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Lovely, genuine, kind, caring, accurate and encouraging. No sugar coating. So glad i got through to you finally. Thank you x

Sg From Uk On 12/04/2019


Had reading with Rebecca yesterday had few just spot on every time such lovely lady too very good Pyschic thanks Rebecca talk soon xxxx

Debs From Scot On 17/03/2019


I love her! She just gets it. Gives you accurate insight and detail! Do not hesitate to give her a call because she’s one of the best on this site! Natasha

From On 28/01/2019

Simply Incredible

Rebecca is a truly gifted reader. She was incredibly accurate with the situation around my husbands work and the knock on effect that has happened as a result of it. I will continue with my positive outlook and keeping the mother in law in check (haha!) Thank you so so much Rebecca xx

From Lancs On 20/01/2019


She was so understanding. Spot on on what is currently happening. She didn’t give me false hope.

S From Uk On 05/01/2019

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for your beautiful reading I really appreciate it. You are so gifted, no doubt! So sorry we got cut off my mobile ran out of battery. Thank you! Blessings to you!

Susan From Australia On 16/12/2018

Just stunning! Mind blowing!

You've looked at my headline and probably thought, "well he's had a good reading." And you'd be wrong, I've just had an incredible reading, off the charts but not not necessarily all what i wanted to hear. How Rebecca knows what's going on is beyond me. She's definitely in some sort of inner circle! Rebecca, if you're reading this i asked you if you broke into my house and found out everything about me! Love you x

Ronnie From Berkshire On 31/10/2018

Very helpful

Thank you for insight into the work situation. I'll be prepared for the explosion Xmas New Year. Much appreciated.

Libran From Aus On 31/10/2018

Wow true psychic amazing reading

Thank you so much!!! You connected with me straight away and described the situation to the dot. Top reader for sure. Thank you for helping me feel so much better and see things clearer when I was feeling rock bottom. Thank you and bless you !!

Susan From Australia On 14/10/2018


Have spoken to Rebecca before and her readings are very consistent. Same as other readers like Phoenix and Susanna. Fingers crossed predictions come to pass. Lovely genuine lady. Thank you for giving me hope x

From Uk On 12/10/2018


Thank you Rebecca - I shall keep you updated - Lovely reading - thank you! xx

Claire From Cardiff On 02/10/2018

100% Accurate

Rebecca picked up on my situation straight away she got straight to the point and told me how it is. She saw things I didn't even say and I can be sceptical of card readers but she's the real deal. Thank you lovely.

N From Australia On 02/10/2018


Rebecca did not need prompting about my situation. She knew exactly what was happening. I will update you on in all your predictions. Unbelievable reading. Thank you.

M From London On 30/09/2018

Prediction !!!

I must say she is the only one who predicted the right timings.I have had countless readings about my situation but everyone was wrong about the contact coming forward.She is the real deal. I can't wait for the other predictions to unfold.St say blessed X Mirium

Mz From London On 27/09/2018

A Superb Reader

Rebecca has read for me for a number of years. I trust her read jugs completely. I am constantly amazed as Rebecca’s accuracy. I have been thinking of starting up my own business for a while and yesterday when I called Rebecca the first thing she said to me was “are you thinking of starting up your own business because if you do it’ll be a big success”. I trust a Rebecca completely and hope to continue having readings from her. Thank you. Pauline 25/8/2017.

From On 25/09/2018

Incredible!!! Unbelievable!!!

Omg!!! It's only Rebecca whose timings was right for me. Along with other top readers,it was only Rebecca whose prediction came to pass regarding communication with my man.I am hoping whatever Rebecca has predicted is correct and he will come forward as she has predicted today. Thank you Rebecca...lots of love . Mirium xxx

Mz From London On 24/09/2018

Five star reading

Thank you so much. Great reading and knew straight away what was wrong. Xx

Vicki From Wiltshire On 15/09/2018

Great reading she picked up my situation and was spot on see if he comes back

Nicky From Wolverhampton On 10/09/2018

Message to you

Hi...hun...it's pink..thank you once again for a beautiful...amazing reading... All customers have a reading done from this lady you will be mind blowned...with what she can pick.. very kind ..gentle person.. you can ask questions and she will find the answer...try to get u today...not in..try you tomorrow...love always my special angel.....peace pink...

pinky From Uk On 22/08/2018

Predictions all happened

Rebecca is a kind and supportive reader, who is also very accurate. This is my second reading with her, all her predictions from the first reading happened. She tuned in straightaway in both readings to the situation with no information from me. I am so impressed and will continue to come back. Don’t miss out on an opportunity of a reading from Rebecca.

A From London On 07/08/2018

Message to you

I have missed...you...so. so..so..much... Always in my heart...love you loads....thank you for a ...amazing reading...honest..and loving Lady....for making me..a better person...if it wasn't for you ...I would not have found myself.....please can you pray for me...u know what..i mean by that..when I had my reading...please...I wish you all the success in the..universe....May all yr..dreams be granted...I don't want to go...thinking of u always..my true love to u.. .

pinky From Uk On 07/08/2018


Excellent reading, very insightful and honest. Thank you

From On 05/08/2018


Lovely warm friendly lady who instantly connected with me and my ex. Soul mate connection which other readers have also picked up on. Really looking forward to next few months. Thank you so much!

Adele From Uk On 13/07/2018

She answered my question accurately

Very down to earth. Reached the situation quickly. Understood the complications and gave me good advice. It was very relieving. Also, she picked up very well on a transition in my life down to exact details.

Deborah From USA On 12/07/2018


Rebecca you put my mind at ease. Waiting for your predictions to unfold. Love and light

Ran80 From On 10/07/2018

Accurate and insightful

Many thanks for your predictions about contact and a good future - I will prepare for things to happen.

L From Aus On 08/07/2018


Knew all that is going on with my ex. All the same as other readers have said only in more detail. Highly recommend

From On 07/07/2018

Very uplifting and positive reading with Rebecca. Very accurate with her validations and am hopeful her predictions will come through

From On 29/06/2018


I had my first ever reading with her today. She is in line with all the other top readers I've spoken to so far. I'm hoping all her predictions are true and materialise. A lovely lady to talk to, non judgemental and compassionate. Stay blessed Rebecca x

Mz From London On 25/06/2018

Accurate and helpful

Thanks for tuning in and reading the situation as it is. Appreciate your predictions and they are in tune with many others.

Meryl From UK On 03/06/2018


Hi rebbeca , I wanted to leave a review as I feel you have helped me so much , I did get the premises for my new business on Thursday , yr predictions came true , everything you have said is happening , I was frustrated having 3 failed attempts at getting the right property to launch my business, rebbeca said the perfect premises for me will appear in 6 weeks time in the town I want, I went to that town every week to search for premises , bang on the six week , the perfect premises for me became available , I had looked in that town for years , I hope yr predictions for success will happpen , yr a lovely woman and I will still keep my regular calls to you , thanks Darren

Darren From Uk On 02/06/2018


Blew me away with her accuracy. Waiting for predictions to unfold which I know will happen I just need to be patient. Beautiful soul xx

Vanessa From On 27/05/2018

quick connection

Had a reading with Rebecca with only 8 mins left but she was very understanding and answered my questions before we got cut off. Quick connection & clear answers.

Wini From uk On 16/04/2018

Hi Rebecca just had a reading by you and have to say that everything was 100% on point. I got cut off..but definately recommend her to anyone. Thanks again Rebecca for all you have said.

From On 26/03/2018

Best reading

Hi Rebecca , thanks for confirming everything , I was having my doubts so I asked you to look into things , I didn’t give away what other readers have told me , but Rebecca told me the same out come but with more detail, so I am very happy , many thanks .

Darren From Uk On 12/03/2018

Earth angel

You are just simply amazing.. thank you for shedding light on to my situation.. god bless you . Wish you all the best. Angel blessings x

Tony j From Croydon On 11/03/2018


Had a reading yesterday with this lady wow, absolutely amazing got my husband to a t, she was very clear with no waffle, also gave me more insight than some of the top readers on this site, I will definitely be back, thank you Rebecca you blew me away x

Jayne From Uk On 11/03/2018


What a lovely lady to speak to, she really has helped me see the light and picked up my situation straight away, She fully understood my situation and is great listener, but also lovely to talk to. Also very kind and compassionate and a good lister.

simon From oman On 05/03/2018


Rebecca is one of the best reader on trusted psychic. Give her a try you won’t be disappointed...

From West Midlands On 27/01/2018


I had a great reading earlier with Rebecca. I just wanted to say thank you and I will let you know how I get on in 8-9 weeks time when your predictions hopefully start unfolding. T

Tara From Sussex On 15/01/2018

Really good

Rebecca is great. Straight to point no waffling and had same predictions as top readers such as Linda and Maria.She also advised on twin flame connection.

Kirsten C From UK On 14/01/2018

Very good

There wasn’t a lot of questions, and lots of information given regarding my break up, how I’ve been feeling and how the other person has been feeling, which was pretty spot on. All in all I would recommend Rebecca

Tracie From On 03/12/2017

Great reading

Had another great reading from rebbeca, she confirmed without me saying anything , that not only I will get back with my wife but she told when it will happen as well , other readers many months ago also gave me the same dates and predictions , if you speak to 5 readers over a period of 5 months and they all give you the same dates and predictions you can't deny they are all picking up on the same outcome , the readers who were spot on we're rebbeca, Linda , jacey, Charlie , heather, any one of these readers will tell you exactly when things will happen .

Dc From Yorkshire On 29/10/2017

Lovely understanding and very helpful

I have had some difficult relationship issues and Rebecca was empathic and calm and reassuring I only had a few minutes to talk and she did her best in the short time I had to comfort me. I will definitely speak to her again the problems I'm having with someone have not gone away but she got me through a very bad day xx thank you Rebecca wishing you lots of love and light

Jo From Kent On 17/10/2017


WOW amazing! Picked up on my current situation perfectly. Loads of validation and predictions. Give this lovely lady a call. You won't be disappointed

Del From SE England On 15/10/2017

Always connects

Thanks rebbeca for a great reading , you nailed my situation and gave me the same prediction as the other top readers, when all this happend many months ago , you told me what would happen but it will take time and everything you said is coming true , if you want predictions then rebbeca is the woman you need,

Dc From South yorkshire On 14/10/2017

Absolute lovely lady

"I really enjoyed my reading with this wonderful lady, she picked up on everything as other psychics do and validated a lot of information. I am on a buzz to let all these fabulous things unfold. Happy days. Thank you Rebecca. ☺

Miss Palmer From East Midlands, UK On 10/10/2017

Amazing lady

Knew exactly what was happening in my life and picked up so much information. Only asked my name. Really looking forward to predictions coming to pass although I need to be patient. Thank you Rebecca x

From Surrey On 04/10/2017

My goodness

Rebecca picked up on my situation almost immediatley, I was surprised how acurate she descibed everything that had been happening concerning my relationship. she was so confident in her validations I have no doubt that her prediction will come true also .. Thank you Rebecca x

Penny From Somerset On 25/09/2017


Such a beautiful lady , very accurate and so lovely to talk to so happy I found her .

Rosa From Sydney On 24/09/2017

Accurate genuine reader

Rebecca is truly amazing. So spot on with her insights. Worth your minutes. Thank you so much.

Helanah From York On 05/09/2017

Omg Omg Omg

Omg Rebecca he called right after finish talking to u. Like u said he will contact very soon and he did. I am amazed with ur accurate prediction just like other readers that have said the same thing. Thank you so much

Vivienne From NsW On 03/09/2017


Excellent and spot on! Looking towards the future

Impressed From London On 22/08/2017


Amazingly accurate on situation. Described my ex perfectly. Can't wait for predictions to happen. Thank you for an amazing reading

A From Surrey On 20/08/2017

Straight forward reader

Very straight forward reader, didn't waste anytime in getting into the reading, gave me predictions for the future which I look forward to unfolding. She also didn't spend time talking about her life experiences or her views on the situation which some readers tend to do and go on a bit lol so this was noted & appreciated. Would definitely call this lady again.

From On 15/08/2017


Rebecca's just what you need when you feel no one's there for you. An excellent reader

A From London On 14/07/2017


Thank you for an amazing reading, you knew exactly what was going on without prompting me for any info!! I look forward to your predictions! One of the best on the site!

Dxxxxx From London On 11/07/2017

Seems good

Nice lady let's see predictions come true

Alex From Melbourne On 01/07/2017


Amazing reading which left me spell bound! This was a warm non judgemental woman who put her heart into the reading, and boy did it leave me speechless.. She has truly mastered the tarot and reads them using her Psychic abilities (rather than literarily !) She doesn't ask many questions or try to make small talk and instead a uses all her energy, heart and soul to get the reading for her client.. She builds the rapport with the client genuinely and through her heart vibrations rather than "small talk" like some of the other readers do .. And she is Never nonchalant about her statements.. She tries hard to give her best towards the reading (her heart is truly in it) that's what sets her and a few other excellent readers on this site on top than the rest of the substandard readers.. Because the Universe genuinely taps into her her genuine Intensions better than the other readers who just treats this like a job, shuffling cards and reading out what is written on them ! Will come back for more.. This reading was therapeutic!

Re From Aus On 30/05/2017

Amazing and very talented

What a lovely lady, but also, very very talented at what she does on here. Can't thank you enough

Claire From Wales On 14/05/2017

Spot on

I have just come off of a reading with Rebecca, she is amazing. Thank you so much Rebecca, sorry we got cut off. and thank you for giving me insight into my situation. Your amazing. Keep up the good work. Your a true inspiration to others that need your help and guidance. Thank you again your a star!

Charlene From London On 30/04/2017

Straight forward and Clear ! I would recommend her to anyone.

Very Good!!10/10 Thank you for your reading. I just had a reading with you today. I am very impressed you give a clear reading and you do not ask leading questions first. You gave me a reading without asking anything much and after I was able to ask you questions and you were good. At a short space of time you gave me enough for my money. Not like other readers who keeps you on the phone, demand you to tell them your story and some read scripts. Thank you so much Rebecca!! Keep up your good work. I don't usually write comments but you blew me away about your reading. MUCH LOVE X

N From London On 07/02/2017


Lovely reader spot on with my situation very relaxed and understanding will deffo call back100%

Charlie From West midlands On 06/11/2016


Good bless and thank you so much x :) you are amazing

E From Australia On 06/11/2016

Amazingly Accurate

Wow Rebeca picked up my situation very quickly , gave me great advice on a very dark time of my life! She was so accurate on describing feelings , emotions and a powerful soulmate connection and I know what she predicted will come true! Give this lovely lady a call , she is amazing and will get very busy soon , thank u Rebecca , love and light , will call back in couple of months xxxx

Powerful Soul mate connection From On 29/10/2016

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