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Very good

Lovely lady who was very accurate with her validations and understanding of what’s going on for me. No nonsense, just straight talking. The real deal. Thank you

Sonya From Oxon On 11/01/2019


Anne Marie was great didn't waste no time got a good connection and told me exactly how it is no sugar coating. Give her a call u won't be disappointed

N From Bedfordshire On 31/07/2018

Very calming

I left the reading calm and full of hope - thank you

CMR From Northwest On 29/07/2018

Accurate and straight to the point

I have had many readings before with other readers but this reader picked up quickly and was able to guide me. She was spot on with describing my current situation excellent thank you for your guidance a true Angel xx

From On 14/07/2018

Honest and reassuring

Anne Marie didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear but what I needed to know. I thank her for her honesty and how quickly she picked up on the situations and people in my life. I hope you will give her a go because she knows what she is talking about.

Shabs From West Midlands On 26/06/2018

Frankly brilliant

Anne - Marie was very frank with me and straight talking ...which is good as clients only want to hear the truth and false hope is very destructive. She was accurate about my relationship and gave me hope that things would work out.

Loraine From Kent On 17/02/2018


Very uplifting reading you are a kind soul , you picked up on everything with no prompting give this beautiful lady a chance she will not disappointed you. Love and light to you

D From AUs On 14/12/2017


She is very good spot on with her readings

robert peachey From Birmingham On 10/12/2017

Pleasing reading

Good connection - clarity and validations. Appreciate the honesty and insight. I've had many, many readings and I was more than happy with this one. No waste of time, no waffle and clear concise guidance.

Lynda From Perth On 07/08/2017

Lovely lady

Asked a few questions at the start which irritated me but once got going even from what i told her picked up on him very well and our situation. Was very positive and calming. Hope her predictions which are as others said will come through. Thank you

S From Ireland On 22/06/2017

Calming and lovely

My experiences have always been great, I was so upset when I spoke to her but she calmed me right down and put me more in a positive frame of mind. We call this line for many reasons but for me sometimes it's just when I am panicking and this lady will really help you and make you see things happen for a reason xxx

N From West Mids On 01/06/2017


Terrible, terrible reading. She.makes up stories, and repeats the same old words. Waste of money.

Sally From London On 28/05/2017

Lovely lady

She doesn't keep you chatting on the phone and just asks which area you would like to focus on. Then she gives you tonnes of information. Very good

A From London On 22/04/2017


I have never had a reading with this lady before and I can honestly say that Anne Marie picked up on my situation straight away and confirmed something that I needed to hear. Her reading shocked me and I can honestly say that I am definitely going to be doing another reading with her very, very soon. Thank you so much Anne Marie your an amazing wonderful woman. Thank-you!

Charlene From London On 19/04/2017

Had reading but she wasn't very clear and didn't get anything right.

Mikehad From On 10/02/2017

Asked a lot of questions

Was asked a lot of questions. Anne-Marie was very vague so I had to explain what was going on, she asked me if I could explain the situation so I told her the whole story. Not a very good reading.

From On 19/01/2017



Sharon From N,Ireland On 15/01/2017

Shocked and amazed

Had reading with AnneMarie a week ago and she gave me dates on someone that would contact me on those dates and they did I was shocked as I didn't think I would hear from them again. I highly recommend AnneMarie as she is spot on with her readings Thankyou thankyou thankyou

Ann From Aust On 14/01/2017


This lady is my rock, in 2 readings she has completely brought me out of such a low and very dark depression - sometimes a chat with her as a friend is all I feel I need. It with added answers to questions! Please give this honest lady a try! She will not lie to you her predictions haven't changed and I truly hope they come true next week! Xx

Chloe From Uk On 08/01/2017

Love this woman

Huge thank you to Anne Marie I've had a few phone calls now with you and the connection was amazing picked up on my situations so easy and she's been nothing but great support in situations ! Predictions came true regarding somebody too which came to light the other day , real honest and so happy I found a great woman to help me ! Nothing but straight to the point answers no nonsense ! Thank you again xxx speak soon

Hannah From On 25/12/2016

Thank you for a lovely 1st reading you made me feel so much better and can't wait for your predictions to come true many thanks Kirsty from south London xx

Kirsty From London On 20/12/2016

Really enjoyed it

So had problems with my boyfriend and she made me feel so positive. Her readings are really caring & I enjoyed every moment will call agan

From New Eltham On 15/12/2016


Asked lots of questions and said the one thing that psychics should never say: "you've allowed this to happen" !! Lack of empathy there, us readers call for comfort and healing not to feel worse. And just so you know i never allowed it, i always stood my ground when he did wrong by me.

From Hampshire On 13/12/2016

Great connection

Started out gentle, then got well and truly onto the path. Thank you for good insight, great validations and a lovely chat. If your time frame is accurate, you're one in a million. Quite honestly it looks very likely to be accurate. Many thanks.. :)

Lynda From Oz On 11/12/2016


Hi enjoy my reading with you thank you very much will update the prediction once again thank you x

Dipti From Surrey On 08/12/2016

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