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Honest Down to Earth

Thanks Sandy and Theo really needed to hear that today. You are spot on as always much love x

Jane From London On 22/05/2021

reassuring and accurate

felt reassured regards outcome and way ahead ina new relationship, yet appreciate it wax the reality. Things to go through and deal with before the desired outcome arrives. Thanks Sandy and Theo. Victoria x

Victoria From London On 10/05/2021

Felt better

I was very upset, and I’m feeling much better now for the confirmation in my life. Sandy was very down to earth and the time flew by quickly.

Kerresha From Dunstable On 25/04/2021

Sandy is a amazing reader

sandy. You are a amazing reader. You pick up everything and deliver with respect and integrity. You are no. Judgemental and clear in your message. You don not impinge your personal views. You are outstanding. Thankyou for your guidance I trust a handful of people. You are one of the top readers on here. Xxx

A From Uk On 24/03/2021


I had a reading with Sandy about 6 months ago and wasn’t impressed. On reflection I feel we possibly didn’t connect as I was quite depressed at the time and we all know that blocks energy. Yesterday I had a reading via messenger. Wow!!!! Sandy and her guide Theo, immediately picked up on my POI, their initial and birth month. This was all in the first sentence!!!! All I’d asked was for a general relationship reading. Sandy delivered a lovely and honest reading and that’s all we can ask for. Thanks Sandy & Theo. Love and light x

Sarah From Uk On 21/03/2021


Thank you so much Sandy!! You were right!! Your prediction came absolutely true. I'm still in utter shock

Lorraine From On 02/03/2021

spot on

Wow, what can I say,was so accurate with work and got the name of my projects- hope the predictions come true - if so, be back thanks Sandy X

ANON From UK On 25/01/2021

Very clear

I really injoyed the reading,very nice lady and very accurate thank you my dear

Mac From Kent On 08/12/2020

Theo was right!

Dear Sandy, you and Theo were right all along. Just got the results and......I passsed!!! That cap will be thrown in the air like you said.

Joanna From U.K. On 19/11/2020

Great Connected Amazing XX

Connected straight away, Sandy says it how it really is. Maybe hard to hear but bang on straight xxxx

Kim From London On 14/11/2020


Had a few readings with Sandy, she has been accurate about POI, even affirmed a bold mood I was guided to make which paid off in the way she said it would. Thank you Sandy for your gift and insight. Highly recommended you to others ❤️

From On 16/10/2020

Sadly... contact prediction didn’t happen and this is the 2nd reading w Sandy.

From On 22/09/2020


I’m literally astounded this wonderful woman has not got more reviews. She has never steered me wrong, her advice is second to none and she is amazing. Defo worth a call

From Scotland On 17/09/2020

I adore sandy and theo

if you are lucky enough to come across sandy please do. I adore how her and theo work.. how she picks up on thinks and her honesty... even when I'm in a complete tearful mess sandy knew exactly what my deep down issue was and I feel reassured and less emotional... I would 1000000% recommend

Em From United Kingdom On 10/08/2020

Top Genuine Psychic on this planet

It’s hard to admit I spoke to half of the psychics on this site but Sandy is simply the No1 – her guide presents information in the most accurate way and no tarot can match it. I did not like first reading because it was negative and did not align with top readers but then her prediction about my partner came true word by word. The second reading was also qite hard to swallow but I believed and it came true. Out of 5 predictions 5 happened and now I know that she is my only reader to go to.

Olga From Nottingham On 30/07/2020


I am SO, SO glad you’re back my lovely! Thank you for being so brilliant with me for almost three years, for always being right, for your patience with me. I trust you implicitly ( I tell you that!) and you’ve helped me more than I can ever explain. Love always, Sonya xxx

Sonya From Oxon On 13/07/2020


Sandy is amazing has always been honest with me and patient. In situations where things haven’t been good she hasn’t led me down the garden path. She has told me straight and I appreciate that. Many readers led me down a garden path which led me to stay in an abusive relationship a lot longer than I should have. Thank you so much.xx

V From Herts On 15/05/2020


Sandy picked up on things very soon into the reading, no questions were asked by her. Want another reading with this lovely lady but very hard to get hold of.

Linda From London On 26/03/2020

Not sure yet

I like sandy, she is honest in what she sees, unique and her readings are quite consistent, seems to know things too but unfortunately one of her predictions haven’t happened yet, in the time frame she gave me. Will update on any other of her predictions.

N From Uk On 22/03/2020

Thankyou Sandy 1609 Connected straight away

From Australia On 25/12/2019


Sandy is quite simply a wonderful reader. I trust her completely because in two years of regular readings, she has never led me astray or given me inaccurate information. I absolutely adore her.

S.M.O. From England On 21/11/2019


I’ve called Sandy so many tines lately she’ll be sick of hearing from me. She just knows it, she’s so spot on, tells you the honest truth and I don’t know what I would have five without her lately. She is a truly amazing lady, thank you so much

Claire From Scotland On 19/11/2019

Recommended Amazing

Thank you for the reading very accurate nice lady too xx love and light

Katerina From UK On 15/10/2019


I’ve called Sandy several times. She is truly amazing. Many of her predictions have come true

Claire From Edinburgh On 18/08/2019


Amazing as always. Thank you x

mandy From Cheshire On 28/03/2019

2 Consistent readings n spot on

Two consistent readings on different dates and was spot on on the character of the person I was inquiring about.. My best reader so far followed by Native Spirit and Isabella Rose.. I’ve tried others with rosy reviews but these top the list. They tell it as is and they don’t thenge their stories. 6******

Marry From London On 27/03/2019

Spot on

Sandy told me something last week.... Everything she told me has actually happened on the day she said it would. Her detail was amazing. I can't recommend her enough. Wonderful lady.

From On 05/02/2019

Kind and warm

Sandy was really kind and I would call again for a chat as she was so sweet. however, she did change her reading half way through the call when I provided extra details so I felt as though we didn't really have a connection to start off with.

From On 01/01/2019

Wonderful Reader

Thank you Sandy and Theo. How wonderful are you both. Spot on accurate.

From On 30/12/2018


Has read for me for nearly 2 years. Always honest, always accurate, works very much in the Now. Has never mislead me. She’s also a lovely lady x

Miss O’Connor From England On 28/12/2018

Wow extremely accurate

Spoken to a lot of psychic but she is very different. Her readings are very accurate as no other psychic picked that up.

Jay From London On 28/12/2018

Very good

Yet again amazing. Picked up everything. Hoping predictions unfold

S From ... On 29/10/2018


It was okay reading but none of the predictions come to pass.

M From London On 15/10/2018


Hi Sandy, you was right all a long, your predication come to pass, you made me laugh and you pick up things that I did't tell you about my work. you are lovely gifted gem keep the good work up and I will be in touch with soon All my blessing and warmth Regards Shabnam

shabnam From Bedfordshire On 06/09/2018


Just had a reading with Sandy. Without asking questions, except about what i would like to have a reading, she told me exactly my situation and accurately about the people involved. Hope her predictions will come true, which i do believe. Very kind lady with honest insight and tells you how it is. Very pleased. Thank You Sandy. Gwen

From On 05/09/2018


You gave me so much hope Sandy, I will update on predictions

RA From On 20/07/2018


You said i will have contact before the end of the week,I had yesterday,Thanks a lot

M From London On 10/07/2018

Quick, no questions, and accurate

Fantastic. Sandy has immediate insight with the use of her guide. Will certainly be in contact again. Sorry we suddenly got cut off - no 2 minute warning on this sight which would be useful!

jayne From kent uk On 23/06/2018

Fabulous reader

Thank you for the uplifting and positive reading. I'll take your advice and see what happens. :)

Lyn From P On 03/06/2018


Amazing reading. Gave me hope in what feels like an impossible situation. Was spot on in regards to my ex and I look forward to the contact with predicated. Such a lovely lady, thank you so much x

Claire From Edinburgh On 26/03/2018

You were right

Hi sandy i had a reading this morning and you said i would get a positive response if i text him as he was scared. I typed it and wasnt going to send until i seen the time was 11.11. You were right i got a positive response

From On 25/03/2018

worth her weight in gold

Lovely lady who I have been speaking to for a while. Her most recent predictions came true within 24 hours!! Honest and sincere. What would I do without you?? LA xxxx

From On 28/01/2018

Consistently excellent

I’ve many readings on this line over the last year & this lovely lady is always, always so good. She is passionate about getting the message across. She has described the people around me very accurately & in great detail. Her readings are consistently accurate, given with compassion & clarity. I adore her for her lovely, honest, open manner. And I am very grateful for all the guidance I have received from her & Theo. Just brilliant.

Sonya From Oxon On 27/01/2018


Thank you so much!!! I’ve had so many readings about a certain guy but nobody said what you told me. Already a prediction has already happened 2 days since our reading because of your advice. Will only take your advice and go forward how you have told me to if I want this man. Will come back in the new year! X

Charlotte From London On 31/12/2017


this lady knew who i spent christmas with also knew when my ex broke up with me ive never had a reading so specific highly recommend i found her amazing ,i wait for prediction than you so much for your help xx

emma From uk On 29/12/2017

An angel

Spot on .Thank you xxx

Johanna From London On 04/12/2017

excellant reader

Fantastic reading doesnt ask questions just gives honest insight she really helped me understand things. Thank you Sandy I will be back.

fran From frome On 04/12/2017

Thank you so much!! Recommend for sure

From On 04/09/2017

True Blessing!

Thank you for always being here for me...even when it's a tough and you feel you have to push me a bit...still providing hugs at the end. All will always be okay and your guidance is highly valued!!!

B From USA On 04/09/2017

Sandy. You and your guide are amazing 100 stars

Thank you thank you thank you you are amazing and have really helped me today. You and your guide are really 5 stars and your lovely to talk to too. Will definitely call again

Louisa From Essex On 25/08/2017

Thank you

A massive thank you from the bottom of my heart to dearest Sandy and Theo - for the precious reading and help. Will speak to you on Friday. You two are amazingly spot on.

kavita From London On 16/08/2017

5 STARS!!!!

Had a brilliant reading with sandy and Theo about a week ago just leaving a little message for you both.... everything we talked about has come to pass all i can say is a massive thank you, you've really helped me through a tough time xx

From On 20/07/2017


This lady makes stuff up as she goes. I asked her to look into my best friend and she told me that my best friend was holding a box and hiding something from, she just lost her grandma. She then told me that my work was steady and that no changes were happening. I am up for a promotion. Liars

Nun From On 30/06/2017

Thank you so much for you amazing reading

Very straight forward and spot on. She saw my ex around me without me saying anything and it is true we are best friends. Very good reader, you can tell that she is truly naturally gifted. Thank you again for reassuring me about work and everything else and sorry that we got cut off ... Blessings and love

Amal From London On 28/06/2017

Real deal

Hey sandy you were right about the guy and u sed he wud contact me very soon he did the nxt day in fact thnx

From On 23/06/2017

Incredible reader

Sandy brings great strength to her readings as everything she says comes very naturally.You either have the ability or you don't - sandy definitely has it. She told me about my situation without me telling her anything, that's what makes her credible. Very nice talking to you today, and you gave me food for thought. Take care

Simone From Basingstoke On 12/06/2017


Didnt even tell why i rang and u told me straight away about the reason and aura around me. Picked up on how i feel very well. Will let you know sandy. Did not ask much questions read v well

S From Ireland On 11/06/2017

She is fantastic

Honestly, I've become an expert in recognizing who is a great true psychic. Sandy is amazing....she picked up on my irregular case as if she knew all of it. Told me I haven't met the guy yet (which was spot on). I can not recommend her more!!!! She is worth even penny of the money you pay. Thank and and sorry my minutes ran off. X

Bibi From London On 09/06/2017


I'm amazed at Sandy's predictions when I was down an confused she lifted me up. I couldn't believe it when she predicted tit for tat, i'm shocked. I can't thank her enough and I will listen to her advice. I got cut off, but a lovely, lovely lady sent to help people in dire straits. Thank-you Sandy, your the best.

Charlene From London On 06/06/2017

What the???

I first talked to you on March 30, 2017, all I said to you was 'Hello' and immediately, without asking my name, you launched into telling me how there was a man I know who only had eyes for me and I didn't have to wait long and he'd be in my life. . . . fast forward to June 2, I ring for an update and now you are telling me that we might connect in the future, when? you don't know and that I shouldn't block other men out and wait for him. I knew when I first met this man that he is my soulmate. . . . you certainly know how to burst a girl's bubble. :(

Disillusioned From Australia On 03/06/2017

Just got off the phone with sandy.My God on astounded .She picked up quickly on my situation and couldn't have described it any better.She even knew my name without me telling her.

Rachel From On 22/05/2017

Hi Sandy and Theo, I rang you a few weeks ago and would just like to say you were spot on about my situation and my other half at the time and I would definitely recommend you for a reading! Also, I would like to thank you for helping me get back up and finally complete what I had started with my University course. Thank you for sharing your advice about your daughter and how she was experiencing the same thing. I am very humbled for you to share a personal experience and your words of encouragement were more than helpful in getting me back up to complete what I had started. Lots of love xx

From On 18/04/2017

Thank you!

Awesome reading. She asked no questions immediate picked up on what was going on with my relationship. I look forward to whats next.

TSmith From USA On 07/04/2017

Great Connection ! Astounding

She is awesome , amazing and we connect so well , she remembered me distinctly , which was complete shock for me.. outstanding reader , who cares bout her callers... she is genuine top pyschic reader.. thanks a lot



She picked situations really well ,and is amazing ... she is awesome she solved my problems instantly like magic... highly recommended



She picked situation quickly and solved my problems.. very intuitive and sharp.. gifted really happy with reading


5 star rating , fantastic and awesome s

She picked situation really fast , very good , and had great tme speaking to her.. hope to speak to u again .. thanks pranav



Got cut off for some reason will call back but thank you so much you and Theo are heaven sent. Spot on about everything will keep you informed

Jade From Bradford On 07/03/2017

Great! :)

This was my first time speaking to Sandy and I felt as though she picked up on the situations around me quite accurately. She was very caring and understanding. She gave me some great predictions to look forward too so I will definitely update when they do :)

E From Australia On 24/02/2017

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