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Helped me understand a problem i have with someone and find a way through it, thankyou x

Angela From ENGLAND On 05/04/2019

Useful - genuine and exclllent

I have had a number of readings with Ametyst. I like her bed side manner and I like how she doesn’t ask you anything and just dives straight in. I also like her honesty. If she recognises your voice she’ll be honest and tell you so and say that her previous knowledge of you may effect the reading. However because her earlier readings were so good and she picked up on so much without being told anything, by now she has earned enough trust and proved her creditionals enough to still want to have a reading with her and believe that her guidance is psychic based and useful and genuine. I have to be honest and say that the above contrasts quite drastically with the other readers I have spoken to on this line (the exception being Isla - who also doesn’t ask any questions and picks up a lot of very accurate and specific info straight away).

Doctor know From United Kingdom On 13/03/2019


Didn't have to say a word, she picked up and gave prediction made me feel so much better.

Maurs From Kent On 28/02/2019


Very good. Straight to the point without having to be given any information. You don’t even have to tell her what you want the reading to be about, she just tunes in and knows. She doesn’t ask you any questions she just gives you very clear answers/ guidance. The only thing is she can be difficult to get hold of. So do try and be careful with going to other readers some of whom may not be as accurate or as useful.

Andrew From Luton On 17/02/2019

Very good and genuine and specific

Excellent very specific and exacting advice and information about very specific matters. Doesn’t ask what your phoning about. Just knows and dives straight in without being given any prior information. Unlike some of the other ‘psychics’ on here you can actually see and understand where all her positive reviews have come from.

Anonymous From The south On 12/02/2019

She's amazing

All I can say is that you need to have a reading with her. She doesn't ask questions and gets into it from the beginning. Thank you Amethyst.

Frances From Australia On 02/02/2019


This was my 2nd reading with her. I didnt bring it up i wanted to see what she had to say. Actually i didnt even ask my question she got right into it and hit every nail on the head and just blew me away

From On 28/01/2019

thank you

look froward to talking soon can u comeback onlne

tony From london On 10/01/2019


Amethyst was the most kind, intuitive and clear reader. She asked me no questions and got straight to the point and told me things I could relate too. Absolutely amazed! Definitely recommend her

From On 22/11/2018


Amethyst is 100% Spot on. I have been asking so many questions over the last few years regard a variety of different aspects of my life. Amethyst is absolutely amazing. Amethyst readings are money well worth spending on. Thank-you for everything Amethyst, your the brightest Gem!

Charlene From London On 09/11/2018

Excellent reading

Absolutley spot on. Picked up on my situation. Excellent reading

Clare From Merseyside On 20/10/2018


Wow, straight in, no cards no questions. Picked up on my ex, I know in my heart what she was saying is true, although it is completely different to other readings I have had, time will tell xx

From On 14/10/2018


This lady tuned straight in to my current situation! She exactly described the man in question to a tee, and was so honest, and told me what was reccomended to do which is exactly what I shall do thank you do much it was worth the wait to speak to you xxx

Kate From Uk On 13/10/2018


Thank you so much for your kind words, guidance and wisdom. You really truly are a gifted person with a beautiful soul.

R From UK On 28/09/2018


Amethyst is spot on. Very accurate and not a time waster.I don't know how she does it but she's definitely one of the best

A From London On 16/09/2018

Four and a half star reading

You deleted my last review, so - as a paying customer with a right to express an opinion - I will try again. She is an excellent reader. You don’t have to tell her and she doesn’t have to ask what the readings about. She just instantly knows. And she’s able to go into very specific detail and give very specific advice about very specific situations; not least because she doesn’t use any cards (which can sometimes be a bit vague - non specific and open to interpretation). The only reason I ‘d give her four and a half and five star is that it can take her a while to get to the heart of the matter. But that’s only because the way she works involves going through what spirit are telling her step by step (it’s not because she’s starting to keep you on the phone longer).

Mr persistent From The south On 16/09/2018


Love this lady, she provided me with honesty and great direction. On the money with predictions and guidance. Thank you. :)

Miss Palmer From East Midlands, UK On 15/09/2018

Very very good four and a half reading.

Excellent. Doesn’t need to ask any questions like a lot of ‘psychics’ she knew what the reading was about without me even saying anything. Ands gets very specific and exacting information and guidance regarding very specific situations and individuals. The fact that she doesn’t use tarot cards helps with this, because [although there are some genuine psychic tarot readers on here) tarot cards can be a little generic and vague and open to interpretation. The only reason I would give Amethyst a four a half star reading (rather than five star) rating is that it can take her a while for her to get to [what you perceive as] the main point of the matter. However that’s only because she wants to be comprehensive and could only go through each detail in the order spirit gives it to her (I am one hundred percent certain it isn’t just because she wants to keep you on the line as long as possible). A very genuine and very good and helpful psychic.

Annoyamoys From The south On 14/09/2018

WOW Amazing

Soon after our introduction, she know what was on my mind. I was amazed! I didn't have to tell her anything. She was so accurate with my situation, I was speechless. I'm just waiting for what's to come. Thank you so much! You are the best!

Monique From United States On 07/09/2018

Very good

This lady is very good. She didn’t need any information and delivered a very detailed reading. Try her

Simone From Southampton On 17/08/2018

Honest reader

Thanks for the truth about my situation It was hard to hear as it points to a different outcome to what others have been saying, even the top ones, but it matches what is actually transpiring right now. Also, it was helpful to have some tips and advice on how to cope at this difficult and bewildering time. Hope to be back to tell you the good news when I have gotten through this!

Wini From UK On 27/07/2018


The first time I spoke Ameythist I hung up on her after 2 minutes, because she told me something I did not want to hear - I realised what a good reader she was later in the day after I had hung up on her. I phoned her back the to apologise the next day and spoke to her for an hour - a lot of her stuff she said was hurtful but truthful - if you want to get a rosy reader that makes you feel good don’t ring her —however if you want the truth and 100 percent accuracy ring her as she’s the best on this site

Sasha From Australia On 19/07/2018

Brilliance at its best

Amazing insight and delivery! What a beautiful soul too. Highly recommend this lady! Simply the Best! Grateful for this reading and advise x

Anon From London On 17/07/2018


Thank you xx

From On 16/07/2018

The best by far

Amethyst is the best reader here on the site- I have used this site for 2 years and had all the so called best readers -Trinity vintage rose ,Sadie .lambeth etc - amethyst beats them hands down

Alex From Melbourne On 22/06/2018

100% SPOT ON

I have just come off of the phone to Amethyst, she picked up on my situation straight away, I couldn't believe it, I was blown away. She knew initials of my first love and other initials and everything she said was 100% absolutely correct. I definitely recommend Amethyst for a reading. Thank-you Amethyst, your a star!

From On 04/06/2018

Without a doubt, the best reader on this site. Thank you so much. I really appreciate the time you spent with me this afternoon and the clarity you have given.

From On 02/06/2018

Lovely lady

Straight to the point, no questions asked at all and spot on. Genuine true phychic, no cards. Perfect. Thankyou Amethyst :)

From On 01/06/2018

Spirit guides

This was one of the most beautiful profound spiritual readings I have ever encountered straight from Spirit uplifting enriching supporting and motivating Amythiest is a very special person . God Bless Thank you Helena 29.05.18 x

Helena From North East uk On 28/05/2018

Excellent reading

Was really spot on - ;insightful about my situation and provided good guidance to go forward Recommended

Tom From Scotland On 18/05/2018


An excellent reader. Gave a very clear detailed reading. Insightful and compassionate.

Lesley From Glasgow On 08/05/2018


Amazing reader and lovely lady. X

Michelle From England On 09/04/2018

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