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Demi - 1085

I have over 20 years of experience reading tarot cards & doing psychic readings. The gift was passed over from my maternal mother. I learnt to read tea leaves at an early age & my abilities increased from then. I can give you as my client a true reading from the cards you choose, assisting you in moving forward with your present situation or we can focus on a general reading or one question reading. The choice is yours. PIN: 1085



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I used to watch my grandmother making pots of tea and reading the leaves from an early age. I was aware I had something special & my grandmother encouraged me to participate and this opened the door to the gifts I was given. I found out I was good at channeling into other folks energy & surroundings. I was given a set of tarot cards and they went everywhere with me. I was always reading friends and families cards, which I was always encouraged to do. Later on in life I found that I wanted to help strangers who then turned into friends and now I use my cards daily to guide me and my friends & family. I believe that using my cards and doing psychic readings helps change people's path for the better and I just want to share my gift and improve the lives of the open minded.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

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Demi - 1085

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Absolutely love her, so shocked about what she revealed to me and definitely trust her 100% with what she told me

P From LDN On 20/02/2019

Awesome, accurate, kind & compassionate

Phenomenal reader

S From U.K. On 16/02/2019

Demi has repeatedly told me my husband was having a baby with another woman, when everyone else was saying he wasn't but she was right. He came in a few days ago and told me. Now I know she is good however the other psychics made me doubt her and think she was wrong when all alone she was correct. I am sorry I shouted at you and swore before hanging up again. Moment of truth for me and realisation thanks to Demi. I will never doubt he again x

Janice From East London On 16/02/2019


We spoke the other day and you mentioned a proposal that would change my life and make me so happy. I assumed you meant work and never probed any further! Now I know why you kept laughing and sounded so pleased. As I'm sure you already know he asked and I said yes!! Never thought I'd be doing this again and certainly not so soon. So Dems better get yourself a hat lol. Thank you for always being there for me, you've always told me that good things were just around the corner. Xxx

Jac From Glasgow, Scotland On 13/02/2019

I received a reading about 8 month ago from Demi and didn’t rate her because I didn’t believe what she told me as I thought I knew better. She told me my girlfriend was playing away. I found it hard to take in but it has transpired that Demi was correct. She’s being seeing a guy for over 12 months. I’m gutted but had to leave this feedback as I know I’ve slated her on forums. I’m the first to admit she is the real deal. Sorry Demi. I will apologise when I eventually get through to you as my choice and not the next reader available.

Tam From Slough On 10/02/2019

I feel as if I had a good chat with an old friend. The only difference was, she was able to tell me my life story as well as what was going to happen. Truly inspirational. Demi gave me a real insight into what was going on at work, very revealing, and accurate. She is worth every one of the 5 stars and more.

D From Europe On 10/02/2019

Fab reader, straight to the point with no wasting minutes talking about other things. Bang on the money with the knowledge, I am so glad that I got through to her, Feedback is very accurate . Thank you

Dav From Australia On 08/02/2019

Highly recommend Demi, she is a true medium and psychic, very straight forward, spot on and will not waste your time! Thank you Dems for your reading today and good news about my family issues sorry we were cut off. Blessings and light

Mandy From Oz On 06/02/2019

Thank you for the reading Demi. You gave me insight on my relationship and what will happen. Thanks because it will help me deal with what's to come in a positive way and not negative. Demi your description of my partner was so accurate before I even said anything to you. Thank you for showing me the path in front and how to stay on it without causing too much problems

Den From Northern Ireland On 02/02/2019


Best reading I have ever had. Demi knew so much about my life and my situation! Very hard to get through to her because she amazing xxx

Margaret Ann Lynn From Bellshill On 29/01/2019

I have had loads of reading and everyone except Demi said my partner was coming back... Well she was right. As she predicted he came back over 6 weeks ago and hasn't left. I found her to be genuine and correct in every detail. I thought she was a fake because all the others said he wouldn't come back but true to Demi's words he has. Thank you, you are definitely an angel xx

Sandra From Australia On 27/01/2019

Lovely reading

Thank you for your support and advice lovely reading.

Lorna From London On 25/01/2019


There is no such thing as a bad day when you know you can just call Demi for clarification, guidance and insight. Brilliant, caring and funny! Really the only person you need in your corner! Natasha

From On 25/01/2019

I had a reading with Demi today, and just wanted to say how absolutely fantastic she was. I was feeling very down about my relationship with my boyfriend, and Demi, without any hints from me, proceeded to explain in detail the characteristics of my boyfriend, the circumstances of our problems, and explain the situation from my boyfriend's point of view. Just truly amazing talent. This undoubtedly was the best psychic reading I have ever had! It was absolutely wonderful to get an overview of the other person and their secret thoughts. She is an amazingly talented reader. She is also very witty, and delivers her readings in a practical and compelling way. I shall definitely be ringing her again. If you wish to see your partner's side of things, and how they maybe be feeling, (but not communicating anything to you), Dems is definitely the reader for you. Thank you.

Geseppe From Kent On 24/01/2019

Very nice reader, direct, but definitely a true reader as she knew details that only I could know. She is very empathetic and did not judge me. I believed that she would be like previous readers but definitely not.. Thank you Demi... I recommend this woman if you want to know the truth with no sugar coating. xx

Jarred Jones From Slough On 23/01/2019

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