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Marlowe - 1801

Hi my name is Marlowe and I am a psychic tarot reader with over 15 years experience. I use the cards to make a psychic link with your spirit guides and give you advice and clear readings that may assist you with your life dilemmas. I am a non judgemental reader with lots of spiritual advice to give. Call me on PIN: 1801



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Marlowe - 1801

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Wonderful reading

3rd time ive spoken to her and she does give you what she sees, she picked up on things only i knew, and thought. Im going to try to relax and follow the advice and wait.

Kathleen From Perth Australia On 17/02/2019


There are few who say it as is. Some promise a fairy tale, others make you feel stupid for believing in something beautiful. And refuse to go deeper into the reading as really they don't want to put the effort into more complex situations or perhaps they can only look into reactionary behaviours rather than spiritual connections. Marlow, along with lisa, deedee, Sadie and guy say it as it is and leave you feeling empowered. They understand they have no power or control over customers and i feel they respect love deeply. And i now have the tools and strength to take away and deal with my situation, thanks to their style of reading.

From South. On 29/09/2018

Second reading

It was my second reading with her and she was comforting and consistent . I liked the way she delivered the message, I felt comfortable throughout the reading. But the most important she was genuine and truthful.

Ange From UK On 09/09/2017

I actually Feel that she tells the truth

Ive had many readings across different sights trying to find out the ins and outs of a complex/annoying connection. Most readers paint a fairytale ending to this connection saying this man is coming back and he's going to basically be everything i want him to be and really make a go of it. However after years of inconsistency and heartbreak it actually doesn't seem like he's capable of anything like that. Marlowe is one of the only readers to say that although she sees him coming forward again, it will be more of the same... The only thing that i'm not sure about is that there were some leading questions which you could then form the basis of the reading from. So we shall see. but i did think it was a fair reading

Optimist From London On 23/07/2017

Thank you!

I'm sorry I ran of minutes. Loved your reading. I'm going to step back and let things just be.

From New York USA On 18/07/2017


I have had many reads but it is with Marlowe that life resonates as she was honest as ever and though her reading was similar to others in what I was told - which was a good thing - it was what I was looking to hear, it was the direction she put me in and the understanding of the spiritual growth that is to come of the situation I am currently in. I was left in a profound state of being from her guidance. I will be back and whether or not the outcome comes to fruition, I think I will ultimately be a different person. Thank you sooooo much!

B From USA On 18/07/2017

good actually

im a psychic myself but need a readind too. i get frustrated when my time is taken up with irrelevance such as menial interpretation.ireally dont like itat all. i spoke to her after the reader i wanted wasnt available and i actually bought another 20 mins because she resonated with what was happening. i felt itr . every reader changes due to the day and i feel i had a good reading and would have liked to have gone on .

tracey From exeter On 07/07/2017


She reads from the cards and that too a ten spread one. Goes on explaining the meaning of each card, repeating the same thing. Although she picked up on my situation, I wouldn't return. I hate it when they waste time reading back the meaning of those cards. Not for me.

Anon From Sydney On 21/06/2017

Beautiful reading

What a beautiful reading from a really genuine psychic with true ability . I already new the answer just wanting to hear it again and to have my spirits lifted . Marlowe is very genuine and gifted so I fully recommend her . Her delivery is done with compassion and her gently tone soothing . God Bless Marlowe X. Helena 21.06.17

Helena From North east uk On 20/06/2017


Thanks so much for helping me reel in my mixed up emotions it was really helpful. Sorry to of got cut off I think there was a problem with the phone. When I trie to get you back someone jumped in there quick which doesn't surprise me. Well let you know how things go :-) Do get in t

C From On 08/03/2017

Sirry totally off. Major deep attraction. Im not attracted to him. Its so textbook

From On 06/03/2017

No messing about. Straight to the point.

Marlowe provided advice that was clear. There was no mucking about - it was straight to the point, practical advice to assist with my current predictament. Thank you for the guidance, Marlowe.

Janine From Australia On 06/03/2017

Very good

Marlowe certainly knows her stuff, for me especially when it comes to twin flame connections....I trust all she says and will wait for things to unfold as they should. My situation is very complex but she always has a way of putting my mind at ease. Love & Light x

Opal From Bath Spa On 20/03/2016

uplifting, accurate and genuine help..

From On 26/12/2015

Thanks Marlowe

Once again brilliant Marlowe, thanks for your unwavering advice I know it's the truth. Marlowe is really special for truth. She isn't a reader who says ridiculous things just for the sake of trying to get a hit. A very spiritual woman and the real deal. Thanks.

Rachael From London On 13/12/2015

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