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Thank you so much!

We got cut off but thank you so much for answering my questions and giving me advices and suggestions to be stronger. I’ll remember them for life. Will definitely call you in future.

anuska From London On 13/03/2019

Really nice guy , really was in tune with what was going on and giving me advice that I needed to hear , will definitely call him back xxxx

Peggy From UK On 06/02/2019

So uplifting!

Mystic you’re a gifted psychic with the biggest heart

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 03/10/2018


This guy is the real deal!

Mary From London On 01/08/2018


Mystic G picked up on my situation without me telling him too much. One of the best psychics on here. Thank you

From On 27/06/2018

good connection

Tapped in well and gave me a good understanding of how things are standing. Many thanks.

Lyn From P On 05/06/2018

Spot on xxx

Truly brilliant ... knows his stuff .. defiantly will be calling again ... x.t.x

From On 18/04/2018


Mystic G Has a wealth of knowledge to offer with compassion and energy . I felt so much better for the reading and connection he gave me with guidance for the future ahead Thankyou J

J From Midlands On 25/01/2018

Top reader

Helped me make an important decision which I was struggling with.

Sue From West Midlands On 04/01/2018

Cool bloke

Great bloke to talk to knows his stuff from the start but also a good bloke to unburden to and it felt easy getting things off my chest. I do find it hard to call him Mystic G but thats my only issue as his guidance was exactly what I needed to hear. ALL THE BEST MATE

Bret From Mottingham On 29/11/2017

clear & concise

thank you for the lovely reading. Mystic G is a clear and concise reader, and you'll be getting your money's worth. If you are needing direction in love, life, or career, Mystic G is the reader for you.

Sonya From Victoria On 18/11/2017


Have to admit I was connected to MYSTIC G by mistake but it was worth it!!!! He hit everything on the nail 100%. Call him.I promise U..U will not regret it !!

Gwen From New Orleans On 15/10/2017

Let's see

Felt a bit hurried. nice chap. Hope predictions come true. Detailed info went quick into the reading but dunno was he making it up or a genius? Guess time will tell. Thanks for the tips as well some good advice though and wise man.

Me From Mill hill On 07/09/2017

Worst reading ever

I had a reading from him just a few days ago - with good news - today however, it was totally the opposite, both readings were not consistent and I felt he just waffled on. Never again.

L From London On 26/07/2017

very good reader!

mystic G amazing reading thank you, you've helped me through so much lately truly a great reader and great advise will be calling you back very soon xx

Jasmine From Manchester` On 12/07/2017


Total guesswork and unrelated to what you need to know. Lots of nonsense talk to increase spending. Avoid!!!

A From Uk On 02/04/2017


Good guy, Spot on. Picks up on everything without saying a word! He remembered me from a previous call to him some time back and I didn't even tell him haha he just knew! He knows his stuff xx. Thanks mystic. Sorry it took so long to leave a review! I've been a busy girl.

Maddy From Australia On 08/03/2017

mystic g

came across very good most helpfull, I will ring him again, thank you

marcus From lincolnshire On 20/02/2017

Wow Mystic G

Thank you for getting to the heart of the matter, picked up on the issues straight away. Love the guidance for my way forward and needless to say I will be following your advice. Thank you

Funmi From London On 20/02/2017

Love reading

very good I will ring you again thought you were well tuned in to my circumstances. really enjoyed our conversation it all made sense. thank you Mystic G. Best Wishes

Marcus From Lincolnshire On 06/02/2017

What can I say

No idea what is going on about gives lots of general advice and just makes it up !!!!!

Tracey From Warwick On 06/02/2017

Thank you

Hi This is my second time trying to leave a review. Mystic G picked up my situation straight away and understood all the characters involved including mine. It was refreshing and positive. Thank you for a super reading again

Shabs From Birmingham On 04/02/2017


Mystic G Is honest and open. He says how he sees everything and offers sound advise. I would definitely recommend him. He picks up on people quickly and their characteristics to guide you to see what could lie ahead.

Shab From Birmingham On 03/02/2017

Thank you

Thank you Mystic G for helping me get my life back on track. The reading was indepth, honest, very precise and fair. After the reading i felt refreshed and had a new lease of life. Thank you for your support. I will definitely be calling back.

Sandeep From Berkshire On 02/02/2017

Spot On

Loved my reading with Mystic G he made me feel at easy while giving me a reading . He cleared all my doubts in regard to my relationship with my current boyfriend how he manipulate me through his sweet talks and his childish behavior and its true how his friends controls him and does what they tell him to do which makes me mad when we are together enjoying our moments . So Mystic G spot on like he was seeing through an open window and and in relation to work . So l am very happy with the solution he gave me and will take it on and see how it goes . Waiting for my new prince charming he predicted l will be meeting soon and compare between the two . I would recommend him to anyone who wants a good friendly reading and clear doubts in there lives . Definitely l will keep him posted on whats new in my live and any future help I need from Mystic G . God Bless Mystic G your are a true friend who doesnt sugar coat his words . Talk soon

Anisa 28 From London On 01/02/2017


I just loved my reading lots of detail really helped me sort out how to move forward

Emma From Belfast On 26/01/2017

Completely ruined my day on what was clearly guesswork. I've had many readings before and on that subject. Was completely off the mark in what he was saying with such conviction it was upsetting.

From On 31/12/2016

Had a reading it was ok dont think we were on the same page tho but thank you for the reading anyway.

From On 29/12/2016

Pleasantly surprised

I turned to mystic G at a very low point. I wasn't expecting much at first but he really did surprise me giving me so much accurate information He also gave me some practical advice too which was well worth taking

Anya From London On 13/11/2016

Super wise

So on the same level, great practical advise, complete genuine soul, highly recommended!

Amrit From UK On 25/10/2016

Spot on

So accurate fab reading very indepth and honest gave me some brilliant predictions will update when they come true

Sukhi From Midlands On 11/10/2016

Thank you for a lovely reading. Spot on and accurate. Sorry the minutes fot cut off; just when the reading started to get even better.

Amreeta From sydney Australia On 16/09/2016

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