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Had a lovely reading with Julia. Gave me lots of predictions in line with other readers, and gave me fresh and renewed hope all things will come good again. Really warm and gentle lady. Pleasure to talk to you. I will report back to you when things unfold. Thankyou XX

Leighton From Brighton On 30/03/2019

Genuine reader

Many thanks Julia for the info you shared about things starting to happen in two weeks. Wow how happy I shall be. I have already made the choice in my mind and look forward to the other one coming forward. Thanks

Libran From Aus On 14/03/2019


My first reading with Julia tonight and I have had lots of Readers - most have been fake. She definitely isn't knew of them..... She told me things no one on this earth knew. I am shocked by the information she knew. The level of accuracy and DETAIL is astonishing!! She is truly gifted!!!! Julia you are an absolute delight!! I came away feeling warm and confident about my job and love life again. Thank you so much and will call you when I get the job xxxx

Georgina From Australia On 07/03/2019

Really good

Very good! Really a good reader!

Joanna From Yorkshire On 05/02/2019


It's all about timing . Waiting for things to blossom

R From Sydney On 09/01/2019

Always comforting

Waiting to see what happens in the next 10 days.. thank you

R From Sydney On 02/01/2019

Omg she’s awesome!

This is my second reading with this lovely lady and she’s always accurate! I can’t still believe when she described the guys in my life and that I’ll soon be reunited with them. I was confused but she put my mind at ease and advised me what to do! Thanks a million Julia. Sorry we got cut off while I was putting my details don’t know what happened! I’ll call back again soon. You’re a an Angel. Best Wishes God Bless!

Isabel From London On 09/12/2018

My angel in a time of difficulty

Your truly amazing I feel soo much better you have beautiful healing qualities and know your predictions will come to pass

From R On 28/11/2018

First time caller and I felt that Julia knew me and gave me positivity on my reading to help me go forward in my life

Sonia From London On 27/11/2018

lovley lady

had a lovely call just now, I feel like she knew exactly want I needed to hear but it was also nice to hear that from someone who doesn't know me or the situation. thank you very much Julia xx

Sam From London On 24/10/2018


just got off the phone with Julia, she picked up straight away on situations without me having to say a word, brilliant psychic reader, will definitely call again.

christine From london On 07/10/2018

Amazing !

Julia is a warm and to the point reader. Picked up on a lot of things that have been happening around me, picked up stuff i didn't even ask for which was great to hear. Cant wait for your protections to unfold- want a decent reader ? give her a call xxxx

Joanne From Kent On 02/10/2018

Great reading

Thank you for the really good reading. You came through with the topic I wanted an answer on but had not yet broached. Great connection.

Lyn From Aus On 02/10/2018

Beautiful Lady

Love your readings Julia Hoping for predictions to unfold

RS From Australia On 11/07/2018

Tarot reading

Found Julia a nice lady'& easy to talk to'asked her advice about situation with a guy I was seeing' found her to be spot on with parts. But bit disappointed when she said he'll get in touch in days but never did. but I'd still recommend her.

Shelley From Surrey On 06/04/2018

Amazing lady

Julie she is absolutly amazing. On point, Julie connected with the situation im facing at this time. Everything she told me about was accurate to the point.Julie brilliant reader.highly recomment.i will defiantely be having readings from Julie again. She is truely amzing. Once again Julie i thank you from the bottom of my heart that you was able to connect with my mum whom as just passed. X

Marjolyn From Nottingham On 10/03/2018

Good reader

Julia knew situation well. Reassuring and consistent to many other readers on sight. Very experienced reader. Would recommend.

L From Australia On 28/02/2018


Very good connection.. advise me of impending situation, which happened 2 hours after my reading. Would call again.. thanks for reading also regarding my relationship x

Tiger 1 From Croydon On 28/01/2018

Very encouraging. Calmed me which needed. Not just an excellent reader but a lovely lady. Asked no questions. Look forward to predictions. Will be back

Mary From Uk On 16/01/2018

Uplifting Reading

Julia's reading was very uplifting. Thank you for helping me with the questions that I had. I too am psychic, and I can always tell when a reader knows what they are doing and when they don't. Julia is good at what she does. I recommend her to others.

Madeline From Australia On 14/01/2018

Uplifting and less dramatic

I had a lovely reading with Julia. Very balanced reading and nothing dramatic like some Psychics do. She picked up my situation very well. Worth a call.

Jay From London On 15/12/2017

Patient and Consistent

I have had many readings with Julia over the past 5 months and she is always caring and patient. Her predictions and the cards that come out never change , always consistent, which gives me great faith that they will unfold. Just need to be patient xx

L From UK On 10/11/2017

Reading November 4

As always you give me strength to continue to have faith and trust. Your calm genuine and honest nature is a true gift. I feel blessed to have been able to talk with you the times I have. Thankyou Julia! And I'll call back soon x

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 04/11/2017

My absolute fave ! Had readings last couple years here and there and she has always been spot on ! Really lovely to talk to aswell! Thank you x

H From On 30/10/2017

my reading with julia

this afternoon i rang julia just for a reading well i was knocked for six when she started to tell me things about my boyfriend i was gobsmacked because everything that she told me about him was the gospal truth. then she started to tell me things about myself that on other person would know about me.belevie me she is a really gifted lady she is just fantastic julia you are the best and i am giving you ten stars because you derserve it. love and light astral from london o2/10/2017

astral From london On 02/10/2017

Wonderful lady and readjng!!

I'm sorry we got cut off Julia, you're fantastic and one of my favourite readers on this site! So quick and accurate with your predictions, yet so kind and supportive. Thank you x a million! I'll be back xx

R From Australia On 10/09/2017

Love Julia!

Juliaaaa, you have been there for me and read for me so many times I've lost count, thanks again for all the encouragement and for being so patient even when I got repetitive with my questions. You will always be my favourite reader and I hope you'll keep reading for me for a very very long time to come :) lots of love x

Hannah From London On 04/09/2017


Just had a lovely calming and VERY accurate reading from Julia. Thank you, you have put my mind at rest xx

U From Scotland On 20/08/2017

Bang on

Thanks Julia,just as you said, those two horrible people at work started their silly little games. I've got to realize how pathetic they are and to ignore them. Don't hate them you said, I find it hard not to. You are a great reader xxxxxxxx

Geri From Bristol On 17/08/2017

Bang on!!!

Straight forward and bang on. Picked up on my situation immediately. To the point and does not waste any time. Probably one of the top psychics I have had a reading from. Doesn't mess around and doesn't ask too many questions. Thank you Julia!!!

Lilly From London On 28/07/2017

Shes the best!!

Thank you Julia you've helped me though so much recently me and my partner are staring to patch things up like you said it would hopefully everything else you said is on its way thank you again!

Laim From Liverpool On 14/07/2017


Call cut short but so glad I spoke to you Told me how it was and was honest about situation Will continue to follow my intuition and not go into a situation that may leave me vulnerable Excellent reader Thankyou

a From australia On 05/07/2017

Quick to the point and quite clearly skilled. Asked for a general reading, and she picked up instantly what was on my mind and asked spirit for clarification on what the cards had said. She was spot on. Timing given was within 10 days, so I will wait and see. Feeling very confident. Thanks Julia.

K From UK On 17/04/2017

I really enjoyed my reading with julia. She was direct. Her easy humorous manner made me ease up. I like how she laughed. All good predictions. Even picked up someone else taking a shine to me. I have choices. Unfortunately i got cut off at crucial part. She said 4 to 6 weeks for reunion and things going forward. I will update

From On 15/02/2017


Bang on! beautiful woman didn't ask me anything but new it all thank u xxx

Sharon From West Midlands On 25/01/2017

Accurate and kind!

Thanks so much julia!- I found her to be quite accurate and honest- quick insight about the person in question..I would definitely call again!

Debbie From New york On 14/11/2016


Julia you was on point I did win the workers comp case and got bumped up from 60 to 75% and I do not have to go back to work!!! just like you said. now I am waiting for the case to be reviewed again and hopefully I would be rendered 100% thank you

CLAIRE From NEW YORK On 21/09/2016


unfortunately my minutes ended and my call was cut short, but I was connected to Julia randomly and I must say she zoned right in on my situation even mentioned a few details that I knew to be correct. Give Julia a shot, she's worth your call ??????????

E From Australia On 29/07/2016

Accurrate predictiond

Lovely lady straight to the point she told me predctions. Hasnt sugar coated nothing. Straight to the point. Thankq julia

Ashley From London On 22/07/2016

E é isso aí, já z

E é isso aí, já zoei quem tinha de zoar. Bons campeonatos imaginários procêis tudo.Se o Santos ganhar outro campeonato esse ano eu volto (vai lá, gauchada do futebol &#I;202VIR8L”, seca, seca!).Impedimento = Think tank do chororô futebolístico (“mas gostamos de futebol viril, tá?!”.

Charla From 8xzldSvc On 30/06/2016

Very straight to the point. Doesn't sugarcoat and provided emotional support where needed. Picked up my situation very well. Even saw another character around me and his profession!

G S From London On 18/03/2016

Such a calming friendly voice!!

Loved it!!! Thankyou & Keep you posted xx

Deb From Australia On 06/01/2016

Thank you Julia

Thank you for guiding me through some difficult times I really feel that i am now entering a new phase in my life with an open mind and heart and this time i will not allow myself to be treated so poorly. 5 Stars Thanks

Paula Thatcher From Staffs UK On 30/11/-0001

Thank you for my love reading

Thank you Julia for my reading, I can't tell you how much it helped me. You don't seem to be on much or perhaps it is me missing you but I really need to connect with you again. Me and the other half are patching things up and I really feel that this is down to the fantastic advice and support you gave me. Thank you once again.

Kelsey From Liverpool On 30/11/-0001

Help I needed

I have been going through a rough time of it and thank god I have Julia to talk to. Lovely lady who can read me like a book. Without her guidance, i dont know how i would have got through the last few weeks. Thank you Julia, you are a truly great person with very special powers

Ben Smythe From Norwich On 30/11/-0001

fabulous reader

Thank you for my reading Julia. You were spot on with everything, picking up on things that were not known to me at the time but came to light within the time frame you predicted.Looking forward to my next reading. Xx

J From United Kingdom On 30/11/-0001

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