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Trusted Psychics are a psychic service providing cheap medium readings across the UK for well over 30 years; they can connect to the spirit world, reunite you with your loved ones who have passed over and give you general life readings. Trusted Psychics is a psychic reading website with a team of cheap phone psychics who will reassure you as they receive, interpret, and translate the messages they receive from the spirits.

At Trusted Psychics, you have access to a psychic platform full of the best UK chat psychics and mediums, so you'll always be able to reach out to those you have loved and lost. Our team's cheap medium readings will provide comfort and support whenever you need it most.

We house the most dedicated medium readers in the business who offer a wide variety of reading styles, so rest assured that we can answer any questions you have while empowering you to live your best life. Not only can you get in touch with lost relatives, but we also have pet psychics too. If you want to know how your pet is or pass on any message of love to them after they have left this world, our pet psychics can help this happen.

What Is a Psychic Medium?

A psychic medium is an individual who can communicate with the spirits of deceased individuals. They claim to be able to bridge the gap between the living and the dead by communicating messages from the other side.

The practice of psychic mediumship has been around for centuries and continues to be a widespread phenomenon in both mainstream culture and spiritual communities.

Those who seek a medium's services typically do so to gain closure, comfort, or guidance from a loved one who has passed away. The medium often uses various tools, such as tarot cards, crystals, or pendulums, to help them communicate with the spirits.

During a spiritual reading with a medium, the individual seeks answers to questions about the afterlife, spiritual development, and psychic predictions regarding their life path.

It is believed that psychic mediums can tap into the individual's consciousness, seeking guidance and connecting with the spiritual plane to access the required information.

They use their intuitive abilities to gain insight into a person's life, offer guidance, and provide accurate predictions about future events.

Most often, psychic readings are sought by individuals who are uncertain about their life path, have lost a loved one, or seek answers to pressing questions.

Several reputable psychic services offer access to expert psychic advisors offering readings by phone that provide closure to grieving people. These mediums use their gifts to connect with the spirits of the deceased and provide meaningful messages and insights to their loved ones.

Through advanced techniques, psychic reading services such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, mediumship and more, these psychic mediums can provide deep insight into the lives of those who have passed and offer messages of hope and healing to those still living.

Psychic mediums are not just for those who are grieving. They can provide guidance and insight to individuals who are struggling with various life challenges, such as relationship issues, career problems, and personal growth. 

With their ability to connect with the spiritual world, mediums can offer a unique perspective and provide valuable psychic predictions to those in need.

Mental Mediumship

Mental mediumship is a phenomenon that involves a medium communicating with entities or spirits from the spirit world.

Mental mediumship differs from physical mediumship in that there is no physical manifestation during communication. Instead, the medium uses extrasensory perception (ESP) to interact with the spirit world, often through telepathy, clairvoyance, or clairaudience.

Mental mediumship has been documented and studied by notable psychic researchers such as Frederic W.H. Myers, William James, and Sir Oliver Lodge for centuries.

Interest in mental mediumship peaked during the late 19th and early 20th centuries when spiritualism and psychic phenomena were at their height.

Today, mental mediumship is still practised by those who believe in communicating with those who have passed on.

Mediums often enter a trance-like state during these types of readings, allowing them to open themselves up to receive messages from spirits. These spiritual readings can range from words of love and comfort to practical advice and guidance.

Trance Mediumship

Trance mediumship works similarly to mental mediumship; however, rather than simply hearing the voice/thoughts of a spirit, the spirit will influence the psychic's mind.

By controlling the ideas of a gifted psychic, the spirit can share whatever message(s) it desires. Among the different types of mediumships, trance mediumship is perhaps the most fascinating.

Unlike mental mediumship, where the psychic hears the voice or thoughts of the spirit, in trance mediumship, the spirit takes control of the psychic's mind and uses it to pass on spiritual messages. As a result, the best trance mediums are often considered to be among the best psychic experts.

Not only can they deliver powerful messages from the spirit world, but they can also provide closure and peace to grieving people. For many people, a trance medium reading is a spiritual awakening that can change their lives forever. 

Direct Voice

Direct voice mediumship is a type of spiritual communication where a medium acts as an intermediary between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Unlike other forms of mediumship, where communication with spirits may occur through psychic visions or automatic writing, direct voice mediumship involves the production of voices independent from the medium's body.

These voices are believed to come from spirits passed on from the physical world.

The process of direct voice mediumship can be challenging and requires the medium to have a high level of control over their body and mind.

The medium must be able to enter a deep trance state for the spirit's voices to be heard. During this state, the medium's vocal cords remain passive, and the spirits utilise ectoplasm (a substance that is believed to be emitted from the medium's body during the trance state) to form the voices.

Physical Mediumship

Physical mediumship is a practice where mediums enable physical phenomena to occur, which are believed to result from communication with the spirit realm.

Unlike mental mediumship, physical mediumship involves the manifestation of objects or physical movements that witnesses can observe.

Physical mediumship has been a subject of interest for many people over the years due to the mysterious nature of the phenomena it produces. The practice has been reported to produce a wide variety of physical manifestations, including levitation of objects, movement of furniture, manipulation of light and sound, and even materialisation of spirit forms.

One commonly used technique in physical mediumship is the use of a seance, where a group of individuals come together with a medium to facilitate communication with spirits.

During a seance, objects may move, ghostly voices may be heard, and even ghostly images may appear.


Channelling mediums are individuals who claim to have the ability to communicate with entities or beings from different dimensions, usually in a trance-like state.

This form of mediumship has been prevalent in many ancient cultures, such as the Native Americans and the Egyptians.

The channeller, or medium, acts as a bridge between the physical world and the spiritual realm, allowing the entity to communicate messages through them through words, images, or sensations.

These entities can include spirits of loved ones who have passed away, angels, guides, or even extraterrestrial beings.

The practice of channelling mediums has gained popularity in recent years through reputable psychic reading platforms providing cheap medium readings for individuals seeking guidance, healing, and comfort from the messages delivered through the medium.

However, the legitimacy and efficacy of these psychic sessions remain a topic of debate among sceptics and believers alike.

While channelling mediums may seem mysterious or otherworldly, it is essential to approach it with a severe and analytical mindset. It is crucial to do proper research and seek out reputable, trustworthy psychic readers who understand this practice's complexities and nuances.

What Happens During a Medium Reading?

During a medium reading, a medium attempts to connect with the spirits of those who have passed on from this world.

This process involves the medium channelling energy and allowing spirits to communicate through them. The medium will typically begin by establishing a connection with the spirit world, often using meditation or divination tools.

Once this communication method has been established, the medium will receive messages or impressions from the spirits. These messages may come in visual images, sounds, or sensations.

The medium will then convey these messages to the person receiving the reading, often providing specific details and information about the spirit trying to communicate.

It is important to note that not all medium readings are the same. Some mediums who have passed a rigorous screening process may specialise in communicating with ancestors or loved ones who have passed on, while others may focus on connecting with angels or spirit guides.

Additionally, some mediums may use divination tools such as crystals or tarot cards to aid the reading.

How Can a Medium Help Me?

Through their heightened intuition and connection with the spiritual world, mediums can provide information, validation, and a spiritual awakening that can help you better understand your life journey and purpose.

They can channel messages from loved ones who have passed into spirit, allowing for closure to those grieving their loss.

A medium can also help you tap into your intuition and inner wisdom, providing powerful insights and clarity when you're feeling lost, confused, or overwhelmed. They can offer life readings to help you navigate your challenges and obstacles, empowering you to act and make positive changes.

Moreover, working with a medium can help you connect with your spiritual self, aligning your mind, body, and soul in harmony and balance. This can help you feel more peaceful, centred, and confident in your daily life, boosting your overall well-being and quality of life.

If the uncertainties of life have left you feeling lost, confused, and seeking answers, it's time to explore the possibility of working with a trustworthy and experienced psychic medium.

At The Trusted Psychic Service, we pride ourselves on providing cheap medium readings that give unparalleled guidance and insight to those seeking clarity and understanding in their lives.

Our expert psychic readers have years of experience providing accurate readings to clients from all walks of life.

Whether you seek guidance on matters of love, career guidance, family, or spirituality, our highly trained professional psychic readers are here to help you gain the clarity you need to move forward confidently.

Many of our clients come to us amid a spiritual awakening, seeking guidance and support as they navigate this challenging but transformative process.

Our psychic readers have a wealth of experience in helping individuals navigate the complex terrain of self-discovery and personal growth, offering compassionate support and practical advice to help you unlock your full potential.

Losing a loved one is a painful experience; sometimes, it's unfortunate enough to cause someone to hate the world.

The Trusted Psychics cheap medium readings bring you energy healing by acting as a communication channel and allowing you to say the things you never got to say to your loved ones before they passed.

The Trusted Psychics team provide unique, affordable readings 24 hours a day by accurate psychics on the phone or live messenger services to answer your phone calls or online messages 24 hours a day.

What Are the Benefits of Calling a Psychic Medium at Trusted Psychics?

There are numerous benefits to calling a psychic medium at Trusted Psychics.

At Trusted Psychics, we provide a platform for individuals to connect with some of the industry's most reliable and experienced psychic mediums.

The following benefits highlight why calling a psychic medium at Trusted Psychics could improve your life:

  1. Professional psychic medium readings: available by phone or live messenger services 24 hours a day at affordable prices.

  2. The Trusted Psychic Service: has a team of highly reputable and experienced psychics who have dedicated their lives to honing their craft and providing unparalleled guidance to those who seek it.

  3. The psychic hotline: is professional and performs only ethical psychic medium readings by phone or via Live Messenger on the online platform.

  4. Personal growth: Psychic mediums help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and guide you towards personal growth. Individualised phone readings can provide invaluable insights into your life.

  5. Reliable and cheap medium readings: with introductory prices for first-time users with a satisfaction guarantee on all their psychic phone readings.

  6. Connect with departed loved ones: For those who have lost loved ones, cheap medium readings offer solace and closure. Our mediums can connect you with departed loved ones.

  7. Emotional healing: Psychic mediums also offer emotional healing sessions to help you overcome past traumas or emotional blocks. They use various techniques to help you release tension and emotional pain, leading to better mental health and overall well-being.

  8. Preparation for the future: Psychic mediums have a unique ability to see into the future and offer guidance on what you can expect. With their guidance, you can prepare for what lies ahead, whether in your career, relationships, or personal life. To gain spiritual awakening and improve overall well-being.

  9. Spiritual guidance and clarity: Are you feeling lost or unsure about your life's purpose? A psychic medium can give you the spiritual guidance you need to find your path. They can help you find clarity and make the right decisions in your personal and professional life.

  10. Guidance on love and relationships: Relationship dynamics can be complex and confusing. An accurate love reading can provide insights into your relationships by providing an accurate love reading, helping you navigate challenges and build stronger connections with those you love.

  11. Access a diverse range of psychic reading styles: Trusted Psychics offers access to an array of experienced psychic mediums with specialisations ranging from astrology and tarot to numerology and angel readings. This means you can choose the type of reading that resonates most with you and your needs.

  12. Cheap Medium Readings at unbeatable prices by top-rated mediums available 24 hours a day, providing affordable readings.

Get a Cheap Medium Reading Online

Many people have found great success using accurate psychics as guides and teachers.

Psychics like Clairvoyants, Tarot Readers, Mediums, Spiritual Healers, psychic readers, and Astrologists offer different types of readings. A psychic reader might be someone who helps you understand your past lives, future possibilities, current relationships or even career forecasts.

A medium could connect you to loved ones who have passed away. An energy healer might offer spiritual guidance on personal development and healing.

An astrologist could be someone who helps you discover your personality traits and natural talents. All these types of phone psychics can help you gain insight into your life and provide guidance on your next steps.

While many psychic services are available online, choosing someone you can trust for a cheap medium reading with excellent customer reviews is essential.

Look for someone respected online and with a good track record with previous user reviews. There are many psychic reading sites, so choose a psychic site carefully with transparent pricing.

Choose a well-known, affordable psychic website with detailed profiles of all their available psychic mediums online to help you find the best top-rated psychic online for your psychic reading session.

Once you've found a psychic reader you are comfortable with, don't be afraid to open up during your psychic session. The best phone psychics will be understanding and compassionate and work with you to provide the answers and guidance you need.

Trusted Psychics is one of the UK's most famous psychic reading sites, offering cheap medium readings for over 30 years, and has over 300 online readers specialising in connecting to the spirit world to reunite you with your loved ones who have passed over.

Every online psychic on the Trusted Psychics website has passed a rigorous screening process to enable you to receive authentic cheap medium readings.

Another great asset of Trusted Psychics is that they are committed to providing cheap readings by only expert mediums with excellent customer feedback, offering comfort and support whenever it's needed most regarding your quality of life.

Trusted Psychics is renowned for excellent psychic phone readings at the lowest prices with a perfect choice of communication mediums ready to talk to over the phone.

If you are unsure which type of reading or psychic advice you require, you can choose from clairvoyant psychics, crystal ball readers, online mediums, fortune-telling, astrological readings, and tarot card readings.

Every authentic psychic advisor has numerous positive reviews and has provided thousands of readings for people from all over the globe. The best psychics online are waiting to help you make the best decisions for your future.

Call today for a cheap medium reading. Get started if you want some psychic advice and accurate predictions!

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