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Laila Faris - 2028

My spiritual abilities are fundamentally based around energies and my chosen medium are karma cards. I have been a practicing reader for 15 years plus. You can either choose a general reading or choose a specific area such as love, finance, career and etc also you can ask any question and the cards and I as one will give you a direct answer. PIN: 2028



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I am a karma card specialist using karma cards as a tool to help me give an insightful reading, my ability into psychic energies is that I not only hear and feel but I see answers and messages and this promotes my service. Energy is everywhere and I have spent years mastering the art of focus and understanding energies.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

My mother has been a clairvoyant for over 30 years and she introduced me to the karma way of thinking as she has only ever used Karma cards, she is highly respected in this industry and without her help I wouldn't have been able to develop as good and quickly have I have, as a very young child to today. I know my mum has helped me become the psychic I am today and for that am truly blessed

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

My background is in counselling and this goes hand in hand with my psychic ability, I am a very positive and motivated individual that is totally obsessed with understanding individuals in a non-judgemental way, I don't agree with we should do this nor should we accept this, I believe in individuality and the importance of freedom of speech. I believe in love and I live my life in the most honest way possible, am true to me and am true to my spiritual beliefs and believe honesty is the key to success.

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Laila Faris - 2028

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Shes a simple yet informative psychic. She doesnt tell u all the details just the simple, cut to the chase things that I am happy to hear! Realistic time frames and picked up names of living and deceased too! Looking forward to everything unfolding, A truly gifted seer. X

From On 08/02/2019

He always be in my life !!

Hi laila, Thank ypu for my reading, i asked for 6 month relationship reading, you dived in that i am single but have long term relationship /marraige showing now which confused you. I explained just that bit that i should got married this year but split last year. You told me the same as 3 other readers from other sites have said identicalky, that is he will be back again, between Feb /March, he struggling without me but wont admit it, he watching me in someway but nor creepy lol, he will always be in my life in some way, I meet someone soon this will scare him, its his love feelings for me that prevent him from opening up as it make him vunerable and he dont want or trust me with that yet.. I am so happy to get talking about LOA, you confirmed what i know, that if its meant to be it be brought back natuarlly, and if not something better.. well in 12 months i spoken with maybe 8 top pshycics who all told me that he and i are meant and destined to be together and i can sit and wait or i can carry on being happy and live life. Which is what i am doing. If i meet someone then i do. But the universe knows I have lessons to learn and only when i learn this will it bring about my desire .. Will update when i get contact, i know it going to happen . Even if its outside this timescale. My energy running high that i see the little blue/ gold/ silver flashes out corner of my eyes. Great position to manifest as i operate at my highest . Thanks laila , Namaste x

Me. From Uk On 01/02/2019


Truly amazing. Called her almost in tears and came off smiling feeling very positive. Told me what to do to turn my situation around. Can’t thank you enough

Claire From Edinburgh On 23/01/2019

Blown Away

All your predictions have unfolded. I will be back for more. Thank you

Jason From Australia On 21/01/2019


Layla is one of the best I've ever ever had the pleasure of getting a reading from she read my whole situation without me giving her any information I was absolutely blown away I have had metre readings but none as good as Lalor she even gave me the names I had to sit down because I was gobsmacked God

From On 18/01/2019

Absolutely amazing

This woman is absolutely amazing I didn't tell her a thing and she's told me my situation and gave names I will definitely be calling her again she is absolutely amazing and she knocked my socks off with her accuracy she is the best I've ever ever had thank you so much Layla and God bless yo

Kim From Australia On 18/01/2019

love Her

LOvely speaking with you last night. i beleive your predictions will unfold god bless you. i felt low but after speaking to you i had a good night sleep.

Rumeena From Australia On 10/01/2019


I absolutely love talking to Laila she has been amazing to me and consistent with what she says. He prediction was right that I would have contact before Christmas. I did, 2 weeks before. Has really been so lovely to me and patient. As I have called a few times. Really easy to talk to. Xx

V From Herts On 28/12/2018

5 stars spot on and accurate.Lovely lady.

From On 20/12/2018

The best at what she does!

Laila is amazing, not only is she lovely to talk to but also spot on with her readings. She tells you to write everything down the things she says and so many things she’s said has come true. She told me that I’d get the job a applied for and will hear on a Wednesday, she told me the next property I’d move to will have a 3 associated with it, it did and that I will see my ex again and he will be wearing red - that happened today! I always enjoy her readings and our little chats. In my opinion she’s the best!

Fleur From London On 08/12/2018

Wow laila

Very funny very acomadateing very open minded. Looking forward to next chat hopefully:can't wait lol

Neil From North East On 04/12/2018

Spot on

Spot on about my current situation. Ran out of minutes just as we were discussing a connection with somone. Will wait and see what happens. Great connection and no faffing around.

Sara From Newark-on-Trent On 01/10/2018


I had a reading with her couple of weeks ago. She did tune in but I had to push her a bit more to get predictions..her reading was a bit different from other readers but she might be right in what she saw, time will tell. Nice lady though.

Mz From London On 10/09/2018


Fabulous connection and so looking forward to seeing things develop.

Libran From Home On 06/09/2018


This lady is amazing.... really accurate, spookily so. But so kind and empathetic. I had a great reading with Laila and felt so much better after it. Thank you very much! xx

eve From northampton On 24/08/2018

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