Clairempathy & Clairsentient Psychic Reading

Many seek clairsentient psychic readings to gain clarity and insight into their lives. While psychics can provide many different types of readings, two of the most popular are clairsentient and clairempathy readings.

Clairsentient psychic readings involve the psychic picking up on energy and vibrations to interpret messages from the spirit world. Clairempathy readings, on the other hand, focus on emotions and feelings.

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What Is Clairsentience?

Clairsentients can feel what other people are going through. For example, if someone has a broken heart, a clairsentient will experience emotional pain for themselves as if they had just gone through a breakup.

Due to how a clairsentient's power works, they can connect with people on the deepest emotional and spiritual levels. The ability of a clairsentient goes beyond experiencing someone's emotional feelings; they can also experience physical sensations and positive energy.

Clairsentience is the ability to receive messages from beyond the physical world. This extrasensory perception allows clairsentients to tap into a higher consciousness and receive guidance and information that they would otherwise not be able to access.

Clairsentience often manifests as a "gut feeling" or inner knowing, and it can be used to gain insights into relationships, career choices, and life paths. While everyone can develop their clairsentience, some people have a psychic gift naturally in this area. Due to how a clairsentient's power works, they can connect with people on a deep emotional and spiritual level.

The ability of a clairsentient goes beyond experiencing a person's emotional feelings; they can also experience physical sensations. This is why choosing a clairsentient psychic reading is a great way to gain deeper insights into your life and the world around you.

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What Is Clairempathy?

Clairempathy is the ability to experience the emotions of others through emotional energy. It is a relatively new term coined in recent years, but it is not new. It is something that many people naturally do.

Clairempathy is often confused with empathy, but there is a crucial difference between the two. Empathy is the ability to understand the emotions of others, while clairempathy is the ability to feel those emotions. This can be a powerful skill, as it allows people to connect with others on a deeper level.

However, it can also be a burden, as it can be difficult to bear the weight of another person's emotions. But for those who have developed this skill, clairempathy can be a blessing.

The Difference Between an Empath and a Clairsentient

Empaths and clairsentients are both types of people sensitive to energy and vibrations. However, there are some critical differences between the two. For example, empaths tend to be more emotionally attuned than clairsentients.

They can pick up on other people's emotions and feel them as if they were their own, whereas empaths can quickly become overwhelmed by other people's negative emotions. On the other hand, Clairsentients are more attuned to physical sensations; they can pick up on subtle energy changes and can often sense when something is "off."

Both empaths and clairsentients are highly sensitive, they each have their unique heightened psychic senses. The key benefit of being a clairsentient is the ability to access and interpret subtle energy vibrations to glean information from people, places, and things.

Clairsentients possess a heightened awareness of subtle energies within their physical environment and access to non-physical realms that can be accessed through meditation or trance.

Clairsentience provides a unique way to explore the depths of reality and gain insight into the underlying energetic nature of our universe and its inhabitants.

Clairsentience can also be used for healing, empathic connection, protection, guidance, and personal development. By connecting with the energy signatures of people and situations, clairsentients can often sense changes in their environment before they manifest in physical form. This can provide valuable insights into navigating life more effectively or how to help those around them overcome challenges they're facing.

Having the gift of clairsentience can have its challenges as they can feel others' negative energy, which can sometimes be overwhelming.

Furthermore, clairvoyance allows intuitive healers to identify areas of blockage or imbalance within another person's body or energetic field and work with them through energetic healing techniques.

On a spiritual level, clairvoyance offers practitioners insight into the mysteries of existence beyond simple linear understanding. Through this heightened awareness, one may gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the interconnectedness between all things.

This connectedness allows for a much deeper experience of love and compassion for us and others which can lead to increased well-being on both individual and collective levels.

Being an empath can have many positive benefits. An empath can understand the emotions and feelings of others around them, as well as their own, in a deeper and more meaningful way. They often have heightened intuition, allowing them to anticipate what someone will say or think before they speak it. This helps them to connect better and relate to those around them, making them ideal friends, partners, and confidantes.

Empaths also tend to be very compassionate people who can recognize pain in others, even if they are not directly experiencing it themselves. This allows them to provide comfort and support when needed and help foster healthier relationships with those around them.

Being an empath can give one a unique perspective on life that most people don't possess - allowing them to look at things from multiple angles and see situations through different lenses. This increased understanding gives them a greater insight into the inner workings of relationships and emotional dynamics, helping them to navigate tricky social situations better. 

Signs That You Are Clairsentient

Clairvoyance is one of those rare gifts that some people possess naturally, and others learn how to develop over time.

Clairvoyance is seeing the future or receiving information about something without being there. Some people call this "seeing around corners." Others say that clairvoyant people can read minds, but they are usually very sensitive.

Many clairvoyants report seeing images, colours, shapes, smells, tastes, emotions, and even physical sensations. They also describe hearing voices and feeling vibrations.

Certain traits tend to go along with clairvoyance.

Here Are the 15 Most Common Characteristics of Clairvoyant People

You're sensitive to energies.

You may notice subtle changes in the atmosphere. For example, you may suddenly smell flowers or hear birds chirping.

You have great intuition.

Your instincts are usually accurate. You should know what someone wants before they say anything.

You have vivid dreams.

Dreams are a good indicator of your psychic abilities. Dreams can reveal things about your past, present, and future. You may dream about something because you've had a vision about it.

You have strong senses.

If you can smell, taste, touch, or hear, you have a heightened sensitivity to the five senses. You might also be more aware of sounds, lights, and feelings.

You're highly perceptive.

You probably have keen eyesight if you notice details that others don't. You could also be able to detect lies simply by observing facial expressions.

You're creative.

Creativity comes from within. But sometimes, it manifests itself externally as well. You may create art, music, poetry, or other forms of expression.

You have a photographic memory.

This means that you remember everything you ever saw, heard, smelled, tasted, touched, or felt. This includes memories from years ago.

You're observant.

Clairvoyant people often notice things others miss. Or you may see a detail that makes sense only after you've thought about it.

You have a high-level intellect.

A lot of clairvoyants are knowledgeable. They have excellent reasoning skills, logical thinking, and analytical powers.

You're a spiritual person.

Many clairvoyants believe they have a connection to the spirit. They may experience visions, visit places where spirits live, or communicate with loved ones who have passed away.

You feel deeply connected to nature.

Nature is full of energy. So, it's not surprising that clairvoyants often connect with the Earth and its elements.

You have a special relationship with animals.

Animals are known to communicate with humans through their body language. Some people even claim that pets can tell them secrets.

You have a strong desire to help others.

You want to make the world a better place. You may feel drawn to work in social services, teaching, law enforcement, medicine, or counselling.

You have a love of literature.

Books hold many mysteries. Reading books helps you understand yourself and the world around you.

You have a strong belief in spirituality.

Spirituality plays a significant role in your life. You might pray, meditate, or do yoga.

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