019

General Horoscope

While you’re not always able to speak what’s on your mind, this month you will get the break that you have been waiting for. Usually, you trip over your words because you think that everyone is listening intensively to what you’re saying; however, throughout August, you won’t have everyone’s’ focus placed solely on you. This gives you the comfort you need to speak freely and get your thought out in a dignified manner. On August 8th, you will be overwhelmed with a feeling of optimism that makes you think that you can take on the world, and you can. With your confidence levels running on high, now’s the time to take a chance in love or make that financial investment that has been on your mind.

When Mars enter Virgo on August 18th, you will be inspired to play the rules and colour within the lines, so to speak. While it may be tempting to think and play outside of the box, now isn’t the time for that. You must remain vigilant and keep your eyes fastened on any goals that you have. On or around August 21st, you will want to push yourself as you come to the realisation that you haven’t been challenging yourself enough. Thankfully, it won’t be long until you uncover aspect of your character that you never thought was there; you can expect this to happen on August 29th. Looking at things from a viewpoint that you never considered has a way of changing the way that you see the world.

Love Horoscope

Seeing as there was a lot going on with your love life in the weeks going by, you were probably looking forward to having things slow down a little. That being said, when it comes to sex, that’s the last thing you wanted to be getting less of. For some reason, you’re less excited than usual this month, maybe it’s about time for you to break formation and try something new in the bedroom for once, this is especially true if you are in a committed relationship. If you’re love life is on the rocks, don’t worry, everything will work itself out soon, you just have to be patient.

On August 8th, you will become hopeful about how things may develop between you and someone you have had your eye on lately. It may be scary for you to take that next step but if you want to get the very best out of life, you don’t really have much of a choice. On August 13th, you will want to be honest about your thoughts and feelings, at least with yourself. If you play your cards right, on August 18th you should be able to get your love life to the place you want it to be. If you have a date around this time, make sure that you arrive early, show your love interest that you value their company—this goes for couples too. Remember, it’s on August 18th that Mars will enter Virgo, so take advantage of the confidence boost that you will receive.

On August 21st, when it comes to setting up dates or expressing your feelings, you’re not going to want to waste a single minute. However, it’s important that you don’t make any grand gestures before ensuring that you’re in a suitable place to do so. It won’t be long before your logical way of thinking returns to you on August 23rd, so, if you have any big decisions to make, now will be the time to make them. It’s time for you to decide if that summer fling you enjoyed has the potential to evolve into something more or if you’re ready to take the next step in your long-term relationship. When August 29th comes around, you should keep your ear to the ground something important is going to take place in your life.

Career Horoscope

This month is all about working through what it is that’s on your mind and preventing you from doing your job. On August 8th, you will be inspired by two things, both of which have the ability to either make or break your career—to some extent. You must follow your heart and figure out which path you should take if you want to find success. Communicating with your co-workers (on all levels) will be one of your greatest strengths this August, so make sure that you don’t leave anyone out.

On August 14th and August 15th, your hard work will reach the eyes and ears of the higher ups. While you may not get that promotion that has been on your mind lately, expect to be given an inspiring lecture that’ll make you want to work harder than ever. You should expect to see your greatest change to come between August 26th and August 28th, during this time you will take more risks than you usually do, some may pay off in a big way too. While it’s easy to settle down and get comfortable, when the end of the month approaches, you should do your best to have a positive change your working environment.

What It Means to be a Taurus Representative

Taurus representatives are known for being very practical in their approach to life which makes them the most reliable of the zodiac signs. They’re the kind of people who can think abstractedly about their actions in order to see how the things they might affect the future. Being surrounded by those they love is very important to them because they’re very in tune with their emotional side. Those born under this star sign are very sensitive to the senses of taste and touch which is mostly due to their deep connection with the universe. Once a Taurus makes a decision about something, they’ll stick by it until the end of time, their resolve is the most unwavering amongst the zodiac signs.

The ruler of Taurus is Venus, otherwise known as the planet of love. This makes sense when you consider how emotionally balanced Taurus representatives are. Their gentle nature makes allows them to be amazing homemakers, and due to their love of routine, very rarely will they shift their priorities once they’ve found something they like.

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Love and Relationships

Love can be a very demanding experience for a Taurus due to their extremely sensitive nature. In order to feel comfortable in a relationship they have to feel as they have some sense of control over their situation. Despite their calm and collected personality, once they fall in love, they run the risk of losing themselves by investing the entirety of their being into their partner. If they don’t keep their emotions in check, they may become needy and overbearing. It’s no wonder as to why they tend to pick life partners who come from a similar background to their own.

What a Taurus craves in life is simplicity. They want their lives to run as smoothly as possible which is why it’s important that their lovers get along with their friends and family. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with wanting a traditional lifestyle, Taurus are known to become frustrated if they feel as though they’re not making the most of their life. If left for too long, they may wind up blaming their partner for their unhappiness. The love life of a Taurus is complicated, but with a bit of work, they can build a relationship that allows them to find the happiness they seek.

Family and Friends

One of the best things about Taurus representatives is the loyalty they show to their friends and family. Whilst it may take them a while to open up to people from outside of their circle, once they do, their friendships tend to last a lifetime. Most Taurus who are now living through their adult years are still friends with people they met during their childhood. For Taurus, friendship is one of the most important things on Earth which is why they will never let a friendship go to waste if they can help it.

Whilst they may have trouble with love, when it comes to family, Taurus representatives are brilliant homemakers. They’re great with kids and they never miss a family gathering. Events like birthdays, holidays, and BBQ’s are some of the most enjoyable things for a Taurus to attend.

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Career and Finance

Taurus representatives are very reliable which is why you’ll often find them in high-paying positions. They enjoy stability and are able to create an environment that makes people feel safe and valued. Their attention to detail is second-to-none and their dedication to completing every job they have is what makes a Taurus a valuable asset to any company.

When it comes to money, Taurus don’t have much difficulty in regard to accumulating wealth. As mentioned earlier, Taurus representatives can be stubborn once they set their mind on something.

Summary of Taurus

Element: Earth
Quality: Fixed
Ruler: Venus
Date Range: April 20 – May 20
Strengths: Reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, stable
Weaknesses: Stubborn, possessive, uncompromising
Likes: Gardening, cooking, music, romance, quality garments, manual labour
Dislikes: Unpredictability, complications, insecurity of any kind, synthetic fabrics
Compatible Signs: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces
Best Compatibility: Scorpio, Cancer

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