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Fantastic reader

The reading with eva was fantastic, she gave me accurate information in regards to some personal issues. Very lovely woman who gave me solid information, she was very kind but to the point. I would definitely have another reading with Eva. Thank you so much.

Anna From London On 10/04/2019


Loved her. I will be positive

From On 22/03/2019


This woman is fantastic - lovely, very accurate psychic. She always picks up what is there - right on the money.

James From Manchester On 17/03/2019


This woman is amazing!

Luke From London On 16/03/2019

Bloody Good !

She is amazingly spot on and reads really well. picks on situations and gives great validations it was pleasure to speak to you Thanks

Pranav From Midlands On 24/02/2019

Ahead so good

The lady is so good her readings are 100% accurate..very honest and i believe her readings are genuine. You won't be disappointed if you give this lady a call xx

From On 24/02/2019


This woman is excellent. Lovely to talk to and very accurate - highly recommend. Aways on target.

From On 20/02/2019


From On 17/02/2019

Fab - missing you

Eva is an excellent reader, compassionate and straight forward. Eva, I need your advice, I hope you wil be back soon, I have missed you!

Layla From USA On 11/02/2019

Great reader , Highly recommended !

Thank you Eva for your reading today, sorry we were cu off but really enjoyed my reading, thank you for all your predictions and being so spot on and straight to the point, will call you again. Blessings and light xxxx

From uk On 05/01/2019

Was cut off due to funds but so kind a lady and spot on..Jan.

From On 19/12/2018


lovely reading, lovely lady

Mandy From Cheshire On 16/11/2018


Anna From Australia On 31/10/2018


Eva was very well connected to my current path while also being honest. Definitely recommend a reading with her. Thank you!

From On 27/09/2018

Incredible truly gifted!!

Wow she’s amazing! Had my first reading with Eva and she’s spot on straight away! She’s gifted compassionate and explained everything what’s going on in my life. She said I met my twinflame and soon be reunited! No wonder I feel this way! Looking forward to her predictions. So happy thank you so much Eva! Sorry we got cut off but when I topped up again it said I put the wrong number and I lost her! Will definitely call her again. Best Wishes EVA xoxoxo London 20/9/2018

Isabel From London On 21/09/2018


she is great, very accurate and spot on with everything. Thanks very much, you helped a lot and I would reccommend you greatly!

From On 30/08/2018

Absolutely Amazing..

Wow!! Hard to find the right words. To say about this lovely lady. She gets stright to the point.. This is my second reading with Eva and although none of her predictions have come to pass I think this is due to having them resently and in a short space of time anywhay I understood straight away who she was referring to. She gave a wide overview concerning my situation just as if she was there ..will be back to update her with her in a few weeks as she has requested..

Julietta From London On 24/08/2018


Eva made a prediction for me about contact and it happened just a few hours outside of her time span. Great reader, gave some of the same points as other top readers.

T. From On 13/08/2018

Soooo Good!!!!!

On the money!! Highly recommend her!!!! Thank you Eva for your clarity!

Nik From On 04/08/2018

Eva is an amazing reader. She has put my mind at ease. Will talk to her again

Carol From On 29/07/2018

Honest reader

Thank you for an honest reading. Hope to update you when prediction comes through.

Wini From UK On 21/05/2018


Eva you are fabulous! Please log on more frequently. We miss you

D From On 19/10/2017

Missing you!!

Eva is a wonderful psychic! I keep missing you.. please log on more often. Hope everything is well. We need you

Diane From USA On 18/10/2017

Missing you Eva! Sending you love and healing! Like you do for me.

I hope you are ok and you are finding the strength to fight for your health. I am thinking of you. Miss you a lot and I pray for you more now than ever. I just wanted you to know you're clients appreciate you and care about you. I hope we will speak again soon. Love and light xxx Jessica

Jessica From Sydney Australia On 07/07/2017

Wonderful and Talented reader

Eva gave accurate insight and wonderful advise...Blessings to you..I will enjoy my summer and await the new job soon in (2 weeks)- great news!

Debbie From U.S. On 07/06/2017

Eva was good..picked up on my connection well. Future not written in stone but the initial pain he caused has made me stronger. But thank u for validating my claims.

From On 16/05/2017

Light worker or earth angel 100% accurate

Im so glad I found you. You knew me more than anyone and you knew what I needed. You helped me genuinely and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'll be a regular caller. I feel you could be spirit guide and I've been look for someone like this for ages and glad it you. Can't wait to speak with you again.

Jessica From Australia On 25/04/2017


Eva you are amazing!! I absolutely loved your reading! Very detailed and spot on!! You are the best! I will be contacting you again very soon. God Bless :)

Diane From New York On 12/04/2017


This woman is good. She picked up on the situation very quickly and it was not generic information. It was actually very precise and specific and as some key points hit home i knew Eva has the gift. Very impressed! Thank you xx

A From UK On 31/03/2017


Eva gave great insight! Lovely speaking to you:)

Debbie From NY On 14/03/2017


Eva is very gifted and a lovely lady. She's honest and gives you an sincere reading. Thank you for the reading this morning sorry the phone got cut off. I will keep you updated if things you predicted come to pass. Thank you and blessings x

Belinda From UK On 06/03/2017

Highly Talented and Skillful

she is new , but dont underestimate her.. highly talented and skillfull.. go for her.. u will love it thanks


Eva gave me my first ever reading here. And she was amazing. Her first prediction came to pass. And the main ones will take time but they will happen, She's wonderful.

Madison From Australia On 28/02/2017

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