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Amazing!! The BEST!

One of the best readings ever! Highly recommend and definitely will be back to share the great news. Thank you my beautiful angel, so glad I chose you. Was meant to be, so accurate and amazing I am speechless. Million stars *** Love and Blessings xxx

V From Australia On 12/03/2019


2hrs after our call i got the communication.

S From On 05/01/2019

Prediction happened

she said he would be in contact 2 months ago and he did today. we shall see if contact leads to anywhere now

From On 02/01/2019

Thank you

Excellent reader, accurate to my situation and helped me to see what was really going on, and to have a positive outlook to the future. I hope he comes back.

From On 30/12/2018

Had a reading last year May and her predictions very spot on and many of which came true. Has genuine abilities and would like to talk to her again soon! Love and light Shelley

D From London On 17/09/2018


Sorry Shelley i got cut off ran out of credit :( I will definitely call again! Thank you so much for the fab reading you made me feel a lot more confident. You are lovely and kind to speak too :) God bless xxxx

Anam From On 11/09/2018

Cardigan man!

Thought I’d give you an update since we spoke. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like I’ll get my holiday with him, maybe you were right about me being too picky about his cardigan as it’s over. Enjoy your holiday xx

N From On 02/08/2018

Top reader

very good reading

Sue From Derbyshire On 30/05/2018

Very Good reading. Deep insight .

Got the details right. saw the situation accurately. would recommend.

Wini From London On 06/05/2018

Shattered glass lady

Hi Shelly thanks for the brilliant reading well worth a gamble

Stacey Louise jones From Anon On 04/05/2018

thank you

really good read will up date when it happens thanks huni love & lightx

debbie From Essex On 08/04/2018

Straight in to it, no questions asked

Shelley, you were amazing. You thought my name was Shell too. :) Shelley’s Reading was uncannily accurate. She described my situation and the reason we had split without asking me for a update. She also described things exactly as the man in question had said to me and how he was feeling and his fear of commitment and the exact reason without me saying it. Predicted contact in a couple of weeks and a commitment and a rekindling within a couple of months. I can’t wait to see if those predictions unfold. Eased my mind about my doubts. I do hope to be able to update you if predictions unfold. Loved my reading. Thank you so much. Five stars are an understatement, you deserve a 100. Keep up the good work. Love... from Sydney

Shal From Sydney On 07/04/2018

Love her

What can I say about Shelley, truly amazing. Spoken to her several times, gets my situation spot on, gives amazing insight and advice and has given me hope for a difficult situation. More like talking to a friend. Highly recommend this amazing lady ❤️

Claire From Edinburgh On 31/03/2018

great read

Many thanks, appreciate the reading - info is helpful in moving things forward.

Lynda From Perth On 09/03/2018


Sorry we got cut off, network here is a nightmare - But thank you for a very detailed reading - You are a very special lady :) xx

Claire From UK On 29/12/2017

Very insightful

Shelly matched my intuition. I was not in a great place she helped me. I hadn't eaten fir days and cried. She claryfied mu situation with ease and respect. I m not a fan of tarot as anyone can do. But with her spirits she was bang on. I can breathe once again. Sorry we got cut off. Love & Respect to you Shelly. My tears have stopped

Ggirl123 From West Midlands On 24/12/2017


I am so sorry i got cut off. I am gutted I have been waiting to talk to you for a while. Everything you were saying was spot on. I just hope I can get back through to you soon. Thank you.

Tara From Sussex On 20/12/2017

Really good reading. Shelly gave me good advice using her intuition and also messages she got from the spirit world. She is a lovely person, and would recommend her x

From On 01/12/2017

Fantastic lady . thank you so much shelley.i just the reading with her, shelley is talented lady and picked up things accurate it amazed me . excellent

freya From stafford On 23/11/2017


This women is amazing!!! She always makes you feel better thank you Shelley and sorry we got cut off. Xxx

Helanah Victoria From York On 21/11/2017

Lovely reading!

Thank you Shelly for an amazing reading .i am hearbrywith my current situation.i just hope your predictions come true .x

Karen From West Yorkshire On 29/10/2017


Amazing! Outstanding! Knew everything. Picked up names places situations. Connected with my grandmother. Thank you so much for your insight and predictions. What a lovely lady x

Del From SE England On 05/10/2017


Shelley is simply amazing! She has been saying for a good few months that the man in question will come back! Well, he is on his way back! I'm so happy. She even mentioned it will not be soon, back in June but mentioned September/October time! Well it's all come true in September! She so amazing, honestly! Thanks so much for being such a beautiful person and your help! Lots of love P.

P From London On 23/09/2017


Hi Shelley, thanks so much you reading, it was spot on. Very chilled reading. I will be calling again in the very near future, unfortunately time ran out. Recommendation is a must guys!

Shelley From England, Glasgow On 21/09/2017

Hello I had a fabulous reading from you but can't seem to find out when you are on line

Jc From Kent On 17/08/2017

Fabulous fantastic

I had a reading from shelley not so long ago she was so accurate and told me that my son and his partner would end up having a baby how wonderful its come true

Jayne From Kent On 08/08/2017

Such a good lady

Thank you so much Shelley. You are amazing! Sorry we got cut off.

Helanah From York On 04/08/2017


Just amazing she picked up on my situation straight away and was a fantastic reading thank you Shelly

J From Uk On 29/07/2017


This lady is amazing and picked up on my situation straight away with very little information thankyou so much Shelly it has help me see a light at last

J From UK On 29/07/2017

Amazing Spirit

Honest and caring and on point about my relationship. Gave me really great insight and helped me feel calm about what is ahead of me. I love that she is so honest and would tell me if she felt I should move on. I will be back to update her predictions of the months to come! xoxo

B From USA On 27/07/2017

Thank you

Shelly thank you for my reading. I'm sorry I cried a lot. The reading was so wonderful. Thank you for caring beautiful nature while going the reading and mostly thank you for your honesty. Will speak soon.

Dorothy From North Yorkshire On 26/07/2017

Ahh Shelley so sorry I got cut off. I tried to reconnect but you were busy x thanks so much u were spot on xx

R From On 12/07/2017


She really got right!Loud and clear. I am impressed the reading was consistent and she's described the whole scenario as clear as if I actually told her myself.Shes is a good laugh,I enjoyed very much.Thank you⭐️

From On 30/06/2017


Absolutely amazing reading thankyou so much Helena 28.06.17. X

Helena From North East UK On 28/06/2017

Absolutely the best.

The Best. Do not need anything more to say.

Kate From London On 25/06/2017


Readings consistent accurate and realistic waiting for predictions but sounds spot on

Ss From On 18/06/2017


Positive, uplifting and above all accurate. Was able to read the situation perfectly and truly made my day. Would definitely recommend! Thank you!

K From `UK On 17/06/2017

Splendid reader

What she was saying resonated deeply and she had good advice too. Not the pop psychology that some deliver but true wisdom and insight. Thanks for putting your all into my reading tonight. A good reader in my opinion leaves you feeling safe, understood and calmer. And chatting to her did all of this. I hope to update you about my son and live life again sometime :)

From On 07/06/2017

Reassuring and Kind Lady !

She is very thorough and understands situations very well... she is gifted and doesnt show off.. unassuming ...highly recommended


Excellent Reading

I luckily got put through to shelly today, she gave me a very indepth reading and she is one of the best here. I have a very good connection with her and she explained everything very quickly past, Present & Future Thank you Shelly L& L Mxxx

Mxx From London On 17/02/2017

Not good

She ask you for info, not good at all

Bibi From London On 31/01/2017

Nice lady

Great reading Shelley. Spot on the accuracy. Some predictions have come true. Waiting for rest to unfold. Exiciting times ahead.

Evie From London On 27/01/2017

100 stars

Spoke to shelley tonight again and just wanted to say wat a woman,its like she turned over a page in a book it all followed suit.Everything spot on and some of the predictions have come to light. Shelley is the to call if you need a helping hand thanks alot shelley will call again soon xxx

Maurizio From On 22/01/2017

What a great lass to talk to. Really lifted me up, so funny, made me laugh, but spot on. Still a waiting game but confirmed what others have told me. Give her a call, she's fab, funny & fast with her readings.

Carl From On 28/09/2016


She knows. By the time the call was ending I was in a much better place. Like talking to a friend. Thank you.

vonnie From london On 21/08/2016


I got through to Shelley by accident but I'm glad I did! Shelley is so easy to talk to and she picked up on past and present situations from the get go. She is insightful and encouraging and I couldn't have asked for a better reading- she has really put my mind at ease!! Will definitely be speaking to her in the future.

Terry From London On 20/07/2016

Spot on Accuracy

From the word go Shelley was warm, insightful and gave me an insight to my present from her intuitive reading of my past which has guided my future. She was bubbly and also empathised with my circumstances Didn't want the reading to end ! She threw in some timings in, the first based on what was going on around me now Highly recommended!

Nadine From South London On 19/07/2016

After many daughting situations shelley has shown me what i have in front of me ...me reading was incredable and im due and still waitng lol to be a dad with the most beautiful lady in the world ...im getting married and having her babies and we havent been on a date yet ! Tomorrow is the day ...skies the limit ! Thanks shelley thank god your married lol your the best !

Vinny From Peterborougho On 19/07/2016


This lady helped me overcome several problems i was going through by giving me clear insight and understanding she also helped me through a very messy relationship then divorce i dont think i would have got through it with her guidance and care - Thank you so much - Bless'd Be

Dee Dee From South Hampton On 15/07/2016

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