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Thanks Scarlett for the lovely chat and reading. I look forward to confirming if and when the predictions come true. Lovely talking to you, and don’t forget the twister mat and shot glasses :) xx

Leighton. From Brighton On 25/03/2019


Tunes in well!

Sg From Uk On 25/03/2019

Another prediction case true

Spot on again! Wonderful

Hela From On 04/03/2019

One prediction came true

Prediction came true. Really nice women to speak too. Thank you xx

Lana From On 20/02/2019


Brilliant reader, to the point and very concise. Thank you

From On 02/02/2019

Very good

Really good reader. thank you xx

joanna From Leeds On 31/01/2019

Absolutely Fabulous

Thank you Scarlett, You are such a lovely gifted person. Massive hugs xxx

From On 27/11/2018


Scarlett we spoke not too long ago.. I ran out of minutes but you gave me an amazing reading! Spot on! Will wait for your predictions to pass thank you xx

SAF From London On 25/11/2018


Scarlett is amazing! She got straight to it and I'll be hanging in there and seeing what happens. Lovely lady and very honest. Good luck for Christmas. I'll be back. Cat

Cat From Hertfordshire On 23/11/2018

Twin Flames

Brilliant reading - thanks so much. This lady knows her stuff about real Twin Flames and how rare and how hard they are. She is quick, efficient and highly recommend. x

From SCOTLAND On 12/11/2018


Thank you so much for my reading it will be interesting to see the changes to come. I'm sorry I lost connection at the end and lost signal but will come back soon.

Lisa From Nottingham On 08/10/2018

soul mates

wow Scarlett picked up straight away I meet a soul mate and understood exactly how crazy it can make you feel . calmed down and helped me understand the situation more clearly from both side thank you so much will try and get back and let you know how things went 29/09/2018

Fiona From West Yorkshire On 30/09/2018

Ex Aly

Sorry Scarlett I ran out of mins just wanted to say thank you so much!!! I feel a lot more relieved you was lovely warm and kind to speak too I will definitely be calling again God bless you xxxxx

A From On 29/09/2018

xxxThank youxxx

I spoke to Scarlett in the new year, and again Scarlett just listened and it was like talking to a true friend. Scarlett is beautiful lady to talk to too and will truly understand your situation. LOL to the bull dogs. take care, bless you in love and light

Simon From A very hot place On 14/09/2018

Loved her !!

Sorry we got cut off but I absolutely loved Scarlett ! She picked up on everything. Not really into tarot cards but she was spot on and I enjoyed it! I loved how caring and sweet she was . Gave me so much advice xxx

D From London On 12/09/2018

Twin Flame Connection

Scarlett!! You are indeed a light worker. I thank the universe that we connected. Will let you know about my twin in a month's time! I AM the magician and I will manifest what I wish. Love and light.

Joy From UK On 24/05/2018

General read


CONNIE From Doncaster On 23/05/2018

She was amazing gave such an accurate and insightful reading. I have never had such a good experience before.

From London On 11/05/2018

good honest reading

Honest and to the point. Thank you.

wini From UK On 08/05/2018

Very Good in depth reading

Very Good in depth reading. Understanding of the situation and non judgemental. Right now I see myself knocking him on the head with a rolling pin 'cause of all the frustration... but will visualise him getting his papers instead! Thanks for putting things straight.

Wini From uk On 11/04/2018

Thank yiu

Amazing Scarlett, thank you

Claire From Edinburgh On 21/03/2018

Tarot/LOA queen x

Wow! Amazing!! So pleased we connected! I will call back, loved our lil chat! LOA all the way! You’ve made me feel so calm and positive and to put out what I deserve! I’m sure he’ll be back like you said. But more importantly Scarlett you hit the nail on the head for all! So sorry we got cut off. Can’t wait to speak to you soon! Zeta xxx

From On 12/03/2018

Spot on

Thank you Scarlet your an accurate gifted reader and spot on with all you told me . God Bless Helena x

Helena From North East UK On 09/03/2018

She's lovely

Scarlett is such a lovely person, she made me feel so much better, have spoken to different psychics all night and it is only after speaking to Scarlett I feel better and relaxed, thank you x x

From On 22/02/2018

Safe here real reader :)

Wow! Scarlett is really good, she had me sorted out within a matter of minutes. Bang on the money and such a lovely person. Thank you x

From SCOTLAND On 27/01/2018

brilliant again

amazing lady, thank you, got cut off, tried to get back, but could not reach you, thank you, amazing lady

simon From On 14/01/2018

So lovely

From On 04/01/2018

Really Good

Thanks Scarlett you're wonderful!

M From On 29/12/2017


Scarlett was really lovely to talk to and very accurate in what she told me. Felt very empowered and inspired by the end of the reading.

Ruth From UK On 23/12/2017

Spot on

Scarlet I'm so sorry I could not stay on longer . You are brilliant and genuine you helped me today and gave me strength I appreciate your insightful uplifting reading and will speak again soon . My two year Waite is coming to a happy ending thanks for the support . (and for you ) God Bless Helena xx. 18.12.17

Helena From North East UK On 18/12/2017

I love you

You are the best reader ever and I will loyally be your biggest fan forever! Every month I will call you xxx

Sarah From Australia On 15/12/2017

Long Talk Brilliant Recomended

Thank you Scarlett for listening, you helped me tremendously, on every level, totally understanding and a brilliant listener, you picked up on my current situation with out any knowledge, felt like talking to a true freind, 100% recommended. For some reason the phone cut off and i did try to get back, but could not reconnect, guess the phone line must have overheated (lol). LOL never got to asda. Hope fully i can get back some time. Take care, blessings in love and light.

Simon From On 01/12/2017

Unexpectedly bang on correct

I have very little info about my life and still she managed to tell me so much about me & my problem before I remotely even hinted to what I wanted a reading about and she already knew and answered everything I would've asked her guidance with, that's without me saying a word!

Sara From Toxteth On 16/11/2017


Very good. Picked up on everything that deep down i know is true but am impatient. Its hard. Hope your predictions come through

S From . .. On 08/10/2017

Such a beautiful reading

Scarlett!! So sorry we got cut off and I tried to get you again. Thanks so much for all your help! Scarlett is amazing! Her prediction for my man coming back has totally come true! I cannot wait for the next predictions to come true too xxx lots and lots of love honey, talk soon! xx

P From London On 24/09/2017


Very nice to talk to and spot on Highly recommended Thankyou Scarlett x

A From London On 20/09/2017

Excellent reader

This lady is exceptionally gifted and I think I will be coming back again for readings

Lynn From Brighton On 09/09/2017


This lady is brilliant! My birthday twin haha thank you Scarlett for a fantastic reading!! You picked up on so much I couldn't believe it! She picked up on my ex immediately and all of his traits, she was spot on about absolutely loads! She will soon be busy!! Give her a try! And she is such a nice lady too :) Thank you again Scarlett I will be back soon xxxxx

Leanne From UK On 08/09/2017

Thank you

Scarlett helped me see the truth of a matter that I couldn't see clearly with. The fog lifted and my fear disappeared.

N From Sydney On 08/09/2017

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