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Miss you

Jayne I havnt seen you on. Lately miss our chats a lot has happen to me since I hope to catch you on here again soon Marie x

Marie From WARWICKSHIRE On 06/03/2019


Thank you for a great reading, spot on with everything with no questions asked

From On 13/02/2019

Lovely informative

Nice speaking to you. Look forward to positibe predictions hopegully coming true

Me From England On 10/02/2019

no questions

this lady is the real deal, I feel she only uses cards to connect, her guides are with her, this lady is a true psychic! call her, you won't be disappointed! Thank you jane for such a lovely and empowering reading!!!

Pisces From UK On 06/02/2019

Absolutely Amazing

Thanks Jayne for clarifying stuff for me. Jayne is very honest and up front with you. Spot on with my reading. Jayne is a Diamond. Love & light.

Alison From UK On 22/01/2019


Lovely lady, would've appreciated more on the reading itself than being told about this God and that deity etc. When a person is in need of guidance, they need a way forward... Which when you focus is very good. Your offer of prayer is very kind, but doesn't need to take up half the reading. Humbly,

From On 18/01/2019

Genuine, caring and well connected

Prediction of him coming forward this month sounds fabulous. Will be in touch when it happens. Thank you - lovely to chat to you Jayne.

Lyn From Aus On 07/01/2019

Jayne was very insightful and helped me with her very caring and accurate reading and advice with helping to create better energy

Tim From Australia On 06/01/2019

Thank you

Thank you for such a wonderful positive reading. You helped me alot, calmed me down about my situation, and thank you for the advice with the stones, one to bury, and one to keep. Thank you so much.

From On 30/12/2018

Lovely xp

Nailed it x

From On 22/12/2018

Thank you

You’ve helped no end, you are amazing, thank you so much, you have really made me realise what is important

Luke From On 18/12/2018

Thank you so much

Thank you Jayne for the reading and healing. You were spot on and accurate, kind and compassionate. God bless you and the brilliant work you do. Lots of love. Z.xxx

Z From London On 27/11/2018

Amazing Lady!! Jane this is for a small something for your work, more will come soon!! Thank you E

From On 23/11/2018

Thank you! Jane is a beautiful soul

I highly recommend Jane as she is spot on accurate, kind and a beautiful soul. Thank you

From Australia On 08/11/2018

Healing with a difference!!!

Jayne was fantastic, I was in a bad place with very low energy. Jaynes did an immediate healing for me, and I felt the difference straight away, I have been sleeping well since and my energy has been strengthened and even though I have issues, it’s all so positively looked at rather than worry, but trusting. Give her a call, you won’t be sorry.

Elaine From UK On 08/11/2018

super quick!

jayyynnneee... apologies we got cut-off. please put that protection on me and the boy as nobody wants to see our relationship come to fruition. you're invited to my wedding. i promise you that :)

From London On 03/11/2018

Jayne where are you

Jayne so missed you I'm back Marie really need to speak to you thanks MARIE XX

Marie From midlands uk On 10/09/2018

Real Reader

found a bit of a kindred spirit in this lady. we are so very similar. She never asked any questions and she told me. That is what a real reader does. Will come back Jayne and let you know how I get on. Thanks for today xxx

From Edinburgh On 06/09/2018

Shes lovely and real

Thanks for your help from Laura x Wished i had longer with you but will back and let you know if letter works x

From On 24/06/2018

Brilliant Reader

First time speaking to Jayne. She is a really lovely lady and I felt she connected to me and my situation very quickly. Was a very positive reading and I will definitely be calling her again. Thank you very much Jayne x

Anonymous From Liverpool On 04/06/2018

love reading

I love Jayne she is the best of the best Marie xx

Marie From Midlands uk On 02/06/2018

Lovely reader, great reading, very surprised as was complete opposite to readings from other readers, time will tell

Jax From Uk On 20/04/2018

Quick connection

Wow! Jayne picked up accurately and immediately my current situation. No faffing about...straight in. Thanks Jayne x

Ronnie From Berkshire On 20/04/2018

great reading straight to the point

Really great connection and wonderful reading with Jayne, she is very fast, straight forward and kind. Blessings and light Jayne. A

A From London On 12/04/2018


she is very good! Very accurate and a lovely lady too. Really kind. Many thanks.

eve From northampton On 04/04/2018


jayne was nice and clear when giving my reading and detailed

castelle From eastbourne On 02/04/2018

Very good

Jayne got to the point quickly and picke dup on me and my problem. Very nice lady and really good, thanks.

eve From northampton On 14/03/2018


Fantastic reading. Gave me the strength i needed to continue on with the situation.

Kristina From Australia On 14/03/2018

Just to ADD from Previous Review

As everyone has said Jayne is an amazing reader, what I will say is she can connect, but those of you who stay silent and expect a miracle it does not always work, people work in different ways, if you decide to be closed then you may get nothing. Jayne said to me that some people don't like the picture. The picture has a hidden meaning and you have to look deep into the picture to understand it. Also to the people who have verbally abused this beautiful lady, shame on you and let Karma be your fate. This lady is beautiful and talented. Once again thank you Jayne, it is a pleasure and honour to have spoken to you and you have helped me through such a difficult time and been so supportive. xx Thank you bless you in love and light x

Simon From Oman On 09/02/2018

More than 5 Stars- to the moon and back

Finally found you - Always seem to miss you. This lady has a true gift and has so many varied talents, Jayne will always listen and give you clear guidance. Jayne picked up on my situation and I didn't even have to say. She is an extremely caring and empathic lady and genuinely cares about your feelings and offers advice, some of the things and situations we spoke about only I could know, but this lady knew. Thank you for listing a genuine, talented and beautiful lady.

Simon From Oman On 09/02/2018

Didnt answer what i asked so cut the call short

S From ... On 26/01/2018


Said everything would work out in the right time. Said to drink water to clear ones mind and clear negativity to make way for the positive. Better than just saying everything would be ok so will follow her good advice.

Penelope From London On 26/01/2018


She’s great and fast. She doesn’t waste your time. Give her a call x

From On 15/01/2018

Top reader

exceptional reading, lovely lady

Sue From West Midlands On 14/01/2018

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