Runestone Readings

The Origins of Rune Readings

Runestones are an ancient form of divination that originated with the Germanic and Nordic tribes. The word "rune" comes from the Norse mythology word for "secret" or "mystery," and these magical symbols were used to write letters, record oral histories, and foretell the future.

The Germanic people practised various forms of divination. Over time, the use of ancient runestones spread throughout Europe, and they came to be associated with shamanic practices and the occult.

Today, runestone readings are still popular among those who seek guidance and insight from the natural world. The runestones are inscribed with symbolic meanings representing different aspects of the human experience. Runestone readings can guide matters such as love, relationships, career, and family.

The runestones can also offer insight into difficult life transitions or help you to connect with your ancestors. If you are seeking guidance, a rune stone reading can be a helpful way to receive insights from the natural world.

Carved from a variety of materials such as wood, bone, or stone, runes are an ancient form of divination. Each symbol, or runestone, represents a different meaning and can be used to create a personalised reading. Many different rune sets are available, and some even make their own.

Many runestone sets are passed down in families and can be handmade from natural crystals. No matter the source, runestone readings can clarify various issues related to love, relationships, career, and life path decisions.

A runestone reading can be a helpful tool for anyone seeking guidance. By understanding the symbolism of each rune, you can gain insights into your past, present, and future.

What Is a Rune Reading?

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These readers conducted thousands of runestone readings for clients from around the world. Your chosen online psychic will interpret the meanings of the runestones regarding your questions or situation, which can provide you with new insights and clarity. 

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A runestone reading is done by placing the stones on a cloth in a specific pattern and then interpreting their meaning. The stones' size, shape, and colour are significant factors in the reading. The most common way used is called the Celtic Cross, which consists of a cross with four additional stones placed horizontally across the centre.

The meanings of the runestones are often traditional and varied, so it is essential to consult with an expert before interpretation. However, some believe that the purpose of the runestones will be revealed to them through intuition. Regardless of how it is done, a runestone reading can be a powerful way to gain insight into one's past, present, and future.

A runestone reading is a great place to start for anyone interested in exploring their spiritual side.

What Is Rune Casting?

For almost 2,000 years, humans have found runestone readings uncannily accurate under challenging situations. Runestones are a divination instrument, like an oracle. What exactly is a runestone reading? Some people believe that a runestone reading is "God's e-mail."

Rune casting is a method of divination that uses runes, or ancient symbols, to answer questions about the future. Traditionally, rune casting was used for important decisions, such as whether to go to war. To cast the runestone, the caster must first enter a meditative state. Once in this state, they would then focus on their question and choose a set of rune stones that they felt represented the situation.

The chosen runes would then be cast onto a surface, such as a cloth or a piece of wood. The caster would then interpret the patterns formed by the runes to answer their question. Although runestone reading is not as well-known as other methods of divination, such as tarot reading or palmistry, rune casting can be a powerful tool for anyone seeking guidance or answers.

What Are the Benefits of a Rune Stone Reading?

Runestones are an ancient form of oracle used for divination and guidance. Unlike tarot readings or crystal ball gazing, rune stone readings do not require special skills or psychic abilities. All you need is a set of runestones and some knowledge about their meanings.

Runestones can be used for various purposes, from gaining clarity about a situation to making major life decisions. Whether facing a dilemma or looking for some direction, a runestone reading can provide the insight and guidance you need.

Many people choose to have their online readings done by Trusted Psychics experienced in interpreting ancient rune stones. This option can be beneficial if you're new to runestone readings and feel you need more confidence in your ability to interpret the runestones yourself. A professional psychic can help you get the most out of your reading and offer insights you might not have considered.

Runestones and Their Meanings

The meanings of runestones are often a mystery, even to those who use them regularly. Each runestone has its history and purpose; the interpretations can vary depending on the context in which they are used and trying to understand the meaning of a particular rune.

For example, runes associated with violence or warfare are interpreted as strength, courage, and power. Similarly, runestones associated with fertility are connected to growth, abundance, and new beginnings. Understanding each rune's basic meaning makes it possible to get a deeper understanding of their overall message.

Fehu ᚠ - "Cattle/Wealth."

Fehu, the first Elder Futhark, represents prosperity and material wealth, whether won or earned. Soon, it may bring good fortune, abundance, and financial success. Only some people choose to read a rune as reversed ("merkstave") if it appears that way, but if it does, it may signal the loss of personal assets or income, a drop in self-esteem, or some other type of material difficulty.

Thurisaz ᚦ - “Mallet/Giant/Thorn”

This runestone is a representation of Thor's hammer or a giant. As such, it denotes a strong direction of energy and force, either for destruction or defence, and may also indicate conflict. This has the potential to be cathartic, purifying, and purgative. When flipped, it might represent helplessness, compulsion, spite, or betrayal.

Uruz ᚢ - "Ox"

The second, Uruz, represents the wild bull. This stone represents power, endurance, hard effort, perseverance, motivation, and resolve. It can denote a period of high energy, quickness, and health. It also demonstrates growing authority and masculinity. Reversed may represent a loss of health, or endurance, a roadblock, others' power over you, or misdirected force.

Ansuz ᚫ - "Message."

Ansuz is the communication rune. It represents the wisdom of the ancestor God Odin and heralds the arrival of a divine revelation or insight. It can also refer to sound advice, knowledge, the truth, inspiration, and zeal. Reversing it could indicate miscommunication, deception, misconceptions, or manipulation.

Kenaz ᚲ - "Torch."

Kenaz is the torch or flame. As such, it signifies the truth's beacon and discovering your true north, guided by your brilliant light. It may mean that what was previously unknown will be revealed. It also refers to wisdom, creativity, inspiration, renewal, and vigour. It can suggest a lack of vision, a creative rut, false hope, or instability when reversed.

Raidho ᚱ - "Journey."

Raidho is a journey symbol that signifies a wheel. This could be physical travel, such as a vacation, house transfer, or a spiritual journey to broaden your perspectives. It can also represent things being put into perspective, evolution, and the life cycle. When reversed, it can mean a blocked route or opposition to your journey.

Gebo denotes a Gift.

It represents balance, exchange, partnership, generosity, and relationships.

Wunjo stands for Joy.

Pleasure, comfort, harmony, prosperity, reward, and success are all represented by it.

Hagalaz stands for Hail.

It represents nature, wrath, being put to the test, and overcoming obstacles.

Nauthiz stands for Need.

It represents restraint, conflict, willpower, endurance, and self-reliance.

Isa stands in for Ice.

It represents clarity, stasis, difficulties, introspection, watching and waiting.

Jera stands for the Year.

It represents cycles, completion, changes, harvesting, and reaping the rewards.

Eihwaz is the symbol for a Yew Tree.

It represents balance, enlightenment, death, and the World Tree.

Perthro denotes a Dice Cup.

It represents fate, chance, mystery, destiny, and secrets.

Algiz is an Elk Symbol.

It represents protection, defence, instinct, group effort, and wardship.

Sowilo is the Sun's symbol.

It represents health, honour, wealth, victory, wholeness, and cleansing.

Tiwaz is a representation of the God Tyr.

It represents masculinity, justice, leadership, logic, and combat.

Berkana represents the Birch Tree.

It is associated with femininity, fertility, healing, regeneration, and birth.

Ehwaz is a Horse Symbol.

It represents movement, progress, trust, and change.

Mannaz stands in for Humanity.

It represents individuality, friendship, society, cooperation, and assistance.

Laguz stands for Water.

It is associated with intuition, emotions, flow, renewal, dreams, hopes, and fears.

Inguz is a Seed Symbol.

It represents goals, growth, change, and common sense. 

Othala stands for Inheritance.

It represents ancestry, possessions, heritage, experience, and worth.

Dagaz signifies Dawn.

It represents awakening, confidence, illumination, completion, and hope.

Are Online Runestone Readings As Good As Real Ones?

Some people believe that online services are just as accurate as face-to-face readings, while others feel that personal interaction is crucial for a precise reading. Both types have pros and cons; ultimately, it is up to individuals to decide which kind of reading is right for them.

One of the advantages of online readings is that they can be done from the comfort of your home. You can receive your reading at a time that works best for you. Another benefit of online services is that you have a more excellent selection of psychics. With so many options available, you are more likely to find a psychic who specialises in the type of reading that suits you best.

On the other hand, some people believe that face-to-face readings are more accurate because they allow for greater energy exchange between the psychic and the client. This energy exchange can help create a more robust connection, leading to a more accurate reading.

Why Choose a Runestone Reading?

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