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Topped up but she had logged off sadly and she is incredible.Hope to get you again soon..it was so amazing.Thank you.J.

From On 12/04/2019


Lovely reading with Sandra this morning. Sorry I got cut off at the end. You’ve given me a lot of hope with the man concerned. I really hope all your predictions come true. I will report back if and when they do come true. Lovely insight to my situation with lots of compassion. Lots of love xx

Leighton From Brighton On 05/04/2019

Truely Gifted

Thank you for the amazing and inspiring read. Sandra really captured the essence of my reading and gave some predictions. I will update as they happen. Thank you and sorry we got cut off.

Evey From London On 08/03/2019

See my review 3/5/18 It is a long time since speaking to Sandra with the same question I received the same answer only this time he has improved and getting closer to coming back to me . This lady is a genuine beautiful soul inside and out and sees very clearly the energy around you and who your asking about . I could have stayed on for hours the information the support the clarity was 100% correct . Thankyou Sandra with all my love and respect I hope I can speak to you one day to tell you your prediction has taken place God bless and love Helena North East xx

From On 29/01/2019

Prediction happened

prediction happened. she said I would hear from someone I hadn't heard from in 2 months. was really sceptical and she said to wait and see. it did happen. hope all she said will come to fruition. She gave me good advice to enjoy and live life. what is yours wont miss you

From On 13/01/2019

10 stars and more.....

What a fantastic reading. Never told Sandra anything, she told me, just how I like a reading. We even managed to have a giggle too. Highly recommend. x

From SCOTLAND On 09/12/2018


I had a reading from Sandra a year ago, and have been waiting to see her on here again. Was lucky to catch her today. She astounded me with what she said. She is a wonderfully gifted psychic and a beautiful caring person. The best reader here. Thank you Sandra

Laura From NI On 04/10/2018


Absolutely fantastic. Sandra was incredible, she did not need any prompting in regards to the situation. I will definitely be calling again. Thank you for your wonderful reading.

From On 28/09/2018

Super Gifted Lady

Sandra Thank you. I extended and extended the call and worth every penny. Not only a gifted psychic medium - you are a lovely lady who delivers reading in the perfect way. One great reader and says honestly. Blessing to have spoken to you. Till the next time. From the Rebel xx

Maire From London On 27/09/2018

Second time I have spoken to Sandra in the last couple of months. She is an incredible reader.

From On 21/08/2018

Meant to be

Was looking to speak to someone tonight who could give me clarity on a tough time I've been going through. I was actually wanting to speak to someone other than Sandra but somehow i got put through to her and i am glad i did. It was like speaking to your mum or your best friend. She was accurate and made me feel calm. Sandra validated a lot of my own intuitions and i am great full for a short but sweet chat. Thank you Sandra.

From On 20/08/2018

Truly gifted and wonderful

Tuned in immediately without me saying a word and has been phenomenal with predictions as well. Absolutely lovely to speak to. One of the very top readers on this site. Please come online more often

Anna From UK On 15/08/2018

Gentle and Caring

It was so great to speak with you this morning. I am sorry I got cut off – I lost my cell service. Thank you for such reassurance what I know to be true. Sandra picked up on everything that has been going on in my life Highly recommend. Gentle and compassionate reader

B From USA On 01/08/2018

Wow oh wow. Please speak to Sandra, you will not be disappointed. Lovely, caring, genuine and accurate in her validations. She also helped me with a dream interpretation which was very helpful.

From On 05/06/2018

An Angel

You only have to listen to Sandra's voice to know your talking to an Earth Angel intuitive empathetic and clearly guided by spirit . It was roughly 8 months ago I last called her yet her first words were I know we have spoken before ,I can only imagine how many voices she's heard in 8 months ! She answered my question quickly and precisely the same question I'd asked 8 months ago and it was the same answer ! We spoke of many things and her support and guidance was invaluable . An amazing pyschic but an amazing person too . Many thanks Dandra till we speak again God Bless. Helena. 5/03/18. x

Helena From North East UK On 05/03/2018

Excellent Reader

I had a reading from Sandra this morning she was spot on with my reading and went straight to what was happening in my life at the minute I came away with confidence the situation would be resolved and with in a matter of weeks. I have spoken to Sandra in the past and what she told me happen as well, I am looking forward to the coming weeks and a resolution to my problem

Patricia From Newtownabbey Co Antrim On 17/01/2018

Thankyou thankyou thankyou

Thankyou ever so much for explaining everything about my beautiful man looking so forward to the face to face declaration of love in both sides you just rock!!!!!!

R From Australia On 10/07/2017

Great Connection ! Astounding

She was amazing , picked situation really well and highly intelligent person , really gifted thanks a lot


Great Uplifting and Positive Reading! Thanks Sandra

Hi , i am really happy i connected with u .. u were very good ... u explained my situation so well and in a unique way , u r special.. i highly recommend Sandra , she is very intelligent and gifted.. we had a great intelligent conversation .. Thanks for all the tips .. will keep that in mind ....


It's the crack!

Just ❤️ it!! Thankyou Sandra for every bit of strength you give me throughout our readings. You have become a dear friend and for that I'm so grateful. I will call again soon with amazing news!

Deb From Alice Springs, Australia On 03/04/2017


The reading was so accurate it gave me goose bumps! What a beautiful soul Sandra has, I look forward seeing how your predications pan out! Thank you!

Kristy From Australia On 03/04/2017

Consistently AMAZING!!

My favourite reader without question! Accurate. Gentle. Kind. So positive. I am grateful for every reading. Thankyou and I'll call again soon xx

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 13/03/2017


Connected well with this lady and my reading was spot on, very good and highly recommended :-) xx

Claire From Bath Spa On 08/03/2017

Beautiful Reader

I cannot put this beautiful ladies reading into words she is very gifted . Thankyou for your words encouragement and love . Look forward to speaking soon . Helena . 20/02/17.

Helena From North East UK On 20/02/2017


Absolutely fantastic and reads with such ease and accuracy. I was lucky enough to be put through this evening and Sandra was able to pick up on exactly what and who were around me. The reading has allowed me to really focus on things in a positive light and move forward. Although my reading positive, I sense that she reads from the heart and will truly tell you what you need to hear - whether positive or negative which is my preference. Sandra, you were a gift and thank you for lighting your incense for me and mine this evening. Best wishes. K x

K From Yorkshire On 17/02/2017

Just beautiful!!

I was so devastated that time had run out!! You are amazing! I am just so grateful for each reading I am fortunate to have with you. You give me strength and I Thankyou from the bottom of my heart ❤️ for that. I will be sure to call again soon xx

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 07/02/2017

Life saver

You are exceptionally gifted and helpful. Thank you for all of your help. I'll keep in touch. Xx! GOD BLESS YOU

KATIANNA From USA On 06/02/2017

The Craic

Had a reading with Sandra roughly a week ago and wanted to add that I thoroughly recommend anyone looking for an insightful,compassionate and intuitive reader ⭐️️

S From Australia On 13/01/2017

Very gifted caring reader

Sandra thank you for the lovely reading today, You're such a warm caring person you really did make me feel better, obviously picking up on how low I was feeling. You gave me a prediction of contact within the next few days which I was very skeptical about and I wasn't even hoping for as it's been months. You were right. I received a lovely gift and message this afternoon, out of the blue, just as you described it! I will be calling you again as it really was a pleasure to speak to you and I felt so much better when I put the phone down. Thank you xx

K From UK On 12/09/2016

What a great lady thank you for the reassurance will definitely call again for more guidance x

C From SE London On 12/09/2016

A beautiful person!!

Sandra.Thankyou.As always,you give me strength to trust. A reason to not close the door. I will call with news in the warmer months xx

Deb From Alice Springs, Australia. On 09/08/2016

Good reading

Thank you,you definately pick up everything that is happening.I don't regret talking to you. Million stars xxxxxxxxx

Brenda From U.K. On 01/08/2016

Great reading

Sandra is a no nonsense reader but very kind and empathic. Very non judgemental but gets straight to the point. Thank you Sandra I feel much clearer now

Anya From London On 10/06/2016

Thank you

Sandra can't thank you enough for my reading! You truly are a beautiful person and have restored my faith! I will try not to worry and keep the faith knowing things will work out for me! You are on top of my list with some of my other favourite readers! God bless love Josie xxoo

J From A On 31/05/2016

Amazing!! A hundred stars!!

Thankyou Sandra. It was absolutely meant to be. You were so incredibly clear and accurate! I feel even stronger than before. As one of the reviews highlights,I am reconsidering you as one of my new favourites! I will call again soon xo

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 22/04/2016


Thank you for your very quick reading on my love life. I feel much more positive and will continue to not worry. Many thanks :o)

Jess From On 02/04/2016

Amazing X

God bless you are amazing x

Eleni From Australia On 18/01/2016


Hi Sandra this is the second time I have spoken to you and again you were accurate with my reading as you were the first time! Thanks so much for being so understanding and for putting my mind at ease will definitely talk to you again xxoo

J From A On 18/01/2016

Thank you

Thank you Sandra for the beautiful reading. You connected immediately with my situation. God bless

Donatella From Australia On 04/01/2016

Great reader

Thank you so much Sandra! you quickly understood and accurately pinpointed very specific details of a complex situationin my life with no prompting.I'd recommended you to anyone. Thanks

Claire From Lancashire On 28/12/2015

Amazing Reader

I would recommend Sandra to anyone. I call her on a regular basis She connects with me straight away and gives me encouraging advice. She is lovely to talk to and sympathetic to any situation. I always come away from my calls with her feeling uplifted. Definitely a favourite of mine :)

Emma From Perth, Australia On 09/11/2015


I have had many readings with Sandra. She is a wonderful, caring person. Her readings are down to earth and accurate. Thanks for everything Aisha x

Aisha From Manchester On 30/11/-0001


Thank you so much Sandra! you quickly understood and accurately pinpointed very specific details of an extremely complex situation in my life with no prompting. I am as impressed with your highly attuned and sensitive EQ, as well as by your acute psychic abilities. I feel so much better after talking with you, will most definitely be back again, and will be highly recommending you! All my love and thanks, Tx

T From USA On 30/11/-0001

Beautiful Reader

I had a long Reading with Sandra she gave me a detailed reading on what's going on around me at the moment! Very caring and lovely person! Thanks so much Sandra you have put my mind at ease now I can continue getting on with my life and I have a positive outlook in knowing that things will be ok as you were so accurate.....

Jj From Australia On 30/11/-0001

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