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Hi Margaret thankyou for being patient with me I’ve called you three times in the space of a week, and sorry for doubting you, I wanted to let you know that you were right about one of your predictions. Hope the rest unfold soon. Thanks again. Xxx

Nadine From On 17/03/2019

Jan 19

Margaret is a fabulous reader gave me relevant information right from the start of the reading. Specific details given that I knew to be true. Lovely lady and very enjoyable reading. Karen

From On 14/03/2019

Prediction happened

For all you people who are going through trouble and need clearity this is the lady for you. Margaret you have been super kind & understanding and it’s come to pass. Thank you

N From Surrey On 13/03/2019

Maggie your a star

Clear precise prediction that have come true this lady is amazing

C From Essex On 04/03/2019


Very accurate and consistent with her readings.

From On 04/03/2019

Gifted reader

Margaret, you are truly a blessing and assett to trustedpyshics. There is never promting or need for explanation as you consistently read my life situation. Your kindness, patience and understanding has reassured me through my most difficult life situations. Thank you Margaret, Leo ♡xo

From On 03/03/2019

Thank You

Margaret was brilliant at picking up on my current situation and helping me to see the way forward. She spoke very truthfully and that was much appreciated.

L From UK On 27/02/2019


Margaret is a true psychic. The answers come to her easily and she explains the both current and future situations very well. Thank you for a great reading. It has been extremely helpful to me for moving through a challenging moment in my life.

Rach From Aus On 16/02/2019

Peace of mind

Very good reader. Straight forward and always! On point. Call her for clarity on any matter . just amazing

Guy. RPG From London On 15/02/2019

An angel

Lovely person, warm and helpful. V supportive and insightful

Layla From USA On 13/02/2019

Kind Caring and Accurate

Margret is a mindful reader who is very gifted and accurate with her perception of the situations and the outcomes. She has a clear understanding of all of the emotions of the people involved in each scenario and clearly explains how things will play out. 10/10

Rach From Melbourne On 10/02/2019

Such a lovely woman, called her yesterday as I had a reading with her a week or 2 ago and decided to call again and she was very consistent with what she had told me and predictions in the previous reading xx will call back

P From Uk On 08/02/2019


Margaret was fantastic. straight to the point. no sugar coating..didn't ask loads of questions. brought up more than i asked. she also didn't drag the reading out. would definitely usr again

lr From Tyne and Wear On 03/02/2019

She is amazing.. and truthful.God Bless.Janet

From On 28/01/2019


Thank you so much Margaret. Just spot on, told me how I was going to fix my situation. Truly lovely lady, highly recommend

Claire From Edinburgh On 20/01/2019


So much Information and questions were answered very quickly too! Genuine psychic. I could have spoke for a lot longer but my credit ran out, sorry it cut off. Speak to you very soon, thanks Margret you’re a star xxx

From On 19/01/2019

Absolutely amazingly accurate.She even told me what he wanted to do with a house laying a brick and foundation building and the man in question used the words she predicted verbatim.What a TRUE PSYCHIC and absolutely amazing kind no nonsense lady.True gift to others.Blessings.Jan.

From On 15/01/2019

Angel Lady God Bless you always!!!!!!

From On 15/01/2019

Extremely accurate

I'm ever so happy to have found Margaret as my reading was detailed and accurate, she did not ask any questions and I did not have to lead her in any way. Excellent validations does not waste your time or money.Thank you Margaret.

From On 11/01/2019

After reading the reviews I'm glad I had the chance to get a reading with you. Basically consistent with what the other top readers have said. Hope the prediction comes true will update later.

From On 10/01/2019


You are so lovely and soooooo amazing with what you can pick up, I am so happy that our paths have crossed - Thank you, thank you, thank you. :) xx

Claire From Wales On 09/01/2019

Consistent reading but with 2 different timeframe

Spoke to Margaret twice. Same reading, same predictions. I know timing is tricky so will give 5 stars if communication happens. Some readers are not great second time round so I do appreciate that this reading was pretty much the same but,1st timeframe was 1st week of Jan, that's now past. Now shes saying by mid Jan. Will leave review again!

C From UK On 08/01/2019

Wow this woman is amazing. Gets straight to the point and is really nice to speak to she explained everything with out wagging. Does not try and drag things out she’s is amazing know her stuff xxx Thank you so much I’m still saying wow Kind regards Sharon x

From On 06/01/2019

She is just the best!

From On 05/01/2019

Gets it right always :)

Thanks Margaret, I have been calling this lovely lady since October, all the readings are consistent. I look forward to all falling into place, as I believe it will. This reader will man you feel you don't need to look further for any other reader, you are gifted and Thank You again for all your help.

Miss Palmer From East Midlands, UK On 04/01/2019

Thankyou for a very positive reading, Margaret was very clear and straight into the reading not wasting any time I look forward to the out come in the coming months.

Ann From Australia On 04/01/2019

Very good

1st time ever with margaret. Picked up on everything. Hopeful for predictions

S From On 03/01/2019



guylene From LONDON On 03/01/2019

Hope my prediction comes to light

Margaret gave me the same prediction as other top rated readers. She predicated first week of Jan I will hear from someone I just hope she is right. Guys below are so lucky! I will definitely leave another review after the week is complete. Fingers crossed!

Aq From UK On 02/01/2019

I asked a question!

I asked Margaret a question of when will l see my ex again. So when Margaret said Monday l thought impossible he is away. Well to my surprise Monday arrived and as Margaret explains in detail how it would happen, indeed it did. I call Margaret regularly she is always spot on! Thank you Margaret xx

LT From Australia On 01/01/2019

Prediction came to light

I have had a few readings with Margaret and they have all been the same never anything changes. She picked up on my ex very quickly and told me I would hear from him by the end of 2018 or the start of 2019. Well he messaged me New Year's Day as Margaret predicted. Thank you so much.

N From Australia On 31/12/2018

She is the absolute real deal.Straight talking honest and accurate.Bless you..Lady with grandpa from Cambuslang!

From On 30/12/2018

great reader

thank you for your positive reading. very accurate.

From On 30/12/2018

Gifted reader

Margaret is an incredibly gifted and accurate reader. Her insights are spot on and predictions have unfolded. I love how she is to the point, clear and answers questions directly. Thank you Margaret, you are an asset to Trusted Psychics xo

Bron From Australia On 27/12/2018

Reassuring and honest

Margaret was lovely and has given me hope about my situation. I hope her prediction comes to pass. Will update. Thank you!

Psychic reader From Lanarkshire On 15/12/2018

Brilliant reader and lovely lady as well.

Margaret is a real reader. She can pick up things without being asked questions. I asked for a general reading and off she went tuning in. She was very very helpful and a nice lady too. A credit to Trusted Psychics.

From SCOTLAND On 07/12/2018

So sorry we cut off

Thank you Margaret. You are a breath of fresh air. Will call soon with an update. Mwahhhh. Zana xxx

From On 03/12/2018


Very straight to the point, tuned into the matter quickly. Accurate assessment.

From On 24/11/2018

The most incredible woman

So kind and thoughtful and i love how straight forward she was. There was no messing around, exactly what she thought and was spot on about many things. I will definitely be calling back in the future. Thank you so much for your help and guidance

olivia From london On 21/11/2018


I am still sat in disbelief from the messages received from Margaret, very detailed and what a lovely kind lady. Thank you Margaret xx

Claire From Wales On 18/11/2018

genuinly brilliant

on the mark with everything very intuitive

From On 16/11/2018


Great reader. Give her a call

From On 05/11/2018

Very well connected

Thank you for great insight. Looking forward to the developments in January.

L From Home On 01/11/2018

Spot on

Fabulous reader spot on with a good sense of humour. You're in safe hands here, a fine wee Scots lass xx

From On 27/10/2018

On point

Accurate and straight to the point very honest. Good advice. Prediction for next start of the year. In line with other top readers. I would recommend and call again

H From Australia On 25/10/2018

Excellent reader

Thank you for such a fluent reading which was so helpful and reassuring.

Sarah From England On 25/10/2018

Excellent, Spot On, Calming, Honest

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

PT From USA On 25/10/2018


Picked up on everything, thank you, will call again

Sheree From Australia On 18/10/2018


What a remarkable woman! She picked up on my current situation at work which is happening and 2 love interest which was spot on! Gave me timings. This lady is something. She will be busy soon! L

From On 14/10/2018

Just perfect

Thank you Margaret, you were spot on with everything, you knew so much without me saying anything. Perfect

Simone From Uk On 11/10/2018

My kind of reader

Loved my reading, very to the point and spot on. Did not ask a thing and just spoke bluntly, did not waste any time. Brilliant reader added to my list of best TP readers and will be back for more!

Tina From UK On 11/10/2018

Thank you for my reading I hope you are right will let you know julie

From On 11/10/2018

Good clear reading

Very clear reading I have had a few in the past that have not been true readings and she picked up on the fact I was self employed and a few others facts that were only known to me and she gave great help and support in matters that I was having a lovely kind and caring person I would recommend her to anyone loads of respect for what she said

Alex From London On 11/10/2018


A truly gifted woman who was very accurate and sincere!!

Mark From Australia On 10/10/2018


What an amazing lady, was so accurate, knew exactly what was going on and straight to the point, made me feel alot better, sorry phone got cut off, will call back soon xx

K From Midlands On 09/10/2018

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