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Good men!

Thank you to make me smile Oliver lovely to speak to you!! Lovely man with good humour and good positive energy love & light from Nikola xx

Nikola from Wales From Wales On 17/04/2019

Fast and accurate

This man is fast and accurate; Everything Oliver said was accurate, I didn’t say much and he said everything .... spot on, amazing man .... great listener and humble too

Sita From London On 18/03/2019

Bloody brilliant

This guy is lovely...kind and spot on...thankyou for this ollie....you are so good at what you do..xx

Mandy From Oxford On 18/03/2019


Very gentle and calm...straight to the point tells you as it is....doesnt ask questions reading was spot on made a lot of sense was amazing..cant wait for the predictions to fall into place...will deffo call again....thank you

From On 14/03/2019

Lucky first

Thank you Oliver for such a great reading. you picked up the situation and gave me excellent strategy. I feel honoured to be your first reading back after a long time off.

K From Australia On 04/03/2019

Reading 5/12/2017

Had a great reading tonight gave me insight about my relationship that had broken down. Everything he said was spot on. Can't wait for the predictions to happen. Will up date you Oliver in 16 weeks. Thank you T

Tara From Sussex On 05/12/2017

Oliver - superb reader

Oliver has always given me excellent readings. His reading in August told me stuff that would come true in a few months totally happened. Excellent reader.

Jules From London On 04/12/2017


I am so glad i connected to Oliver what a lovely man to talk to. He gets straight to the point no time wasting. I hope ur predictions come through and life can change. God bless you!! Hope to see u online more often.

Jay From London On 04/12/2017

Always amazing

Oliver you are amazing!! It cut out before you could tell me ... he gave me insight on things that I was not even aware of in my life!! Well worth a call!! Hope to speak to you again soon thank you!!!

Helanah From York On 16/11/2017

wow spot on, very good

One of the best reading, top man.given lots of time and answered with details,incredibly good. Thank u for the reading. Shaf

shaf From Essex On 16/11/2017

Oliver’s back!! Fabulous

Straight to the point, genuine, honest reader. Picked up on my situation straight away. Great sense of humour and very helpful. I saw reviews about Oliver on here and was waiting for him to come back! Couldnt believe it when I saw him. Wasn’t disappointed. Thanks Oliver— you’ve given me hope.

Laura From Ireland On 15/11/2017

Amazing reader

Had my first reading with Oliver today and all i can say is he's amazing he got my reading spot on and so quickly. hes helped me through so much today i cant thank him enough i will definitely be calling him again. God bless xx

jasmine From Uk On 11/07/2017


Thank you for ur amazing reading, it was a pleasure speaking to you. Highly recommend.

Jackie From West Midlands On 02/07/2017

Kept me on hold n got it wrong

He told me my ex was not in a relationship but my ex is actually engaged. We didn't connect was disappointed after such rave reviews ah well

Z From Uk On 22/06/2017

Wow wow

Well I really must say that Oliver was correct on timing about something ..Oliver I must speak to you again. Oliver is a true real psychic. I will be login in next week ,I hope you will be on . Talk to you soon!!!!

Pascale From New york On 08/06/2017

Picked up my exact situation instantly

Oliver picked up my situation.. he didn't need any promting whatsoever. He made me feel at ease

Leanne From Maidstone On 31/05/2017

Oliver changed my life for the better!

This man is by far the best psychic i have ever come by. He needs no direction and knows whats going on in other peoples situations without even telling him. He is a true Psychic not just a card reader. If i was to recommend Oliver i would recommend him to everybody because he is the only reader that hits the nail on the head every time. I have spoken to Oliver 5 times now and every time hes been right. He even predicted that i would have a win on the Lotto last Saturday and encouraged me to play. I can't believe it but i won and i didn't win small. I won big!!!!! Thank you ever so much Oliver. You have really helped to change my life. I cannot thank you enough. Take care Oliver and i hope to speak to you soon. All the best Jim.

Jim From Glasgow On 21/04/2017

Wow sorry ran out of minutes. Fab reading full of information. No asking questions or time wasting. Totally connected. Would recommend thoroughly

Shirley From Northern ireland On 19/04/2017

He's the real deal

Oliver is not only a gifted psychic, he is also the chirpiest cockney I've ever met. His predictions are scarily accurate and he will say it how it is. He also likes pink lemonade which shows his compassion :)

AA From Yorkshire On 17/04/2017


I really enjoyed my reading with Oliver. He knows the cards inside out and is very direct and straight forward. Hopefully his predictions will come true!

AM From Canterbury On 14/04/2017


Did not say a word apart from my name and what kind of reading i wanted. Oliver went off and read the spread like a pro!! Picked up a very significant part of my situation which could not have been guessed. Straight forward and truthful in his reading. In my books people he is the real deal. I would know as i have had dozens of readings on this site. Oliver does not mince his words and does not go around in repetitive circles like some readers. Very confident, exactly what a reading should be like!! Plus a great guy to talk to. Down to earth and lovely personality 10/10. Highly recommend!!

A From UK On 12/04/2017

Spot on

Oliver knows his stuff, very accurate and honest. Also no time wasting and fishing for information. Thanks

Anon From U.K. On 10/04/2017



Oynx From United Kingdom On 05/04/2017

He used Tarot cards, straight to the point, did not waste time. Hoping his forecast will come true.

srey From Boston On 03/04/2017


Perfect reading, clarified all that I was worrying about without having to say anything apart from my name. What a phenomenal reader Oliver is. This guy is a pure diamond. Highly recommended. Now I can see why they use him on the TV.

WOLFGANG From Glasgow On 29/03/2017

Awesome reader! One of the best here.

From Illinois On 15/03/2017

Spot on and doesn't waffle

Was on the phone with him for an hour. He doesn't waste any time and I just bombarded him with questions. I was a little worried he may judge me but he didn't. He's so understanding, non judgemental and also gives very good advice. I felt very uplifted and inspired after the reading. Oliver is also really funny too and we had a bit of banter too which really calmed me and made me feel at ease with asking the questions. Thank you so much Oliver and I'm looking forward to the predictions coming true!!

M From London On 03/03/2017

OLIVER is wonderful! i think 99w of us would disagree with Jan from the west mids

OLIVER is wonderful! i think 99% of us would disagree with Jan from the west mids Who had commented prior. I have had 4 readings with Oliver now and he has always been right for me I didn't have to tell him anything and he knew everything! His date predictions were correct and nobody has ever got the dates right. I recommend Oliver highly, he is very wise and lovely to speak to. Yes, he does have a wicked sense of humour but this just gives him more likeability. To anyone looking for an honest and reliable reader then Oliver's defiantly your man. Take care Oliver I shall call you again soon. Sue from Glasgow x

Sue From Glasgow On 27/02/2017

The only reader worth calling

Oliver really is something else. I can see people give him bad reviews on here sometimes but they probably don't like the truth. The truth is something a lot of us don't want to hear but why keep listening to false hope from other readers when in the long term your just going to be gutted. Oliver tells you how it is and is straight to the point none of tho wait five mins while I connect to my guide. He's straight off into the reading. His questions and answers are a very direct and a really good way of opening up and looking at situations In full and this gives you the whole story. I don't get why someone has moaned about getting a yes no answer. They probably asked a yes no question and then didn't listen to why the answer was this. People sometimes need to listen and not just chat away during their readings. Oliver is a true psychic and no matter what anybody else says he's number one. You were completely right for me and I will be calling him again when in need. Thank you Oliver so much. Your the best.

david From london On 24/02/2017


so sorry to give a negative review - but your reading was the complete opposite to what happened -- in fact it turned out a positive and not all the negatives you saw? the person in question was completely agreeable! ah well, I guess you can;t always get it right for everyone - no one's perfect after all - thanks for trying in any case!

Rose From UK On 21/02/2017

Highly Talented and Skillful

He is great pleasure to talk to , highly talented and skillful.. why i emphasize on it coz he knows his job really well and gets straight to the point and he is right and quite accurate in everything ...definitely top 3 pyschics on trusted psychics.. he may sound bit too the point but its better , great value for money ,be very careful of what he says , coz its mostly gonna be 90 percent true..



Very disappointed I wanted a reading not just question and answer he kept asking me if I had another question for him then when I asked something he just said a yes or no waste of money disappointed

Jan From West mids On 15/02/2017

The Real Deal

He is the real deal. He has told me dates and months as to when things will change and I can't wait for them to come true. Speaks so well and makes you feel so positive. I'm truly blessed to have talked to him. It is money well spent.

K From On 12/02/2017


I didnt expect to get a good reader like this.. first of you did t keep me on line babbling stupid stuff, asking me about the weather like some of the psychics on here...you were straight to the point and honest... and 10-12 weeks is nothing especially in dubai where time goes so damn fast. You answered every question I asked.. you explained... and when you said the reconciliation card and world card and wish card had come out... I was pleased.. I will be calling you back for sure.. thank you so much Oliver... and come to dubai:)) it's fun and hot lol xxx

Elaine From Dubai On 12/02/2017

After reading all positive feedback i was very disappointed.

From On 11/02/2017

Very good reader

Oliver was bang on with what he picked up, absolutely clear reading. Fantastic reader. Very easy to speak to. Would recommend this reader highly x

Sam From West yorkshire On 10/02/2017

No chance

Definnetly not tuned in so wrong totally wrong situation waste money

Me From Scotland On 08/02/2017

Crazy funny reading !

This guy is hilarious, quirky, honest and very easy to speak with! Felt like I'd known him all my life! Let's see if his predictions manifest.....

B From UK On 08/02/2017

Great Reading

Thanks Oliver for your honest, heartfelt reading. You certainly hit the spot and your accuracy was overwhelming. Look forward to returning with feedback from your reading. Regards Fiona

Fiona From Australia On 03/02/2017

Fantastic tells you as it is, felt like i was talking to one of my closet friends. Definitely top rate recommended. Sarah-jane McLuskie

From On 01/02/2017

Spot on. brilliant. Accurate

This is one of the best readings I've had. It was accurate in the people we were discussing and the situations of the past and present. I now have better clarity at hand and know the path I am to be kept on. Thank you for being so honest with me and not giving me 'fluff' like other readers. At least now I feel empowered and it's my decision to carry on the way I see fit. I have more confidence in myself for the next time I see the past loves and don't have to bow down to their way of how a relationship ought to be. Massive love and light to you! Xoxo

Jules From Australia On 31/01/2017

Sorry I wasn't able to top up again to say thank you and bye properly before being disconnected. Was happy with my reading, only needed 5 minutes and within seconds you got into the situation. Thank you x

Jessica From On 30/01/2017


Oliver picked up straight away on my problems, and offered a VERY accurate reading. Will be in touch!

Samantha From Sydney On 26/01/2017


Oliver is always quick, accurate and explains the cards well and how they work together. Give him a call you won't be disappointed.

Chris From On 24/01/2017

I have spoken to Oliver about 4 times since June. He told me at my first reading that I would not here for for my x in the next six months and he was right.. My last reading he said that I would hear from him around April or May. Im keeping my fingers crossed but Olover readings gives me a sence that he is right... no sugar caoting.. I like that he is BLUNT...

Pascale From New york On 20/01/2017


Very interesting truthful reading. Oliver is very easy to talk to and I will definately call back again in the near future. Thank you

Roz From West Country On 19/01/2017

I found Oliver's reading to be accurate as to what i have been told by my 10 years psychic. Truly amazing and thank you for the reading

Marie From London On 16/01/2017

Seems positive

A lovely chap although he sounded poorly. Seems to be a positive outcome so i will see what happens. Thank you Oliver.

Leanne From Swindon On 12/01/2017

General Reading

I had an amazing reading with you.

jane From US On 11/01/2017

Career and Studying

Very encouraging reading. Oliver is easy to speak to and will focus in on what you are asking. Many thanks Oliver. I will come back to you and have another reading from you in the future.

Jayne From Kent On 11/01/2017


Spot on with precise details. Lovely man highly recommend and will speak to you soon Oliver x

Maureen From Glasgow On 09/01/2017


Oliver led me straight into the reading with a mirror image of my own gut feelings. Impressive! I asked a different question and the outcome of that was the one that I had hoped for. He is a gifted, down to earth guy who tells it how it is. A very wise head on relatively young shoulders. I'll be paying attention to his recommendations over the coming months!

Ronnie From Berkshire On 09/01/2017

Just spoke with oliver amazing reader you gave me clarity over my love life and family issues.I look forward to your predictions hope the will come true . thanks for putting my mind at rest as I felt real down before I spoke to you to night.after coming off the phone to you I feel up lifed and will be able to sleep now .I highly recommend him give him a call you won't be disappointed .I will speak to you again oliver and give you an up date when predictions happen thanks again:)

marie From uk On 05/01/2017


I was struggling with a very difficult situation which put all aspects of my life on hold. I sought help everywhere possible without any help, I felt completely helpless and trapped until I spoke to Oliver. I have been using this service for two years and constantly spoke about this problem, but no other psychics were able to truly look into the situation. Olive did not spend time speculating or guessing, he went straight to the point. He straight up told me what the core problem is and I am now able to look for proper solution. Definitely recommends this lad here.

Juliet From Brighton On 05/01/2017

Top Lad

Enjoyed my reading - talk to Oliver he gets it right. Al

From On 01/01/2017


Thank you for the reading Oliver. I will let you know if it all pans out. Julie

Julie From Suffolk On 01/01/2017


still a bit confused about reading over all though good reading

ursula From essex On 29/12/2016


Oliver tuned in straight away didn't dwell on what I already knew but gave me the insight I needed. Thank you so much a reader I would highly recommend.

Shabs From Birmingham On 27/12/2016

Love reading

Had a great reading tonight with oliver,

S From From london On 21/12/2016

Thanks Olivia for the great reading.

Isha From London On 19/12/2016

Best reading I have ever had

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Oliver. He picked up on everything going on within the first 3 minutes of my call without me having to say a word about my situation. He said that doing question and answer reads were the best way to look at my dilemma and boy was he right. I wasn't going to give him a review until what he said came true. But to my delight everything he said has now happened. No reader has ever been this accurate and his time scales where completely right. I have been blown away by his reading accuracy and would like to score Oliver 10 out of 10. I shall be calling him again in the new year. What a honest straight down the line chap. Big thanks again!

James From Watford On 16/12/2016

Excellent reading

Oliver what can i say I needed clarification on a certain matter, The reading it was clear and concise.I now know that my feeling was correct regarding that person.5 star.Many thanks M.

M From Nottingham On 01/12/2016


5 stars x

L From uk On 21/11/2016

Thank you for a quick but on point insight into my relationship. No waisted words here, which I appreciate- very direct. Thanks

Jackie From Australia On 17/11/2016


I have just come off a reading and boy was I blown away. Oliver was so accurate it's unreal! Definitely not to be underestimated! He is brilliant and I hope he succeeds in helping many more people! Thank-you Oliver, your amazing!

Charlene From London On 14/11/2016

Like an old friend

I have many readings in the past few weeks and Oliver is the only one that knew the root of the problem with out me informing him also he is really easy to talk to and seemed genuine in his approach.Thanks Oliver

Charlotte From epsom On 02/11/2016

Very easy to talk to.

I enjoyed my reading with Oliver I needed about half hour to get all questions answered. He's very thorough and has a direct approach whilst being really friendly. Would call again.

Sarah From London On 01/11/2016

So accurate and straight forward

Oliver is great. Is spot on and knows the situation straight away. Very experienced and straight forward. Works with you to get to the heart of the issue and will tell you like it is. Great and honest reading.

J From On 01/11/2016

Oliver is lovely, and so genuine!

Really good reader, gets straight to the answers of the questions you have for him and can read tarot cards amazingly well. Everything he said regarding my situation was spot on. Given me so much to think about after seeing everything from different angles only Oliver could give me the answers for. Also doesn't sugarcoat anything but is very friendly and can really hear he's passionate about what he does. You're a babe Oliver, thanks so much for the reading x

Sophie From UK On 23/10/2016

Very Honest reader.

Had an amazing reading with Oliver. Completely down to earth and easy to speak to. I found Oliver to be extremely honest with the answers to my questions even though they were not what I wanted to hear and despite this I left the reading feeling rather optimistic and light. I will be calling again. Thank you so much Oliver.

Kathleen From London On 18/10/2016

Top bloke

Sorry we got cut off ! Thanks for a brilliant read and a good laugh ! Top reader and a top bloke ! Got to the heart of the problem quickly ! Thank you

Hanny From On 16/10/2016

accurate ,to the point.

Just spoke to Oliver and within moments he had formed a clear picture of what is happening for me . Uncanny how accurate the reading was.Oliver is direct and to the point would recommend him to anyone looking for a clear incite into there life. Thanks for bringing me a sense of clarity the road ahead looks much clearer.

Richard From Leeds via New Zealand On 12/10/2016


I just spoke to Oliver and not only is he very friendly but he picked up on everything around me and very quickly. Great reading and Oliver explained everything as we went through the cards thank you very much :)

Natalie From London On 10/10/2016

Brill. Spot on....

Hi Oliver. Sorry i ran out of minutes. Trusted psychic shud give a 2min warning b4 ur minutes finish.. But yes anyway Thankyou so much Oliver.SUPERB reading, SPOT ON with Detail. Clarified my situation straight away. I didn't really want to hear that u dnt see me n my ex getting 2gether in the nxt 6months but it's better 2 know than not to know. As for the backstabbing U said it's a woman but we got cut off at that moment. That's all I needed 2 hear lol as I know definitely who that is cuz like I said I do not mix with few ppl.

Natasha From Wolves On 06/10/2016

Thank u

Thank you so much for the reading tonight ..... You where open and honest with me and made me see that my gut feelings where right all a long ...as I was able to ask direct questions about my situation.....you have given me the clarity needed for me to be able to move forward ... So I will be ringing back and would advise anyone to a reading with you if they want honest answers .... Thanks Vicki

Vicki From Cheltenham On 01/10/2016


Thanks for the reading just now Oliver! To the point, felt very comfortable talking to you and gave me some great info! Thanks so much!

P From London On 30/09/2016

Great reader

Oliver picked up my situation very quickly, everything made more sense now!!thanks Oliver, spk soon , great reading and interpretation! Love and light x

Fran From On 29/09/2016

Thank you

Thanks Oliver, gave me insight on my current ongoing situation and was spot on. Highly recommend

Claire From Scotland On 29/09/2016

Just had a reading with Oliver I found his honesty refreshing & if I'm completely honest, liberating. My reading wasn't really the conclusion i had hoped for, nevertheless I guess I already knew that but confirmation means at least I ca move forward & leave what's passed in the pass. Oliver, I wish you all the best

Polly From West Mids On 28/09/2016

Fab reader

Great reading from Oliver gave direct meaningful answers and made complete sense to me. Give him a ring he is great

Anon From Midlands On 28/09/2016

Excellent reading Oliver ..i have to say was the quickest reading ive ever had but was to the point . no waffling around and so accurate in the short amount of time. PS im not sure why you dont have heaps more reviews!!

Daniella From Australia On 19/09/2016


a very clear in depth reading WOW will most defo ring again many thanks oliver

jo From worcestershire On 13/09/2016

Excellent honest reading

Thank you Oliver for reading for me tonight.As you said, my gut feelings are the same as the cards, regarding Paul. I can believe, how my family and friends are going to react when I reunite with my partner.Yes, you are right, it is going to be very tough for him to gain the trust from every one, who are very close to me.They keep discouraging me not to hold my hopes up. Oliver, you are very good. I trust that your prediction will happen and I believe in you.You may be new to this site, but you read the cards with confidence and you showed that you are very experience in your trade. I wish you all the best. Please don`t leave this site. So many people are going to benefit by you. Thanks again. N.A

N.A From Surrey On 11/09/2016

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