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Hi Siren you were spot on with you reading in all areas of my life. Thank you for giving me the courage to act on leaving the past behind with M. I am now going to look forward please come online again soon. You are so gifted. Love and light - AngelicSoul (Sagittarius)

From On 06/03/2019

Spot on

Thank you for being clear and direct. You are a phenomenal reader. I’m truly appreciative of your candid and kind approach. You instantly picked up on the heart of the matter. I look forward to speaking again. I’m sorry we got cut off.

From On 05/02/2019


I've left a few reviews for siren, and she was accurate about everything, as the time has gone on I had a very hard journey where I had to live on the opposite side of the planet from the love of my life. It was pretty much a scenario that was impossible and just a dream... hadn't seen him for 2 and a half years and the chances of seeing him were so slim... even talking to him was rare because of circumstances I won't go into but none the less it seemed impossible... Siren predicted that he would come to me, That he would move here to be with me, that we would get married etc. she gave predictions of times he would call and it happened. Even though he was depressed and in a dark place he had seemed to pop up out of nowhere like she predicted... the love of my life jumped on a plane unexpectedly, Moved over here and married me just as she predicted... everything happened like she said. She told me to have faith and believe in him. And he was the best choice I ever made. Worth it. She was right. Every thing she said. I wanted to update you siren. I don't know if you remember me. But he came for me and put a ring on it. And he's here to stay. Despite everything. Thank you. Love maddy

Madison From Australia On 30/01/2019

Amazing Psychic!

Wow she’s calmed me down and now I’m not confused anymore! It’s a pleasure talking to You Siren! So accurate! Very compassionate and caring. Answered all my questions! Thank you for everything. Sorry we got cut off. Highly gifted and talented. Will call again! Best Wishes 23/1/ 2019

Isabel From London On 24/01/2019

Thank you

I was feeling lonely and upset about my situation thank you Siren Sloane for your kind,accurate and honest READING. Blessings on your wedding day.

E From Australia On 22/01/2019

Sees the big picture

Thank you Sloane! Awesome reading. A reader with advanced knowledge. So much better than others whom I've phoned here. Will be back!

Madeline R. From Australia On 22/01/2019

Siren is Gifted

Siren spoke of my family and she pin pointed the problems with accuracy. She spoke of my environment with accuracy. She was amazing. She also made predictions. I highly recommend a reading with Siren. Thank you.

frances From Australia On 19/12/2018


Thank you so much for your words of wisdom, for your insight and help. This was so on point and you were incredily caring and understanding. Something I really needed at the moment. Genuine and kind. Thank you ❤

From On 20/11/2018

Scary spot on!!

Reader was able to tap into the situation straight away and threw out some comments that was exactly said by my ex and knew exactly where I stand!! She was very adamant about her timing accuracy- will update!!

From Australia On 03/10/2018

So perceptive

I am a seeker. Siren has opened my eyes to where I really am in my life and the importance or not of other people, present and past, I have let become significant. Her reading is so on point and is helping me forge a new direction that I know will bring spiritual satisfaction and peace. Couldn’t ask for more.

Anna From Surbiton On 30/08/2018

Best reading so far!!! Amazing said exactly what I needed to know !!! This woman is gifted

Andrea From Melbourne On 04/07/2018

I had so many readings I thought so many were accurate until I spoke too this woman .. she said things to me that really helped me understand and remember my situation and other things totally on point

Andrea From Melbourne On 04/07/2018


She is the real deal from reader to reader she is excellent...

Andrea From Melbourne On 04/07/2018

FEEL @ crossroads

WELL what CAN I say... kept extending because she was sooo bang on...could not possibly do WITHOUT these lines or help these psychics give!!!LIVELINES IS really affordable and HELPS so many people but I digress ...Siren you are one of my faves and will be back again if I am lucky enough to connect with you ,,,described to a T my fella lol & relatives passed to spirit thanks Angel you have a rare gift..talk soon~

Janine J From DIDSBURY MANCHESTER UK On 05/04/2018


Siren Sloan 1645 gave me answers to a question that has been around for a while and now i know i can move on to the right kind future for my life making the right choice Thankyou siren you are truly gifted J Midlands

J From Midlands On 07/12/2017

thank you

Just wanted to say thank you for support and information. Ill stay strong and patient. God bless you

daniela From uk On 06/12/2017


Thankyou so much to siren giving me insight into my family connections that are from past generations .This opens up a new direction that i have felt many years in the making God Bless

J From Midlands On 24/10/2017


Had a reading with siren this morning she gave me insight into a difficult choice i had to make today which i didnt want to make due to certain influences but positive steps forward on my journey

J From Midlands On 11/10/2017


This lady gave me confidence to know i have made the right choice for myself at this time as i have gone through a testing and challenging time. Pointing me in the right direction and knowing my path will be strong and the right one for my future Thankyou Lovely Lady

J From Midlands On 11/10/2017


This mornings reading again as i have had past readings before with siren has been very eye opening with this lady giving me a new direction and path to think about that is part of my journey AMAZING GIFTED LADY

J From Midlands On 27/09/2017

Although her insight into current situation was good, the reading became her judgment on the situation. She seemed really negative about the man in my life and from there it was the suggestion that I must end it or else I'm a fool. Didn't enjoy that feeling from what is a complex situation.

From On 20/07/2017

Thank you

Thank you Siren for an amazing reading. I felt broken when I got on the phone to you but feel so much better since. I really feel like you got so much of what is going on with me and my partner and you've re-affirmed that I'm right in sticking with this. I'll definitely call you again. Anna xxx

Anna From London On 19/07/2017

Truthful reader

Finished my 3rd reading with Sloane she's absolutely on the mark everytime!i thought it was time to put a review in for her as shes amazing so down to earth she got everything right so far i would defiantly recommend her to anyone who has any problems as she's put clarity in my life.

Tom From London On 13/07/2017


Reading was great. Unfortunately got cut off - tried to get back again wasn't meant to be. Will talk again soon. She is accurate.

Elaine From Australia On 13/07/2017

Not sure

Kept saying what he has to do but after numerous times asking if he would she said he would in 4 mths time. Got the amount of children we have wrong. I really didnt come out of this reading with any useful information. I know myself what he needs to do!

S From Ireland On 12/07/2017

Very happy with my reading

I ami just got off the phone with Siren. She made predictions for the future concerning an x . She was honest about what I should be cautious about and gave me advice that I I knew was accurate. She has a natural ability the connection was good .... I felt that she could see into the future and was helping me as an advisor.i will write a review in the future . Thank you SIREN,,,,,give her a call ,,,,

Pascale From United States On 21/06/2017


Nice reading siren hope it is true, will be back in touch september

Carol From Sutton Coldfield On 06/06/2017

The best

Thank you Siren, it is like talking to a mate, made me feel heaps better about everything. Hugs xxx

Recent lass From Glasgow On 25/05/2017

5 stars!!

I can only say thank you, you put my mind at ease so much. You answered all of my questions and I can't believe how helpful u were xx

Lizzy From On 24/05/2017

Not the best

Unfortunately we didn't connect. She was a little abrupt at the start. Into the reading saying I would meet a man 11 years older, I'm not interested in a guy 54 years old. Also saying he will be willing to take on my family, implying I have young kids. When I said my only child is 23 and lives overseas, she changed it to, he would have to take on her kids. At that point I hung up.

Jenny From Australia On 24/05/2017


I need to call you! You were right again!

Madison From Aust On 22/05/2017


Had the worst reading ever I would most definitely not recommend this reader Very judgemental and arrogant !!!! What a shame

Sam From London On 18/05/2017


I enjoyed talking to Siren, she was quick and simply Amazing, She was 100% on point regarding my situation. Thank You. Many Blessings....

Cynthia From On 27/04/2017

Thank you x

Had my second reading with Siren today, wasn't even going to have a reading and then insecurities got the better of me and when I looked online to see which readers were available she was there and as my first reading was spot on I tried to get through to her and I had the luck to get thru. It was meant to be Siren is lovely so easy to speak to and is very in tune to the situation and believe me mine is complicated. While I was near the end of my reading he actually texted to say...love you xxxx... and I told Siren that he never does that while he's working so that in itself was validation that this relationship is worth waiting for. Thank you so much Siren you put my troubled mind at ease, will keep you updated...Debbie ( Taurus ) xx

Debbie From Stoke on Trent On 25/04/2017

Great Person

I enjoyed my reading with Siren, we got disconnected,but she was very in tuned and I will definitely be calling her back!

T. From GA On 04/04/2017

Guessssss whaaat!!?!

....you were riiiight! I had to be patient and it damn near killed me waiting.... but everything you said happened and I need to call you to tell you everything!

Madison From Australia On 30/03/2017


I have had several readings with Siren Sloan and she has always been very accurate. A very straight forward approach delivered in a compassionate and direct way. Siren has a warm and humorous nature which makes her readings a pleasure.

Simone From Channel Islands On 30/03/2017

Full moon ;)

My plant has grown like crazy.... I'll call you when I'm not poor and tell you everything! Xx.

Madison From Australia On 08/03/2017


Ran out of credit love chatting to you and fab reading no sugar coating will call again soon lots of love you're fabulous will update on the prawn mission:) x

Kerry From Uk On 22/02/2017


Always amazing and knows what's happening, what to expect, and always manages to bring me back down to earth. Siren is an amazing woman and you won't be disappointed. I promise you.

Madison From Australia On 17/02/2017

Pleasant eough to speak with...but.....

So basically we only have one Twin Flame in this life but this lady told me we have more than one and it's simply not true. Some of what she said about the man in question did resonate however. I'm pretty certain that what she told me, I will within 5 months time, would of met a man called Glen who is going to change my life forever. I can't and won't have another connection like the one I have now, nothing and no one compares. SIMPLES!

Nelson From Wiltshire On 14/02/2017

One word Amazing

Siren sloane is naturally gifted in this field, her advice is honest and to the point no sugar coating. Amazing clarity and an amazing reading full of great advice and support.

Lisa From Australia On 26/01/2017


Picked up on a lot - my phone signal cut out I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to say thank you! And I do hope your prediction comes true!

Chloe From Uk On 06/01/2017

Great help

Thank you for the great connection and good advice. I certainly hope your couple of days timing is correct and look forward to the results... Thanks a million.

Lynda From Perth On 05/01/2017

Excellent reader

Thank you Siren for a lovely reading. You picked up on so much in just seconds. Definitely very impressed with you and will be back to update you in the New Year to update you. Love and blessings xxx

Pamella From Milton Keynes On 28/12/2016

Like talking to a friend

I've had two readings with Siren now. I feel at ease with her like I'm talking to a mate. I can just be myself and have a chat. One of her predictions has come to pass...earlier than anticipated actually! She gave great advice and I think with taking this advice on board, the rest of her predictions will come true. She's down to earth and just herself. I'll call back now and again to keep you updated and maybe for some more advice down the track! ;-)

Amanda From Sydney On 22/09/2016

Lovely reader

Had a love reading today, Siren was accurate regarding my situation. Thank you for giving me hope and confidence for the future x

Sagittarius From On 27/06/2016

Today's reading

Believe the reviews Siren IS AMAZING. She picked up everything about my situation without me saying a word,I've had readings before but this was another level. She has empowered and given my mojo a boost. I'm also going to buy the book she's suggested as it might just help with my future business something else she picked up on plus the area of business I'm going into. Truly gifted ??????????????????????

Jennifer M From Chorleywood On 17/05/2016

the best ever

She read my cards, but really read between the lines and helped me figure out the root of my problems. Now i can fix them instead of just fixing the repeated consequences of those problems. truely the best she is.

brian From spain On 01/03/2016

Beautiful soul and immediate connection

Siren was in tune and was able to identify moving forward the past, present and future. She was able to set me moving forward on something I've always wanted to do and she gave me clarity on the situation regarding the man I love. She gave me confidence and a warm feeling to be patient and all my dreams will come true even better than I thought

Julie nash From Australia On 08/12/2015

Thank You for the reading!

I called Siren was worried and just had all the answers! And I am not worried anymore! She is very caring, and I feel she has a true ability to connect with people in higher levels. Her reading is worth the money! Recommended to anyone who has problems and cannot sort them out. Siren will! Thanks and I will call back anytime I need her help again! God bless You Siren!

Ieva From Birmingham On 20/10/2015

A true all rounder...

A true all rounder covered every concern I felt and passed on direct accurate information about my love life without sugar coating the facts and I appreciated the direct honesty which has really enabled me to leave the past behind me and continue on a different road without all the stress I had before. I would urge anyone looking for a genuine reading if you are prepared to hear the truth so you can make real choices which is what we all need.

Dawn From On 30/11/-0001

Lovely reading!

Thank you Siren for a lovely reading you picked up on so much..i will let you know what happens when it all unfolds.thank you again love and light karen xx

karen From Leeds,west yorks On 30/11/-0001

Readings with Siren

I've had a few readings with this lady. Her approach is very down to earth and she tells it like it is. She is to the point and has so much information to give. Much of what she said has already come true. So what she says will happen I'm sure

Lord of the Rings lady From London On 30/11/-0001

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