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Wendy - 1830

Using the Tarot to give me insight from universal wisdom, I can assist my callers to work out the the best path for their future and even better it if they explore different perspectives. As well as reading tarot for the last twenty years, I am a qualified Life Coach and Reiki master and I know there is a good way forward, the tarot is a good tool to bringing positive advice to my callers. PIN: 1830



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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I was very psychic as a child but shut down when people kept telling me off because they thought I listened at doors but I didn't, I just knew things. My aunts used to say I had healing hands too, but people didn't talk about that sort of stuff then. I inherited my psychic powers from my nan and her side of the family. While I still had a good intuition in later years it was when I was drawn to learn reiki that I reawakened to my gifts and received insight into my soul quest in this lifetime. The tarot helped me make my way through a dark time in my life and I feel very sad when others are having a hard time so love to give support.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I spend much time growing my knowledge through Druid practise and working with energy to grow my gifts. I do my best to provide a gentle, confidential space for those who call me. I don't judge as none of us are perfect, we are all together in this life; some to heal and some to be healed. As a life coach I also can help my callers with planning and overcoming worries that may be holding them back. I can beam reiki to give good lifting energy as I read and assist with unblocking energy.

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Wendy - 1830

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Spot on, thank you so much your a true Angel

Tina From On 24/03/2019

Excellent Reader

Thank you Wendy, your reading was spot on and accurate. You gave me much needed peace of mind.

K From Australia On 30/12/2018

Very Positive, extremely accurate

Wendy was so spot on, it was amazing. I hardly spoke, everthing she said in the cards was so true. Brilliantly accurate and so compassionate.

Kay From Australia On 04/11/2018

what a lovely lady

this lady really is a gem and I am so glad that I have found her. will be calling back! thank you Wendy x

Derrick From On 20/10/2018

calm relaxed reader

thank you Wendy for a lovely reading and dealing with my questions . tells you the truth not what your hoping for but in the nicest way and thats what we ring up for to uncover the answers to our question highly recommend lovely lady x

Fiona From west Yorkshire On 10/10/2018


I found Wendy very kind and answered all of my questions before my time ran out. I will call again and her accent was amazing and easy to understand.

Cherry From Michigan On 15/07/2018

Picked up straight away

Thank you Wendy - I am sorry that my minutes ran out, and then I pressed the wrong button! Nevertheless, in 8 minutes, I only asked for a general love reading, you told me exactly what my situation was, and how it will unfold - Shockingly brillant reading - thank you xx

Claire From UK On 03/06/2018


Thankyou relaxing reader picked up on what i needed to know.

From On 02/06/2018

Nice reading

Very experienced reader. Information consistent with other readers on site. Didn't ask a lot of questions but had knowledge of situation. Wendy also has a nice soothing voice which made me feel better as I was anxious about things. Predictions have started to unfold. Good reading.

L From Australia On 28/02/2018

Homed in straight away

Wendy has an ability I dont understand how these folk do this but immediately she picked up on stuff I had buried away not wanting to face my past. I think the reading made me focus on looking towards tomorrow instead of always looking back in horror on all the mistakes i have made. Reading was a little short thats why I gave only 3 stars but I would defo call again.

PRIVATE From UK On 25/01/2018


Wendy is a amazing reader and healer gave me a distant healing worked very well have a great connection with this lady highly recommend xxx

Kelly From Kent On 17/01/2018


Thank you, sorry we got cut off. your advice and guidance is very helpful.

Ali From On 14/01/2018

Very good

She told me he would contact me in a matter of days. And said he would be angry hostile at first I had no hope left of communication. But prediction came true exactly as she said it. This lady is sweet beautiful we still communicating slowly will get there. Can’t wait to talk to Wendy again. Thank you.

Anonymous From Usa On 11/01/2018

Very good

Spot on with current situation

LK From Australia On 06/01/2018

Thank you Wendy

Wendy is the most wonderful lady. Kind, considerate and picked up on my situation in seconds!

Emma From London On 04/01/2018

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