Numerology Reading

The History of Numerology

Like many ancient practices, the precise origins of Numerology are not entirely clear, as numbers have played an essential role in spiritual and psychic practices for as long as humans have recorded their history. Some of the earliest writers and healers were believed to have used Numerology, including those from Ancient Egypt, Babylon, China, Rome, and Greece. It's, therefore, clear to see that the reach of Numerology knew no bounds and was appreciated by some of the greatest and most progressive civilisations our world has ever known.

In a sense, Numerology, in one form or another, has always been present in human civilisation. Today, we celebrate the methods of Numerology and find them to be as relevant as it ever was, as it continues to enlighten people by showing them their future opportunities and to resolve their issues and gain a deeper self-understanding.

Numbers are the key to understanding your inner self. Numbers significantly impact our daily lives, from telling the time to measurements and our finances, so many calculations in every aspect of our lives at work and home. The understanding of numbers has become more popular over the last few centuries through the world of Numerology, which was named after Pythagoras of Greece, born in 569 B.C; most numerologists credit him with the founding of the field of Numerology, he studied mathematics and was a great philosopher.

Pythagoras believed that a person's life was mapped out at birth due to their birth date. Numerology can truly uncover information about yourself that is personal to you and fascinating, in-depth and will give you an understanding of life. Civilisations have been fascinated with gaining a deeper understanding of life, their purpose on earth and what the future might hold for them.

Numerology arose from our innate interest in numbers, evolving from ancient practices into the respected alternative therapy that continues to guide and gives peace of mind around the world today, providing answers to life.

What Is Numerology?

Numerology is a belief that numbers have a special meaning that can be used to understand our daily lives. Numerologists believe that by studying the numbers associated with our name, birth date, and other factors, we can gain insight into our personality, strengths, and weaknesses. While some people use Numerology to make decisions about their life, others see it as a fun way to learn more about themselves.

There are many books about Numerology, although there is no scientific evidence to support the claims of numerologists. Whether you're looking for guidance or want to learn more about yourself, Numerology can be an enlightening tool. Just be sure to consult a reputable source for a professional numerology reading.

The practice of Numerology is widely seen as the universal language of numbers. The interpretation of these numbers connected to our birth chart can enlighten us about our purpose and personality traits. Also, predicting events with accuracy, outlining challenges and opportunities, and a road map of our lives are all gained through mathematical calculations in connection with your name and birth date.

Every person has a numerology chart based on your birth date and full birth name, this is unique to who you are, so a numerologist can calculate your life path, which reveals the course you are on in your life and what opportunities lie ahead. Our relationships, careers, health, personal growth, and destiny can all be understood and explained through Numerology.

Discover the Benefits of a Numerology Reading

Modern numerologists are committed to helping people gain a deeper understanding of the world in which they live and forge their journeys following this knowledge. When we are feeling confused or anxious, readings given by a numerologist can provide direct guidance in any situation, helping you to make the right choices on a path you were destined to follow allows for definite plans to live a life of peace and harmony. Ensuring all opportunities that come your way will be taken advantage of instead of missing out on opportunities due to your doubts and uncertainties. To fully understand your character traits that explain our very being on this earth. 

Everything you see in the world around you, everything contained in our world, can be broken down into numbers. From this, we can begin to uncover the keys to a happier, healthier, and more connected self. Therefore, so many ordinary and famous people enjoy a private numerology session weekly with a professional psychic reader who truly understands the science of Numerology and the benefits it can give you as an individual.

A professional numerologist will study an individual and be able to break down their essential elements - their experiences, personality, core beliefs and deepest desires - into numbers. From here, they build a clear image of the type of person they are and how to address any issues they may feel by offering guidance on how to live a whole and prosperous life. A numerology reading is so much more than just a psychic reading and so much more accurate, with the demand for numerology readings doubling within the last two years.

To effectively enjoy the benefits and enlightenment possible from understanding Numerology, you should seek the help of Trusted Psychics and Master Numerologists, who will be able to guide you and inform you along your life's journey, helping you understand the purpose behind your life and who you will share your life with, and so many other aspects of your life.

Discover the Theory of Numerology

There are five core elements for your numerology chart that are revealing about you and that gives you a clear understanding and invaluable knowledge, helping you recognise your true personality containing all the essential traits and qualities. It also provides you with a real depth into who you are and what makes you continually tick.

What Is a Life Path Number?

The essential element in your numerological chart is your Life Path number; it is the most significant number and represents you, allowing you to discover your essential traits and qualities personal to you, the driving force of why you are who you are and is by far the most potent number throughout your life. 

How to Calculate Your Life Path Number

To find your Life Path Number, you'll need to calculate your full birth date first. To do this, add all the digits in your birthdate until you get a single number. For example, if your birthday is September 16, 1992, you would add 9+1+6+1+9+9+2 to get 37.

You would then reduce 37 to a single digit by adding 3 and 7 to get 10. You would then reduce 10 to a single digit by adding 1 and 0 to get 1. Therefore, your Life Path Number is 1. Once you have calculated your Life Path Number, you can use it to gain insights into your life path and discover which areas you might need to address.

Professional psychic readers will be able to offer you a detailed numerology reading. When you find a psychic you feel comfortable with, the more specific you can be about your questions, the more accurate your readings will be.

Your Life Path Number Is 1

Life path number 1 tells us so much about you, that you are an honest hard worker, a leader in a life full of creative passion. You live by your instincts that are often so right. Still, you often lack patience and can become irritated when things do not happen quickly or you must rely on others to make things happen.

As you are such a hard worker, you do not bare well with others that plod along in life without goals. You are a determined person and very much self-motivated in all that you take on - you are not frightened of investigating and starting new projects or hearing new ideas.

Often people look to you to be inspired, and because of these qualities, you are the person that finds a solution to problems in the quickest way possible, and multitasking is something you take in your stride. You would be well suited to being the manager or running your own company organising others to work efficiently and be productive in their work.

 If you have a fault, it's being a little demanding as you strive to succeed in everything you do. You like others to respect your hard work and the need to be in charge to lead others, although you find it hard to take advice or ask for help and would instead find a way around things rather than ask for help to solve a problem. You will know where you want to be in life and will want to accomplish great things in your lifetime.

Your Life Path Number Is 2 

Life path number 2 tells us much about you, the person you bode well with is harmony in your life. You are a peaceful person, who is highly considerate of others either around your family, friends, or work colleagues. You are the peacemaker and always look at all sides of any disagreements and are more content when things are running smoothly without stress.

You are more the mediator in any dispute, wanting to bring back harmony around you. You are a very loyal friend and will go out of your way to protect others, you are a very truthful person; those around you respect your honesty.

You are a very compassionate and caring person. You will go out of your way to help others before yourself, staying away from conflict or aggression. You have a human side that gets easily hurt and often try to protect your feelings by not letting others know how you feel, which often causes you anxiety in your life.

Your desire for peace and harmony leads you to a settled life full of consistency; you feel unsettled by change and happiest with total routine in your life. You are a great list maker of things to be done and always remind others of dates and birthdays.

Your Life Path Number Is 3

Life path number 3 tells us much about you; a creative person with excellent communication skills who enjoys great conversation yet can listen to others and has the gift to communicate in all areas and at all levels, written and verbally. A career focus may be broadcasting, being a writer or actor, or even a councillor helping others.

With your life path number of 3, you are more of an optimistic person trying to see the best in people and achieve the best outcome for others. You have a charismatic personality and are well-liked by those around you. You are very thoughtful of the feelings and emotions of family, friends, and colleagues – you are the go-to person when others need direction.

You're not a great planner and tackle daily as it comes with great optimism, but you are probably not good at budgeting your money. You often get caught up with paying bills and expenses late as you tend to live for today and enjoy spending rather than saving for a rainy day. You are a spontaneous and often adventurous soul.

You often find it challenging to give yourself totally to another as your self-expression is essential to you. A successful relationship would be with someone with the same outlook and zest for life. Still, if the balance is correct, any relationships would be long-term.

Your Life Path Number Is 4 

Life path number 4 tells us so much about you. A very determined soul who is usually very practical and thrives on routine and hardworking, a natural, down-to-earth person who has no time for lazy folk as you expect others around you to work as hard and with as much commitment to any idea or project. You strive to be organised in your life and will not settle until everything is completed at work and home, especially at your home, which is your sanctuary.

Being practical and having a down-to-earth approach in life, your goals are an orderly, stable life where money is not that important to you. Financial stability is so not the type of person who lives in their overdraft. You work well with others, take instructions well, and always follow a plan to the letter without deviation while remaining constructive.

You are an excellent team player and greatly respected by others. You have strong views on what's right or wrong and are not willing to compromise on doing things the right way no matter how difficult, always staying focused on the issue you are tackling. Being a life path 4, you must find new ways to relax in your life, find time for yourself and what you enjoy or take yourself out of your comfort zone and try new hobbies or interests.

With your practical outlook on life, romance does not always come readily. Your ideal partner would have to be compatible with the same outlook on life with their feet planted firmly on the ground whilst appreciating a solid relationship and family life as extremely important to them.

Your Life Path Number Is 5 

Life path number 5 tells us so much about you, you're an adventurous soul with not a minute to rest and always on the go, constantly enjoying great variety in your life and not being put off by change. You enjoy meeting new and exciting people from all walks of life, living for today, a spur-of-the-moment person; you do not need endless routine in your life or repetition of daily tasks.

You enjoy your own company and would not give up your freedom lightly, and have genuine compassion for the interests and welfare of others worldwide. You excel well in motivating others as people like your company, and you would find a sit-down job 9 to 5 stifling. You would be well suited to leadership positions.

You are a very versatile person and would succeed with your business ideas. Being of your entrepreneurial mindset you would find great ease in starting new projects but beware of sticking to things without a change of heart; otherwise, your life could lack real direction. You are a humanitarian, which you enjoy passionately. You would gladly volunteer for projects in other countries with a team as you are excellent at persuading and motivating like-minded folk.

Being a great conversationalist, those around you take on what you have to say and enjoy your company. Life path 5 is a very creative sign and very optimistic in your outlook -relationships will be highly successful, and love will be passionate and full-on when you find another adventurous soul.

Your Life Path Number Is 6 

Life path number 6 tells us so much about you, a caring person of good qualities, thinking of others before yourself, you would go out of your way to offer a helping hand to anyone in distress. A volunteer in life suited to teaching or counselling others that have nowhere else to turn. Home life is essential to you and keeping your family happy and safe is paramount to your wellbeing. You are a gentle person where aggression is not part of your make-up, preferring to work through issues and look at both sides.

You are a very thoughtful soul offering help. With genuine kindness, you tend to bring out the best in people no matter the situation. In love, you will show your love with endless gestures and affections; whoever you are with will feel loved daily. Your personality is magnetic; you are warm, understanding, reliable, and a good friend. You place great emphasis on home and family, and your parenting instincts are powerful when teaching your children right from wrong and this is very important to you. You are a good friend to have and others appreciate that.

Your Life Path Number Is 7 

Life path number 7 tells us much about you, a natural soul, a wise person of intellect, being aware of others around you where you often choose your own company rather than being in close contact with people. You hold many fine qualities, are a great life thinker and like things to be just so! You do not crave attention and enjoy solitude, using that time to enjoy your thoughts.

However, it may be difficult to admit you may often feel loneliness or desires; a closeness that you are feeling is missing from your life; when you find the right balance, you will not isolate yourself but find warmth from the company of others.

You tend to overthink situations from a negative perspective and have difficulty explaining your feelings to your perfect partner. Your ideal partner would be calm and patient and take things slowly until you find the confidence to feel at ease, but this would result in a long, meaningful sold relationship. Whatever career you choose, you are an academic, and a problem solver with great moral values.

You would be well suited to work in the humanities or arts with various work and projects that you find of interest, often towards a spiritual side; you would excel in and find great fulfilment.

Your Life Path Number Is 8 

Life path number 8 tells us too much about you, the natural person; you are a hardworking individual and enjoy the material rewards of your hard work and approach to your life. You are honest to a fault, and those around you appreciate your honesty as you never wavier from it. You are highly ambitious in your work life and wish to succeed in all you do, but you are always aware of others who may want to steal your limelight for a well-done job.

Your career is where you excel; you have an excellent instinct for ideas that will work or ways around things to make a task more manageable. You face challenges head-on when others may fail, and you will always get to the root of the issue from the bottom upwards and hold those that have failed to be accountable.

You do tend to reveal in the fact that you solved the problem when others before you had failed, however, you are greatly respected within a business and thrive in a busy environment in a varied position. You would make a great entrepreneur as ideas flow freely, so you will always be successful and recognised for your ability to approach and deal with customers. You are usually a positive person; when you walk into a room, others know you have arrived, although some may shy away from your strong-willed nature and a strong liking for material things.

In your love aspect, you will be successful as your partner will know exactly what to expect, and you will gain a solid, honest relationship that will be long-term. You may have minor regrets in your past and push away guilty thoughts like a hidden secret for fear of being weak, but we all have a history, and nobody is without regrets so acceptance will be far better for you. Ensure that your work and home life balance is equal, so you are not known as a workaholic but respected for your achievements in work.

How Accurate Is Numerology?

Centuries of research have found that Numerology is very accurate, although we do not fully understand all its metrics. A reading on Numerology is comprehensive and does provide all the guidance and insight that will lead you through your life. It can give you the confidence to change jobs, ask for promotions, invest, look for a new relationship, have a social life, and move house. A Numerology reading is a complete guide to your life. 

Here at Trusted Psychics, our master numerologists offer tailored programmes, beginning with your Life Path number. To help you and guide you towards a healthier, happier future. Experienced psychic readers will offer support, clarity, and guidance.

Though Numerology is not an exact science, it can give you great insight into the future. The accuracy rate depends highly upon the skill of who performs your numerology reading. Always go to a reputable site such as Trusted Psychics to ensure you can connect with a highly recommended psychic reader where you will receive a custom reading. Our numerologists are passionate and committed to giving accurate readings to all their clients.

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