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Oracle Card Readings

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Fancy something different from your usual tarot card reading? A consultation with an oracle card reader is a nice change of pace. Just like tarot cards, oracle cards are capable of yielding fantastic results. Many of our forecasters use oracle cards as their primary tool in order to access information that would otherwise be unknowable by conventional means of discovery.

Oracle Card Readings
Oracle Card Readings

What Are Oracle Cards

Contemporary oracle decks usually have about 44 cards; however, unlike tarot decks, there is no limit as to how big a deck be. Oracle cards don’t come with any strict rules either, this is why there is such a wide variety of decks available. There are decks that focus on the angelic realm and decks that work with the spirits of animals. Many traditional decks, such as the Lenormand deck, also include astrological insights. So, as you can see, there are very few restrictions, if any, that exist within the world of oracle cards.


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Since oracle cards have such loose interpretations, the tone of a reading is largely dependent on the person providing it; this looseness allows the reader to truly tap into divine guidance. With oracle card readings, the practitioner has to rely heavily on their intuition, much more than you than they would during a tarot reading.

Oracle Card Readings
Oracle Card Readings

24-Hour Card Readings Online

Our oracle card readers have been carefully selected and they use their cards to enhance their intuitive gifts. You can chat with our trusted psychics about anything. You will always find a friendly advisor on our service that will be empathetic and non-judgemental. Our fortune-tellers are understanding and well-travelled, so, there is very little they haven’t seen.

Feel free to ask your advisor about the oracle cards they use as they may have a selection for you to choose from. Each one of our cartomancers will approach your questions from varying viewpoints as they all have their own reading styles.

A fortune-teller will always answer the question as it stands; any action(s) you take after the initial consultation can change the outcome that may have otherwise been predicted. The best card readers in the UK are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, whenever there are developments in your situation there will always somebody online to speak to with. It’s our duty to be here for you whenever you need us, this is something that we will always stand by.

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