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Beautiful lady

What a gifted lady, thank you

Saw From OZ On 01/02/2019


I’ve had 4 readings with Janine in the last 6 months and they have been incredibly accurate. She is truly gifted, insightful and so understanding and reassuring. Thank you my angel

Lucy From Oxford On 24/01/2019

I'm not sure why Janine doesn't get that may reviews, i have had readings from her in regards to a particular person and my goodness, most of the things she said have happened exactly as she said they would

From On 18/01/2019

Had my second readn ysty wth janine and every card was same as last readn and every word she said was exactly the same also... such a good reader.. ❤

From On 11/01/2019

Wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!

What an amazing and lovely lady. No repetition, honest and extremely warm.. Loved my reading! Thank you so much Janine. You have a true gift.

Sandra From UK On 14/12/2018


This lady is phenomenal, I've had multiple readings with her and she keeps getting better and better! Shocking how she picks up on words that have been said in the past. Leaves me Gobsmacked every time. Truly looking so see how the next two weeks play out!

From AU On 16/11/2018

Just phenominal - amazing!!

Thank you Janine for the incredible reading which I SOOOO needed at this time. You outlined the situation all based on a couple of cards, and tapped in incredibly deeply explaining how things will unfold. Given what others have told me over time - I do believe that you are 100% on the mark and truly appreciate your clarity and ability to tap in so well. Thank you.

Lyn From o/s On 31/10/2018


Janine hit it on the nose without information from me, only names given

Miss Hawaii From Virginia On 19/10/2018


This lady is truly gifted, Spoken to her twice and gave the same reading without changing a single word. Amazingly Spot on. Made predictions for end of September which is in line with other top readers. I will post when it comes to fruition. Blessings to you. Xx

Anonymous From Australia On 15/09/2018


Very accurate. Genuine reader. Picked up on what I asked immediately and accurately. In depth reading that helped my confusion. Thank you xx

Emma From Scotland On 13/09/2018

Thank you

Thank you so much for my reading, truly amazing

Claire From Edinburgh On 11/09/2018

General reading

A very understanding and softly spoken lady. She was able to tune in quickly and helped me to put things into propective. Great connection.. looking forward to her predictions.

Juliet From London On 23/08/2018


I just got off the phone to janine and I loved how freely she spoke of the situation. She described the guy in question down to a T and also myself. I can't wait for the predictions to happen I am so excited. I really enjoyed talking to janine felt like I could of spoken for hours. It flowed so well. Thank you so much again. Xxx

V From London On 14/08/2018


I just got off the phone to janine and I loved how freely she spoke of the situation. She described the guy in question down to a T and also myself. I can't wait for the predictions to happen I am so excited. I really enjoyed talking to janine felt like I could of spoken for hours. It flowed so well. Thank you so much again. Xxx

V From London On 14/08/2018


Janine I've spoken to you yesterday and you amaze me with your outstanding and detailed reading. You were so accurate about the situation, I cannot wait for all the predictions to come to pass. I will be calling you soon.

M From London On 02/08/2018

My angel!

Janine, you told me things about myself that I have kept buried for years..... I know there were lots of tears during my reading but the were of relief. I feel that I can finally start to move on and I will be regularly checking in with you - the strength and genuine warmth I felt from you has stayed with me and you are my angel

Ash From Oxford On 17/05/2018


Janine, thank you for your wonderful reading in February - I made notes and so far all that you saw for me is happening exactly as you saw. My problem at work has literally disappeared, I had news of my move in the same week that you predicted, and my father has been in touch is week after 2 years of no contact - when you saw this happening I didn’t believe it - and yet we are planning to meet at the end of the month!!! Thank you Janine, I’ll be calling again very soon. Bless you!

Hannah From London On 13/05/2018


Straight into my situation, was so spot on it was scary! Gave me predictions for the next 6 weeks. Thank you

Claire From Falkirk On 05/05/2018

Thank you so much!

I called Janine in January for a card and psychic reading. I was confused about so many aspects in my life and without telling her what was going on, janine picked up on many of my worries. She saw what would be the next stages and outcome in my relationship and also told me what would be happening with work.... Firstly, the job predictions have worked out EXACTLY as she told me they would! And so far, what she saw in my relationship has happened. My wife contacted me that week and just as Janine told me, she wanted us to get back together - something I was giving up hope on! I thought I had lost my wife but we are communicating and working on our relationship and I finally feel like we have a future. This is the first time I’ve left a review, but felt that Janine deserves 5 out of 5 stars and a massive thank you!

Ross From Manchester On 21/04/2018


Spot on reading from this lovely lady. She picked up on so much without me giving her details. She knew about my new job and recent problems within my family. Very kind and insightful with no judgements on my complicated relationship issues!

Sara From London On 18/03/2018

General reading

Janine, so so sorry we just got cut off mid sentence. Thank you for an honest grounded reading for the year ahead. You are such a lovely kind person, non judgemental. I'm glad I was drawn to you for a reading. Best wishes. T

T From Wales On 10/03/2018


Thank u so much for lovely reading this morning. It was amazing. Looking forward to predictions materialising. Please have a reading with Janine she will disappoint. Love n Light K xxx

Karen From Durham On 14/01/2018

Good Psychic

I always feel reassured when a reader can pick up the situation without you saying anything (unless you want to). She gave an accurate description of the going ons around work and love. Picked up on a connection with someone else and said a lot inline with other readers. wanted to top up but put in the wrong details (sad times).

From On 14/01/2018

True gift

She is amazing truly one of the best. i decided to chose spirit instead of cards and she was able to shed clarity on a very complex situation. She is truly gifted and has now moved to my top faves list with Sadie, Linda, Chloe, Maria, Barbara, Susan 2685 and Maria 3693.

amazed From UK On 06/01/2018

Amazing accurate reading. Lovely lady

Mandy From Cheshire On 03/01/2018

True psychic

truly gifted and dont need to tell her anything. spot on and looked for me in spirit and she gave me some advice.

T From UK On 03/01/2018


Janine is so lovely and was able to see everything in depth. She helped me to reignite my faith by explaining in detail how the situation will work out. Thank you for helping me Janine.

Karen From On 27/12/2017


Thankyou so much for an amazing reading. Will be sure to call with news soon! Deb xo

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 23/12/2017

Lovely reader

I really enjoyed my reading with this lady. I would definitely recommend Janine. Very consistent and honest and I cannot wait for all the predications to come to pass. :)

Miss Palmer From East Midlands, UK On 22/12/2017

Awesome Reading SPOT ON READING

Hi Janine Thank you for the reading today you were spot on.. you made my day. Sorry the line cut off. But I will definitely be speaking to you again. Godbless Thank you Gia

Gia From Melb Australia On 19/12/2017

Thank you

Great reading and alot of detail and what a lovely person. Sorry I ran out of minute's and thank you.

Dorothy From On 15/12/2017


Let first start off by saying WOW ! I just had an hour long reading with this amazing caring lady and let me tell you she was worth every penny ! My darling you have a gift from god there's no doubt about that you deserve so much recognition for the work and healing you do. You firstly started off by given me a choice to read tarot or connect psychic I choose psychic and without any questions you picked up everything that's was going on around me and I mean EVERYTHING ! There was not one thing you had missed. You are by far the best reader on this site I connected with you so easily and it was such a pleasure talking to you I didn't want to hang up lol you have given me so much hope and courage for the future. I will keep you updated with my predictions as they come to pass. Love and light to you amazing women. God bless you xxxx

D. Xx From AUSTRALIA On 15/12/2017


Janine is one of a kind. She read for me without cards and absolutely blew my mind. Give her a call before she gets busy! Thanks Janine

Anon From Uk On 12/12/2017

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