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Taz - 1311

I have ten years experience reading in all different areas including love, life, employment, family, breakups and anything you wish to talk about. I can offer psychic advice, non judgemental readings and a listening ear for anything that may be troubling you. I promise that I will not rush you and that I am here for you. PIN: 1311



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Taz - 1311

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Got the job

I got a job in the time frame Taz predicted. The lady who interviewed me fits the description of the lady you told me about, including her name which was correct. I start next week. Such good news. Thank you Taz. You are the real deal. Xx

L From Australia On 08/02/2019

Entertaining read

I’ve had several readings over the past yeae with Tax. Shes entertaining and to the point. She picked up issues around me at the time. She picked up my miscarriage, low in calcium and iron and that I was frustrated in my role. She predicted changes would happen in nov but still nothing :(. Living in hope timing still to happen

Predictions haven’t happened yet sadly From Aus On 07/02/2019


You're amazing!! Precise and accurate. Taz was straight to the point, tuned in instantly and very honest. Thank you Taz.

Amanda From Australia On 27/01/2019


This is my second review. Taz put my mind to rest. She uplifts you and makes you understand the circumstances. She gives her best to you. I highly recommend her.

Frances From Australia On 23/01/2019

Straight to the point

I’ve had a few readings with Taz, she’s accurate and insightful and good at picking up other people’s energies. She doesn’t sugar coat and tell you what you want to hear she will tell you how it is. Great reader x

Marie From Kent On 09/01/2019

Very good indeed

Thank you for sharing what lies ahead. I feel better equipped to deal with it and will now be better informed to make the right decision.

Libran From Aus On 02/01/2019

Are you kidding? WOW

Thank you so much Taz. You are amazing! Sorry I ran out of credit but will call again. Taz told me things she could not possibly know. She is brilliant. A truly, gifted psychic who tells the truth. God bless you Taz. Xo

Marie From Australia On 30/12/2018


She is like pick up things just with my name wow wow wow She told me stuff I don't even tell anyone because i think they judge me wow she is awesome

Z. I From England On 21/12/2018

Honest & accurate

I’ve spoken to this lady several times. She connects immediately and is straightforward, honest and accurate. She has always been clear and concise answering the questions I have asked. Highly recommend her. Thanks Taz

S M From England On 20/12/2018

Lovely lady

Such a down to earth lady. Really calmed me down and made me feel reassured that everything is going to be okay. Lovely lady xxxx

Kim From Bedford On 17/12/2018

Excellent as always.

Excellent reading and chat as always. Hope you have a lovely Xmas Taz.

From Australia On 11/12/2018

Very good

She is very good and to the point. Never sugarcoat things. She told me something and without days the event took place. Love her. Jay

From On 08/12/2018

You were the only reader who was right!

Taz, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I had thousands of readings who told me that s certain person was coming back. You were the only one who said he wouldn’t and I would meet a guy who you described to a T. I didn’t believe you and hung up. I met this guy 2 months ago now and the other guy never did come back. Thank you again for my reading just now with some more advice and a prediction. Love and light xx

Charlotte From London On 24/11/2018


Taz gave me a reading that touched my soul. She is a real psychic. She gave me insight into something that was bothering me. Thank you Taz xxxx

Frances From Australia On 24/11/2018

Blunt and to the point but Accurate and hilariously funny

Taz picked up immediately on a complex love triangle that I am involved with and unlike other psychics who have all said it would work out, Taz told me the brutal truth. I have spoken to the best, Charlie, Demi etc but Taz told me things that rang so true so much so that I believe her. Although he does love me (with no shadow of a doubt) according to Taz, he will never leave her so as hard as it is, I must move on. She also picked up things that were going on in work and I knew exactly who she meant - OMG, did she make me laugh! Taz mentioned names and described people in work to a T and told me exactly who to watch for and what would develop shortly. She is the real deal and don't think I will phone anybody else but her from now on...Although it wasn't what I wanted to hear, I will no longer waste my time on someone who is unavailable no matter what his feelings are for me...Action speaks louder than words, every time...Thank you Taz for making me laugh out loud and thanks too for the clarity x

Caroline From London On 09/11/2018

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