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Had a lovely chat and reading with Gordy. Lovely guy, great sense of humour and he has given me a lot of hope regarding this important Male in my life. I will report back when things come to fruition. Well worth a reading with this guy. He gives clear guidance and tells you exactly as he sees it. Thanks mate x

From Brighton On 27/02/2019


Wow this guy is the real deal! Picked up so accurately on alot of stuff! Real and authentic. Straight talker and accurate! Thk you so so much!

Sandy From London On 25/02/2019


Thanks for a lovely reading, you reassured me regarding my situation. Let’s hope things unfold like you said over the coming weeks x

Julia From London On 24/02/2019

Blown Away ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Spoke with Gordy the other day for the first time. I was very sceptical at first ! I was very soon to be proved WRONG ! Less than 12 hours later, two of his predictions came true . I'm one happy lady ! Thanks Gordy xxx

June From Uk On 24/02/2019

Fantastic ! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Spoke to Gordy 2 weeks ago now . I asked him if I would get my new job and he said yes I would . And guess what ! I did ! Thanks Gordy Love Amelia xxx

From On 25/01/2019


I have just come off of the phone with Gordy and I was shocked and blown away as to the accuracy of what came out in my reading. For three years I thought somebody was doing something negative when all along it was somebody else who I thought had moved on with their life. I am so glad that the truth has come out and I will be definitely be giving him an update when things unfold. An amazing, amazing guy who showed me the light at the end of the tunnel. It is definitely work paying for and speaking to Gordy, he has such an accurate and an amazing insight. You shone like the brightest diamond for those when I was in the dark and enlightened me with the truth. Thank-you so, so much Gordy, your a wonderful, wonderful man, may God bless you forever and forever blessed be!

Charlene From London On 08/02/2018

Laughter & Light !

Had a reading with Gordy last night .Great fun to talk to ! And very accurate. Gave me the push I needed . Speak soon Gordy xx.

Trish From Ireland On 04/02/2018

Genuinely Great Reader

Enjoyed the banter nearly as much as the reading. Very honest , accurate & helpful. Made me think about 2nd chances.

Maire From London On 01/02/2018

Great reading with humour

Gordy was spot on with things which is going on in at the moment and got the ex spot on, also he has a great humour and easy to talk to

Julie From uk On 30/01/2018

Made me smile!

Connected by chance. Thank you Gordy. Fantastic guidance and clarity re my thoughts, feelings and current challenges. Very detailed and I trust that everything will move forward as it should. Beautiful energy and very concise. Hope to update you as it unfolds for me. Sending love and light.

S From Oz On 26/01/2018

Awesome ! Accurate ! Amazing !

I was put through to Gordy,having never had a reading with a man before . He was articulate,compassionate & compelling ! To say I was impressed,is an understatement. Can't wait till my next reading . Love Maxine Xxx

Maxine From Sydney Australia On 25/01/2018


Great reading also just validating what other top readers are saying. Many Thanks mate.

From On 22/01/2018

Lovely Reading

Lovely reading from Gordy, he was accurate when discussing my situation and gave me good insight. Good sense of humour and gives honest readings. Try Gordy for a reading, I don't think you will be disappointed!

Helen From Lancashire On 10/01/2018

Spot on !!

Had a wonderful reading with Gordy! He picked up on my situation right away ! He was Fun Friendly & Accurate.

Sally From Glasgow On 05/01/2018

Brilliant spot on

Spot on he is picked up everything that know one else knows hit the nail on head. Amazing beautiful man to talk to. Can’t wait for another reading come back soon Gordy.

Maria From AustraliA On 28/12/2017

Down to Earth Reading

An honest down to earth reading with some sound friendly advice thrown in. Would definitely call him again :-)

Phil From South West On 27/12/2017

If your feeling a bit down call this man he had me in stitches very good reader picked up on alot that was going on and about my own character and and barriers will def call again and update xx

lynne From scotland On 23/12/2017

Fabulous reading

Fun, friendly and down to earth reader. Gordy picked up on all the important people in my life and their current situations. Gave fantastic advice and guidance for the future. I highly recommend a reading with Gordy, thanks so much xx

Jacqs From UK On 20/12/2017

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