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Very genuine and helpful

I've just had a reading with Pearl and I would absolutely recommend her if you want clarity and guidance. She is knowledgeable, carefully assessing the situation before giving advice. Helped me on love, my expanding business and any potential moves over 2019. Really super.

Caroline From London On 27/02/2019

Validating another reading

Thank you - you taped in well and gave accurate and detailed info. Many thanks.

Libran From Aus On 24/01/2019


i needed guidance on a situation that is coming up pearl was positive and helped me with what was required brilliant reading

jane From Glasgow On 27/11/2018

General reading

Genuine lady with great insight and knowledge. Helped me to see past the negatives i'd been feeling.

Angie From Berkshire On 18/08/2018


I spoke to pearl,who picked up on my situation and the type of person that i am,gave me some good advice,which i will be following through,it was a good reading

From On 19/04/2018

Thank you for your connection

The information I received although a little confusing to start with has really made me look at different outcomes in a different light so this I would like to say thank you for as I did think there was little point in carrying on. Love and light to you and your family

Lorraine From London On 30/01/2018

rescued me!

Pearl gave me such great guidance with my relationship i would go as far to say as she literally saved my marrage - thank you

alichia From Kettering On 31/12/2017

First Time for reading

Being shy I was pleased to get through to Pearl as she soon took my nerves away and put me at my ease in a very short time. Not to many questions and then she hit straight away on my problem that has had me in shreds for weeks - it was such a relief to talk to someone who understood and did not mock me she has real compassion and truth in her reading. I look forward to next month now in a far more positive way. Cheers

Marcus Marshall From Edinburgh On 30/12/2017


Good understanding of situation and wise guidance - thanks for the helpful advice.

Lynda From Perth On 19/11/2017

Positive Reading

Thank you for the lovely and insightful reading, Pearl. How annoying that I got cut off at the crucial point (note to Trusted Psychics - please give a warning that time is nearly up!!). Thanks for all the reassurance and look forward to better times ahead. x

D From London On 26/09/2017

I Can Relax & Breath Easy At Long Last!

I feel as if a large weight has been lifted off my shoulders at long last. Recently ive had several issues going on that have been non stop bringing me down but after speaking with this lady having several readings she has inspired my heart and soul, filled me with hope and light that i will come out on the other side as she has already guided me through some big struggle, i dont know what i would have done with out her. Thank you so much my dear x

Angelica From Ashby On 14/09/2017


Thank you Pearl. You were very quick to tune in. You picked up on the challenges I have faced, present choices and gave me the reassurance I needed. You reaffirmed my own gut feelings. Its definatly a pleasure to speak to someone who possess the ability to tune in so quickly and accurately. It was a pleasure speaking with you. I have made a note of your prediction for Oct. I will update you then. Many thanks.

MH From Berkshire On 18/08/2017

Pretty Close to everything

Reviewing is not my thing so short and sweet just becasue this box popped up after my reading. Direct reading no stupid love nonsense so real cool info from a sweet lady.. Ben

Ben Jonsone From Warwick On 03/08/2017

Direct, Caring and Accurate

Pearl very quickly picked up on a situation that has been troubling me, she understood that there is no easy answer but the direct way she read for me gave me food for thought, and the reading revealed different answers that had not been clear to me. I feel much more ready to face the future and will keep you advised Pearl thank you so much for your time, understanding and giving me hope.

Dianne From Ireland On 24/06/2017

Lovely reading from a lovely reader

I was confused and thought no one would understand my problems, with her caring and understanding Pearl helped me to see I could change things in my life and gave me so many insights into what was actually happening. I really do feel I can move forwards now and will carry your wisdom with me, I will call back and let you know how things work out.

Belinda From UK On 23/06/2017

Insightful and caring reader

Peal is a caring and understanding reader, she quickly understood my problem and was able to help me understand a way forward. I will call back to let you know how it's going....... Thanks for your help Pearl.

Sharon From Melbourne On 22/06/2017

Too many questions and not enough answers. Still left confused

Irish girl From On 30/05/2017

Accurate, i like but questioning no

She is a reliable reader, always spot on and accurate and descriptive and wise. Only thing id say and this is for many other readers who do this too; please do not ask questions about the situation. Questions like "how long has it been since you met last" can make a client feel destroyed inside. Certaon questions help us to tslk about things but we have friends for thst purpose and i understand that some readers are just curious and people lovers but really stop. We come for psychic readings to know the inknown. Not to discuss and get upset. Howevrr pearl is def one of the better ones. Just needs prodding that i dont want to waste time answering questions and she understands. She doesn't base her entire reading on questions.so felt fulfilled after reading. Ive had worse readings where they really waste money getting you to tell them the problem...which is info that we know, we want to know what we dont know lol

From On 06/02/2017

Ask too many questions

I have always been told NOT to feed the reader and this lady ask way too many questions and simply bases her conclusions on the questions made. I don't believe anything comes from spirit.

Maria From London On 05/02/2017

Beautiful Soul

Dear Pearl, thank you so much for your reading it was so amazing everything you said was so spot on and really inspiring and very meaningful and also full of positive energy, I can't thank you enough for your warmth & compassion and the brilliant tools for me to move forward! Thank you thank you so much xo

Amanda From Australia On 20/01/2017

One of the best

Clear understandable extremely compassionate. I would recommend her to anyone. Pearl has today removed the worries that I have been carrying about with me for so long. I feel Live again and that my energies have returned. LOVE LIGHT AND BLESSINGS TO YOU PEARL. I will keep in touch with you. BLESS YOU.

Michael From Scotland On 04/11/2016

Honest but sensitive

Ive had some very sensitive issues that ive held very close to my heart for such a long time and i have fully been able to open up to Pearl and she has really helped me. She honest with the facts and what she sees but has dealt with my situation so passionatly and really

Alfie From Essex On 27/10/2016

A beautiful person!!

Gorgeous!! Gorgeous!! Gorgeous! could have talked for hours! Sorry pin ran out again! Keep you posted xx

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 11/05/2016

May 2, 2016

Pearl restored my faith in people. I was at my lowest point and called in. She is so compassionate, caring like a sister. Really made me realize there are still warm people out there who care. Everything she said made sense. Thank you for being there when I needed someone the most. You gave me hope. I will be eternally grateful and will keep you up to date. Blessing's.. XXOO

Kathy From Usa On 02/05/2016


Another AMAZING reading!! Thankyou Pearl:-) Keep you posted xo

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 24/02/2016

Good Reading

Pearl is a sympathetic listener and has an insight into what your issues are I may not have enjoyed hearing some of the advice but it was good advice and truly helped me look at things in a different perspective . Thank you for the reading Pearl . Love & Lite x

H From North East England On 20/02/2016

Really Brilliant

Thank you for understanding me and providing me with the guidance I needed. I would definitely call Pearl again as the reading was brilliant!

Lorraine From UK On 05/01/2016


I have just come off the phone to Pearl, she picked up on my situation straight away and guided me through extremely complicated situations and am glad for people like her to help me continue my journey through life when all seemed dark, she helped shed the light. Thanx Pearl, your a star.

Charlene From London On 08/12/2015


Thanks pearl. Lovely person, will call back.x

Laura From On 25/11/2015

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