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Amber is lovely and she is amazing with what she brings through. Thank you lovely for being so good after I had another reading where he was rude and that made me feel I was going crazy. Highly recommend and thanks again x

From scotland On 08/04/2019

amazing , spot on and very healing reader !!!

I spoke to Amber today, she knew everything without asking questions. She answered a lot of questions fro me very quickly, she doesn't waste your time, truly talented, gifted and genuine reader and very nice person. Thank you Amber for your kindness in sharing your gift Love and blessings xx A

From On 25/03/2019

Beautiful Mind and Mentor

I called Amber and had immediate nervous energy. From the beginning, she southe my mind, and reassured me of the path. She reassured the instincts that speaks to me and the ones that even guided me to her. Thank you, Amber.

Jenny Chang From California On 14/03/2019


Amber is one of my favourite readers! She has always been so accurate with timings and straight to the point with what is going on.

Michelle From UK On 03/03/2019


Amber needed no prompting neither did she ask anything gave her my name and his name and my future unfolded in front of me I can totally recommend Amber she is a true and gifted Psychic She has predicted April for my specific question but we all know Spirit don't have a Calender so won't be disappointed if the timing is out ! God Bless and Thankyou Helena X. 1/3/19

Helena From North East UK On 03/03/2019


Amber is very quick, accurate and genuine. Picks up on situation fast and directly. Highly recommend!

Jonathon From London On 18/02/2019


She is really good, and really enjoyed speaking to her.. she was confident and is gifted. read situation really well thanks a lot

PRANAV From midlands On 07/02/2019

Thank you

You really put my mind at rest

Anon From Central Scotland On 07/02/2019

Thank you

Thank you for your lovely reading and you gave alot of information, regarding whats to come in middle of March and I hope you are right, as I have had other readings and so far no predictions have ever come to pass, and if yours does I will give you 5 stars that you will most definitely will deserve. Thank you for restoring my hope and thank you for been so kind and caring x

Dorothy From Somewhere in the uk On 07/02/2019

Scary but fascinating

This lady’s vision is like no other, l hadn’t even explain anything about the lady in question and she knew it all. She knew about the secret gift I gave her. This was in so much depth, where she was able to pick up the feelings this person had towards me. I spoke none of this with anyone, friends nor family and she was able to read the entire scenario, Shock as well as surprised. I would definitely recommend her. I have her on my list as well as other top psychics. She is the real deal.

From On 04/02/2019

Blown Away

Watch out Amber knows her stuff. How did you know when i had put the complaint in omg thats creepy. It was like talking to a best friend. Her predictions are realistic shes a genuine psychic. And im counting each day now for her prediction to unfold

rose From london On 27/01/2019


This lady is amazing and see things that surprise you. Thank you Amber!

Tafa From London On 25/01/2019

This lovely lady is unreal, she knew that I was going on holiday, where I was going, even who I was going with! I couldn’t believe it, absouletly amazing, a true psychic :) x

Jen From Liverpool On 21/01/2019

Lovely psychic reading

Amber is so calm, patient and nice to talk to. She gave me a pure psychic reading. Her validations were correct. Gave some nice predictions so I'm hoping to see some events unfolding...

From On 16/01/2019


100% spot on able to see things before you can tell her. Readings are so accurate it puts a smile on your face and leaves you without doubt. Recommend her for accurate reading.

From London On 14/01/2019

Genuine, caring and well connected

Thank you for the great reading - yes, I am so hopeful he will contact and look forward to something coming through mid Feb. being the start of a long term. Many thanks Amber.

Libran From Aus On 09/01/2019

Straight forward information.

Had a reading with this lovely lady very quick to pick up on things that have been worrying me and causing me great distress. She reassured me everything concerning me right now will turn out in my favour in the end.And after talking to her am sure they will. Thank you.

From On 22/12/2018

Very good

Lovely manner and very understanding. Picked up on alot of things too. Well worth calling

From On 17/12/2018

Consistent and spot on

Have had 2 readings witg Ambe. She is quite consistent with what she picks up and predicts. Definitely recommend her!

From On 09/12/2018

Great Psychic!!!

Amber is top class..was having crap Saturday morning ...she said Spirit told me i was on right path..this is 4th read had with her she has been bob on so far..keep u posted star blessings to you over Yule..thank you so much!!!...

Jackie baillie From BLACKBURN UK On 08/12/2018

Spot on

Picked up on situation very fast thank u

Mandy From London On 01/12/2018


being a manager and have had a lot of problems in the office not knowing how to solve them i needed the help and guidance to see if they would resolve themselves over the next few months it looks good

Judy From northampton On 27/11/2018

Nice Lady

She is very good reader and give me clarity about my question which disturbing me from long time. She has increased my confidence. Thanks Amber

G From Wales On 20/11/2018

Picked up the situation

Very clear, conscise and quick reader. Accurately picked up on the situation within minutes. Also made some predictions, which are yet to be seen if they unfold! Thank you Amber!

From On 17/11/2018

Good psychic skills

i found that with amber she seemed to really psychically connect with me and gave me a great reading surrounding my career and family life.

Cathy From Holsten On 08/11/2018

Great reading

I found Amber to be very accurate in reading. Past and present correct and she left me feeling very positive for the future.Lovely lady.

From On 19/10/2018


Picked up things so spot on and great advise too.Very accurate reader.Proud to be first review.Thank you for your kindness.

From On 15/10/2018

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