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Spot on, thank you so much your a true Angel

Tina From On 24/03/2019

Excellent Reader

Thank you Wendy, your reading was spot on and accurate. You gave me much needed peace of mind.

K From Australia On 30/12/2018

Very Positive, extremely accurate

Wendy was so spot on, it was amazing. I hardly spoke, everthing she said in the cards was so true. Brilliantly accurate and so compassionate.

Kay From Australia On 04/11/2018

what a lovely lady

this lady really is a gem and I am so glad that I have found her. will be calling back! thank you Wendy x

Derrick From On 20/10/2018

calm relaxed reader

thank you Wendy for a lovely reading and dealing with my questions . tells you the truth not what your hoping for but in the nicest way and thats what we ring up for to uncover the answers to our question highly recommend lovely lady x

Fiona From west Yorkshire On 10/10/2018


I found Wendy very kind and answered all of my questions before my time ran out. I will call again and her accent was amazing and easy to understand.

Cherry From Michigan On 15/07/2018

Picked up straight away

Thank you Wendy - I am sorry that my minutes ran out, and then I pressed the wrong button! Nevertheless, in 8 minutes, I only asked for a general love reading, you told me exactly what my situation was, and how it will unfold - Shockingly brillant reading - thank you xx

Claire From UK On 03/06/2018


Thankyou relaxing reader picked up on what i needed to know.

From On 02/06/2018

Nice reading

Very experienced reader. Information consistent with other readers on site. Didn't ask a lot of questions but had knowledge of situation. Wendy also has a nice soothing voice which made me feel better as I was anxious about things. Predictions have started to unfold. Good reading.

L From Australia On 28/02/2018

Homed in straight away

Wendy has an ability I dont understand how these folk do this but immediately she picked up on stuff I had buried away not wanting to face my past. I think the reading made me focus on looking towards tomorrow instead of always looking back in horror on all the mistakes i have made. Reading was a little short thats why I gave only 3 stars but I would defo call again.

PRIVATE From UK On 25/01/2018


Wendy is a amazing reader and healer gave me a distant healing worked very well have a great connection with this lady highly recommend xxx

Kelly From Kent On 17/01/2018


Thank you, sorry we got cut off. your advice and guidance is very helpful.

Ali From On 14/01/2018

Very good

She told me he would contact me in a matter of days. And said he would be angry hostile at first I had no hope left of communication. But prediction came true exactly as she said it. This lady is sweet beautiful we still communicating slowly will get there. Can’t wait to talk to Wendy again. Thank you.

Anonymous From Usa On 11/01/2018

Very good

Spot on with current situation

LK From Australia On 06/01/2018

Thank you Wendy

Wendy is the most wonderful lady. Kind, considerate and picked up on my situation in seconds!

Emma From London On 04/01/2018

Amazing lady!

I have just has a reading with Wendy and I just want to say thank you to you again as it really is what I needed. I didn’t need to say anything during the reading as Wendy literally told me exactly what the problem was almost as if I had said the words myself. 100% spot on without asking 1 single question. It means so much to me that you understand what I am going through and giving me belief that will some day there will be light at the end of the tunnel. I would highly recommend anyone giving Wendy a call.

Lynn From London On 05/11/2017

Spot on!

Wendy picked up straight away what I was calling about & gave me an answer which turned out to be true. I would recommend her to anyone.

jo From Australia On 22/10/2017

Love reading

She gave me completely different outcome comparing with another top reader on this site. She said my ex is still with girlfriend and get in touch. The other reader said they have finished for good and that my ex will get in touch by August. Only time will tell which reader was right. Wendy left me confused.

Ma From Manchester On 18/07/2017

Not for me

Not the reader for me. Not a very detailed reading, each card she drew she said it could either mean this or it could mean that! Left me very confused, will stick with psychic readings from now on

Jac From Uk On 13/04/2017

lovely lady

Wendy picked up on the fact that I've tried to write books before. She also does not just tell you what you want to hear and dosnt ask loads of questions which is refreshing regarding phone psychics. Shes gentle and genuine and I believe that if she sees something she'll let you know, if not she'll be honest and say so, she won't make things up just to keep you on the phone. Very honest , kind woman. Will call her again.

kat From scotland On 08/04/2017

Accurate, amazing, caring and honest

First time speaking with Wendy and she really is a wonderful lady. Got the situation straight away, picked up on characters, behaviours and past conversations I've had with the man in question. Gave me insight, direction and guidance on how to deal with what was to come and also what is in the now. She has a warming nature and you know she is the real deal. Her cards confirmed what she already put forward. Would highly recommend her if you want honest answers! Many thanks xoox

Hannah From Australia On 31/03/2017


Thanks for quick and precise reading cheers



Another positive true reading Many thanks Wendy for the reading tonite X. 01.02.17

Helena From North East UK On 01/02/2017


Wendy is kind and reassuring. She got straight to the point and gave me the info I needed in a short time. She gave me good advice on how to unblock and build strength. Thank you Wendy.

Karen From On 08/01/2017


Thank you for your lovely reading and healing energy, I could have talked to you all night.

Jo From Cheshire On 01/01/2017

Spot on

Wendy was spot on with her description of the person and the situation I rang about . She was quick and precise and delivered in a warm empathetic way Don't hesitate to call her . Thank you Wendy God Bless x

Helena From North East uk On 22/12/2016

Powerful healing and accurate reading

Wendy has a wonderful natural gift and is a very powerful reiki healer. Her reading was calm, accurate and insightful and I would definitely speak with Wendy again.

Sam From Suffolk On 14/12/2016

Great and accurate insight!

Fabulous reader- quick and very accurate and in depth. Thanks!

Debbie From New york On 10/12/2016


Wendy is one of the top phychics in this company. I have gotten another reading from her very early this morning. I've spent many hours with her. She will not waist your time or money. Extremely! Extremely! EXTREMELY POWERFUL, INSIGHTFUL, HONEST, RELIABLE, CARING, HIGHLY INTELLIGENT, TRUST WORTHY, GIFTED AND A BEAUTIFUL SOUL. She is gifted with loving healing ENERGIES. SHE LOOKED INTO EVERYTHING AND USED ALL OF HER GIFTS TO ASSIST ME. Wendy used Riekie, tarot, crystal ball and combined all her gifts and abilities to give me HER VERY BEST. She healed me from twin flame pain and childhood trauma. I highly recommend this BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING LADY TO ASSIST YOU DURING YOUR DARKEST TIMES. WITH WENDY YOU GENUINELY HAVE A BEST FRIEND ON THIS LINE AND MOST IMPORTANTLY SHE LOVES WHAT SHE DOES. CLIENTS NEED TO MAKE A BIT A TIME TO GIVE THIS KIND LADY SOME REVIEWS.

KATIANNA From USA On 24/09/2016

Excellent reading ?

I'm so sorry we got cut off. Really loved the reading you gave me this evening. You confirmed what I already knew which is brilliant. You are such a beautiful person and I am greatful for your help. I consider you extremely insightful and reliable. You are really amazing. Xxxxx

Katianna From USA On 13/08/2016

Healing power

Listens and also informs cpoke tw occasions now really felt the healing benefit

Paul From UK On 02/08/2016

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