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Labihah - 1266

I'm a Psychic healer and experienced Clairvoyant. I have over 20 years worth of experience, reading for all types of people. My spirits and angel guides help me with all of my readings and I am a non judgemental and caring person. I specialize in matters of the heart and I am ready to assist anyone with a relationship problem. PIN: 1266



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Labihah - 1266

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Excellent Reading

Just wanted to leave some feedback re my reading with you a few days ago, I got cut off from you and couldn’t get you back. you predicted contact should be anytime now as I have been waiting to hear from this person for a while now. just to confirm it randomly happened yesterday and completely took me by surprise. he hasn’t mentioned any of the things we spoke about during the reading but you said he wouldn’t to start off with so will see what happens but Thankyou so much for a very accurate and detailed reading and I will be in touch soon xxx

Anon From UK On 30/09/2018


I first spoke to Labihah 01/08, and she blew me away with her reading. I have been waiting for her to come back online for two months and luckily after two months of having to wait and speaking to numerous readers due to the anxiety that i have been having, I was able to get a hold of her today 24/09. She just asked my name and bang she was into the reading no tools used whatsoever! This woman is so good that I cannot possibly comprehend. She told me some things today that had me in tears and shaken. Things that no other reader has mentioned after months of calling almost every day due to a spiritual connection that turned out to be complicated and has caused me a great deal of pain, financial drain and sleepless nights. Numerous readers said he will contact you, but they were not really saying why he has taken time (The bigger picture). I have been so angry at this person because of his behavior but when Labihah told me today the root cause of his behavior, all that went away and felt this great burden lifted off my shoulders. She told me exactly what to do to get rid of this impending situation and all that begins today. She is the ONLY reader I will be speaking to on this site. Sorry the call ended prematurely and couldn’t top up. I shall ring you on Friday as promised. And from the bottom of my heart thank you for being so honest. Love and Light. Xx

Rebecca From Australia On 24/09/2018

strong connection

This woman is amazing! i pray she come back on my phone died:( . She read me like a book, it was just outstanding i couldnt believe it! she knew my past and present and i hope she is right about the future! which im very certain that it is! i hope to speak to you soon. looking forward to the predictions. Love anisha

Anisha From THE BEST On 19/09/2018


Labihah is something else, i decided to give her a go after reading reviews about her being soo good amongst other reader's. Best decision i ever made! I have been in absolute distress, spoken to heaps of readers here but none has matched labihah, she's given me so much information, more than any reader on TP has, explained things in depth and the stakes involved. I ended up being on phone for 1hr without notice. She's given the same information as one of the top readers but more in Depth. She's definitely hard to get a hold of for a reason.I shall be contacting you end of August for further advice. Thank you for the exceptional reading. Blessings to you. Xxx

M From Australia On 01/08/2018


What can I say everything you have said has made sense... I just hope everything goes to plan and I know it will cause me and him are meant to be together...

G From West Midlands On 25/06/2018

The Best!!

Amazing reader xx

Michelle From On 03/06/2018


Great your back on trusted... had a great reading with yourself... really hard to get hold of you... that’s the only frustrating thing... But you have been consistent and also some of your predictions came to pass.

G From West Midlands On 19/05/2018

A Plus

Amazing A

Alex From Melbourne On 18/05/2018


What an amazing reader but where has she gone. Very rare and amazing reader. So accurate and in depth. Please come back soon x

Susan From London On 17/05/2018

Gods gift

Sorry it cut out. I’ll keep you posted on the outcome all I can say you read my mind , and how I was feeling just wow please stay online so I can keep getting readings from you xx gods gift

Jasmine From Sydney On 27/03/2018

Wow you’re truly gifted

You’re truly gifted I didn’t have to say You knew what I was thinking and what was going on sorry it cut out I’ll let you know the out come 100% but please keep coming online you’re truly amazing xx gods gift

Jasmine From Sydney On 27/03/2018


Labihah certain things we spoken about was spot on. I can’t wait to speak and go in depth about it .... I will keep an eye out for you on here....

A. From United Kingdom On 20/03/2018


Labihah you never disappointed me ... every reading with you has been consistent! You are always very kind and compassionate ... Gave me great advice on how to deal with my situation hence why i feel a lot more positive ... Just can’t wait for predictions to unfold ....

From On 16/03/2018

Simply the best

I left the first ever review for this lady over two years ago , and boy I could have kicked myself because in that time , I only got to speak to her another two times .. yesterday was one of them and I kept her on the line for as long as I needed (well over an hour) she is so frigging amazing it's unreal ... she is one of the best readers anywhere , and I thank god , I managed to get hold of her , because I'm not as confused any more :)

Claire From london On 24/02/2018


Thank you for the read you did for me today. We got cut off unexpectedly and I had more time, but could not get back to you. You touched on so many things and saw all the underlying things going on in my relationship. Very in depth. I feel battle worn and somewhat overwhelmed at all the obstacles and opposition. So thank you for your prayers. Please don't forget me. I need all the spiritual help I can get....

-W From London On 20/02/2018

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Psychic Reader Nina
NinaPIN : 7423 Call : 0904 007 0202
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With the Divines blessing I have been gifted to do tarot reading. I am always looking to improve by assisting people throughout all walks of life in order to get better and better. In order to keep doing this I do practice mediation which I believe has enlightened me to take this path. I also do one to one readings with family and friends. PIN: 7423
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Psychic Reader Madame Abra
Madame AbraPIN : 8641 Call : 0904 007 0202
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I am a highly perceptive individual who often has premonitions. I read tarot, runes, the ogham and witch runes. I have been reading tarot since the age of 8 years old to family and friends and have offered this service to friends of friends all my life since then. That's 43 years of experience. I can offer callers a non judgemental, caring and professional reading. I can offer insight and assistance to callers finding personal clarity. PIN: 8641
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Busy For 20 Minutes
Psychic Reader Michele
MichelePIN : 5831 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
I would define my spiritual abilities as a psychic medium angel card reader with over 14 year’s experience. I can offer my valued callers clarity, insight and a sense of comfort. Through reading angel cards and my psychic ability, I can give my callers an in depth reading especially in areas such as relationships, careers and family issues. I first became aware of my gift as a child. Through circle meeting and participating in demonstration’s, I am now known as an international medium. PIN: 5831
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Logged Off
Psychic Reader Hayley
HayleyPIN : 1200 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
I am a naturally gifted psychic medium with over ten years of experience. I am clairaudient/clairsentience which means I hear spirit and able to sense their presence. My speciality is problems of the heart. But I can also assist with relationships, career and financial affairs. I can tune into names and give valuable information that can help you move forward with your life. I am down to earth and ready to give you a reading now. PIN: 1200
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