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Heather - 1677

I am an accomplished Tarot card reader with over 30 years experience. I have psychic ability and I have spirit and Angelic guidance. I've also studied and practised palmistry, crystal therapies, dowsing, Angel cards and aura cleansing. I can assist with love, work and money issues or anything else you need advice with. PIN: 1677



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

Using Tarot and my Psychic abilities I can offer in depth readings on love, relationships, career and family issues, I can also assist you find your life path if you feel you've strayed. The Angels will assist too, as I use Angel cards as well. I never judge and all answers are from a higher realm.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I use Tarot cards and Angel cards along with my psychic abilities to help guide people along their life path, especially during difficult times. I can help with relationship problems, family problems, career paths and those looking for love. I'm always positive and believe I'm assisted by the Angelic realm.


CALL 0904 007 0663

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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

From about 7 years old many strange things happened to me, I experienced past life visions and I was visited by spirit which made me different to the rest of my family (except my Nan). For many years as a child and youth, I fought against what was happening but was fascinated by it at the same time. At 18 I wandered into a 'new age' shop whilst on holiday and discovered Tarot cards, I've never looked back. Since then I've also studied and practised palmistry, crystal therapies, dowsing, Angel cards and aura cleansing.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I'm compassionate and non-judgemental and a good listener. I'm a natural em path and my life path involves helping others.

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Heather - 1677

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WOOOOOOW! This woman is honestly AMAZING!!!!!

Heather is AMAZING and SOOOOO ACCURATE....... Everything she says really happens.... last year November 2018, I left my job and was struggling to find a new job.... I called her in the beginning of feb 2019 and she told me she feels I’m going to get a job in 5 weeks, at first I thought she might be one of them psychics that make up things because from the other psychics I was being told a year, 5 months after winter and that..... after 5 weeks I actually got my job (I am not making this up) ....... it’s just so amazing how precise this psychic is..... she is definitely someone I would call again and again..... only her..... She is the only psychic on this website that is honest, precise, accurate and humble..... she doesn’t take so much of your time and would tell you what you have to know..... she doesn’t sugar coat things.... A huge thank you to heather for being so honest and precise..... I hope you could come online more, since you’re the only one I can believe....

S From London On 21/03/2019


I was really nervous to speak to a psychic to see what they had to say. Heather put my mind at ease and gave a great reading. I was so relieved and feel very happy and she did it all in less than 10 mins! Which was great, she didn't keep me on the phone. She told me what I needed and let me go. Thank you so much.

Louise From Yorkshire On 23/02/2019

My gratitude.Janet x

From On 22/02/2019


Just brilliant! thanks you x

From Edinburgh On 22/02/2019

General reading

Prediction happened just with the time given. Thanks so much. You are one of the best here. So accurate.

Rit From London On 20/02/2019

Heather is one of the best readers on trusted psychic

Heather is one of the best tarot/psychic readers that I know. Heather will not waste your time as she is very accurate and straightforward. I resonate with her readings all the time ..... I wouldn’t have to say much and she would know everything with her tarot spread. I would normally ask her for a love reading and wouldn’t give much information and bamm she knows everything.... I do hope Heather was available more often because other psychic readers are not as accurate and waste a lot of my time and money....

S From London On 01/02/2019

Absolutely fab

Just had a reading with Heather and everything she said was spot on and really pleased she completed a reading. Would recommend and choose again. Thank you x

Claire From Cleethorpes On 21/01/2019

Love her reading

Thank you heather for your reading . I will update you

R From Sydney On 21/12/2018

Astonishingly accurate!

The knowledge and understanding of a situation were astonishingly accurate! Gave me good insight and information

Jasmine From London On 17/12/2018


Great connection and she was very on point about the questions I had. She picked up on things in my life and was accurate with her interpretations of situations in my life. Thank you! Sorry we were cut off.

Arielle From Australia On 23/11/2018


Brillant- Picked up on the situation around me!

From London On 19/11/2018

Brilliant reader and lovely lady as well.

Thanks for all your re-assurance from a fellow reader. x

From UK On 19/10/2018


A very kind, straight to the point reader. She answered everything I was asking.. thank you I feel relieved

From On 29/09/2018

Give her a try!

She is the real deal. No sugar coating. Tell it like it is she gets to the heart of the matter she will not waste your minutes like some readers do talking in circles.

From On 29/09/2018

On the mark

Straight into what I was after. Knew about our situation. Thanks Heather.

Steve From NSW On 14/09/2018

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