Virgo (August 2019)

Virgo Horoscope Forecast for August 2019

General Horoscope

You will be a master when it comes to the art of conversation this month, so you’ll find that your friends, family, and co-workers enjoy spending time with you. Since you’ve become a bit of a wizard with your words, if you’ve had a falling out with someone, now would be a good time to sort things out. Rather than blaming each other for things getting ugly, focus on rebuilding your relationship. Mars will enter Virgo on August 18th and when it does you will be filled with an urgency to get stuff done. Whether you have things to do around the house, incomplete jobs at work, or a holiday to book, now’s the time for you to handle your business. Some of the people around you may find you a little intimidating when you get going, so let them know they’ve done nothing wrong if they feel as though they have angered you.

As Venus makes its way into Virgo on August 21st you will start paying close attention to the things that are going on in your love life. However, it won’t only be your romantic relationships you pay attention to, the bonds you have with your friends and family will also be important. On August 23rd, you will be in the zone, it will be as though everything is going your way for once. With the people you interact with treating you like royalty and all the plans you’ve made going smoothly, you’ll be on top of the world. Try to enjoy this moment of bliss while it lasts because it may not last forever.

Love Horoscope

When it comes to love and relationships, you like to have everything organised so that you can have complete control of every situation you’re in. Whenever plans get canceled or people make last-minute changes its frustrates you to no end; however, this time around, it may work out in your favour that your initial plan wasn’t a success. While you’re on the verge of an emotional breakthrough, you will find yourself relying on your gift for chit-chat to help you open up. This may not be the easiest thing for you but you’ll soon find that the more you share, the lighter the burden will become. If you meet someone new towards the start of the month, don’t think that it’s strange that you don’t hit it off immediately. There’s nothing wrong with feelings developing over time as you get to know each other better.

On August 18th that may all change as there is a deep passion burning within you that just wants to find its way out. Whether your casually dating or in a long-term relationship, having sex around this time will calm your mind, body, and soul in ways it hasn’t been able to do so in a long time. Lucky for you, around this time, any dates you plan will be stress-free as the special individual who has your heart seems to be in a very forgiving mood. When August 21st rolls around, expect things to get even hotter because by now you would’ve opened up to someone about your deepest feelings and darkest desires.

If you’ve been seeing someone special for quite some time, you must show them that you’re serious about what you have. While it’s nice to declare your love for your partner, you should show them how you feel with a real gesture. The best side of your personality will thrust itself into the light on August 23rd and your shining personality will attract people to you like a moth to a flame. Around this time, you should also be on the lookout for a magical bond that you will share with someone in your life.

Career Horoscope

As you already know, your ability to communicate effectively will be your greatest asset this month. So, when it comes to work you’ll be able to keep your team in line and increase productivity. Unlike most people, you don’t need to engage in small talk when there’s a job that needs to be done; you have a way of getting to the point without being rude about it. On August 11th, you will be in your most innovative state of mind and you’ll be able to solve the majority of problems that find their way to your desk. You won’t make many mistakes and the ones that you do make will go by unnoticed as you’ll be able to pick them up before any real damage is done.

As Mars enters Virgo on August 17th, you will be surrounded by new ideas. If you’re daring enough to take a chance, one of these ideas may spring you into a new beginning. During this time you will also meet new people which will cause your social circle to expand at a faster rate than usual. In regard to the rest of the month, you should focus on increasing your efficiency so that you can improve both the speed and quality of your work.

What It Means to be an Virgo Representative

Virgos are known for their attention to detail, very little is able to escape their view. Out of all the zodiac signs, Virgo is the most careful and methodical when it comes to approaching life’s problems. They’re quite sensitive, but it takes a lot to get a Virgo representative to open themselves up because they like to minimise their risk of being hurt. In order to protect themselves, Virgos will deny their own feelings so they can’t be taken advantage of.

Generally speaking, Virgos have strong characters and they’re very conservative when it comes to how they view the world. They have a hard time when it comes to letting their hair down because they always want to have control over whatever situation they find themselves in. Virgos are very organised which is why they make their best file keepers on the planet.

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Love and Relationships

Virgos have a hard time when it comes to realising their own self-worth. Whether this is to protect themselves from the world or due to confidence issues, Virgos need to be shown that they’re valued. If a Virgo is able to find safety in a loving relationship, they’ll open up in a way that even they never thought possible. Should the day ever come that a Virgo utters the words, ‘I love you,’ take it as a sign that you’ve completely won them over. However, be careful with their hearts because they’re very fragile. Virgos much prefer stable and slow-moving relationships in comparison to those which are fast-paced and somewhat unpredictable. Remember, Virgos like to be the masters of their environment and it takes very little to make them feel uneasy.

Virgos don’t like to have a vast amount of sexual experiences with a variety of people. They much prefer to find someone who truly values them, only then will they sit back and enjoy physical pleasures. To enjoy a fulfilling sexual relationship with a Virgo, they must trust their partner completely.

Family and Friends

When it comes to giving advice, Virgos are amazing. Due to their ability to approach everything logically and rationally, they’re able to solve personal problems with ease, provided their own emotions aren’t involved. Virgos must be careful though because sometimes, their desire to help their friends can lead them to seek out problems just so that they can fix them. Virgos treasure all of the relationships that they’re able to build, so they’ll never sit by and watch someone they care about suffer. Family is very important to Virgo representatives, especially the elder members. Virgos are very traditional and like to take responsibility for their grandparents.

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Career and Finance

When it comes to speaking, there isn’t another zodiac sign that’s more gifted than Virgo. Their ability to communicate through speech and writing is unparalleled which is why they make great journalist and storytellers. Outside of their desire to share their ideas with the world, Virgo representatives are great at jobs that involve problem-solving such as construction, architecture, programming, etc. Their attention to detail makes their presence within these job roles invaluable. Of course, we can’t forget about their ability to solve personal problems, so you’ll also find a lot of Virgos in caregiving roles from psychiatry to nursing. Practicality is one of the most prominent features shared between Virgos which is why they rarely spend money on ‘fun things’. Virgos are always thinking about the future which can often stop them from living in the present.

Summary of Virgo

Element: Earth
Quality: Mutable
Ruler: Mercury
Date Range: August 23 – September 22
Strengths: Loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking, practical
Weaknesses: Shy, worrisome, overly critical of self
Likes: Animals, healthy food, books, nature, cleanliness
Dislikes: Rudeness, asking for help, being in the spotlight
Compatible Signs: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces
Best Compatibility: Pisces, Cancer

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