The Importance of Understanding Tarot Cards

Telling a story using tarot cards is an advanced skill, a skill that can only be acquired by a reader who as a complete understanding of the 78 cards in a tarot deck. Readers who are just getting into reading the cards will be able to interpret the basics of what certain cards mean when they’re drawn; for example, the Two of Cups may indicate that a new relationship is about to blossom in the near future. However, if the Two of Cups is drawn and paired with another card like the Ace of Pentacles, this could change/put a spin on what someone’s future may be. Understanding tarot card pairings like this can become increasingly difficult, depending on the number of cards in the spread

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3 Reasons Why Storytelling is Important During a Tarot Card Reading

1. The Meaning of the Cards Don’t Always Apply

Depending on the person who is having the reading done for them and the question they ask, the meaning of the cards that turn up during a reading may differ. An individual’s life, situation, and desires will have an effect on what the meaning of a particular card is, the tarot specialist must be able to discern this fact during a reading. Even if two people are going through something similar, how the cards react to their energy will vary on a case-by-case basis. The more experienced a tarot card reader is, the more capable they will be of seeing the bigger picture of what’s unfolding in someone’s life.

2. All Cards Are Interconnected

When a tarot card reader is conducting a reading for you, the cards will fit together like episodes in a TV; sure, each individual episode (tarot card) contains its own story, but only when compiled with the rest will you can to see/experience the complete arc. The relationship that tarot cards have with another can be enhanced or minimised by the layout of the spread that’s being used. How close/far is card 1 to card 3 and what angles are they situated in; every aspect like this matters to a tarot card reader which is why it’s important for them to have a complete understanding of the cards and spread that are being used.

3. The Power of a Tarot Card Spread

As mentioned previous, the spread that a tarot card specialist uses during reading can have a profound impact on the meaning of the cards that are drawn. There are countless layers of information that can be deciphered from the spread, depending on how in-depth of a reading your after will influence when spread your cartomancer uses. Your tarot reader will pay attention to things like:-

  • Tarot numerolgy and repeating numbers.
  • The elements within the spread.
  • The types of cards that are drawn (Major Arcana & Minor Arcana).
  • Directionality.
  • Colours.

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