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Spot on

Picked up my situastion straight away.gave me some insights of future carea witch sounds interesting lets see if the predictions come true

R From London On 02/02/2019

General read

David is a top bloke...really kind & helpful.He seemed to grasp my situation immediately and the turmoil I was involved in regarding my longterm relationship..ya feel WE WILL COME outta that dark tunnel..blessings star and chat soon you are an angel~☆

Tabitha From Manchester UK On 11/10/2018

Spot on with job info

This guy deserved credit for his work releated readings. I've asked him in mite than one occasion abbot my career and boy does he get it right. Probably not great with love but work he's my go to guy. You almost don't believe his words but then you see it happen and think how did he see it in do much detail???? Thank u!

Me From Here On 26/09/2018


He was polite and read the cards so easily and was so accurate it amazed me. Unfortunately we got cut off but would love a reading with him any time. Thank you David

Pat From Norfolk On 24/08/2018

New way to cook Rabbit!

Strange review title I know but David & I shared a joke about cooking programs & a new method of cooking an old fashion recipe that our mothers used to cook. This man made me feel at ease,his sense of humour matched my own & I found him very funny. He gave me a lovely reading, I felt relaxed which I believe helped the energy to flow freely as what David was telling me made a lot of sense. Thank you David, I didn't get the chance to say that as the meter ran out!

Pauline From Worcestershire On 18/04/2018

Life in general

Thanks for your clear advice and help...I kept getting more minutes found you so helpful with good grasp of the tarot ..chat soon let you know how things go on..thanks David!!...

MANDY H From Burnley UK On 05/04/2018


This is the 2nd review that I have done on David and again he is 100% spot on with the reading that I had and he also showed me a light at the end as well as made me laugh. A genuine warm down to earth soul, an amazing, amazing gentleman. Thank-you David, your one in a million!

Charlene From London On 25/03/2018


Thankyou David for a great reading i look forward Blessings

Avril From SCOTLAND On 28/10/2017


I had a reading today with David and he is absolutely amazing, he was not only 100% spot on with my reading he saw things that I never told him. He was genuine in my reading and he confirmed so much when I didn't need to tell him anything. He is an absolute star, a true and genuine reader with no motive but to help and guide with no nonsense. David is the real deal, nothing less. Thank-you David, ur a star!

Charlene From London On 24/10/2017

Thank you!

Thank your for the reading. Spot on! Each topic we spoke about was insightful and helpful. Really amazing. Appreciate your time.

C From Australia On 26/09/2017

amazing on point, explained everything,

Thanks David i was nervous to speak to a gent as i usually have ladies but you were the most detailed reader i have ever spoken too, you explained the cards really well and gave me dates and tips :) i will call you in october to give you the exciting updates -, thanks so much #bag of spanners ... x

sheena From London On 03/09/2017

Very enlightening

Thank you for a lovely reading it really helped me to gain some focus in my muddled life, very caring and cheerful, I will deffinately recommend a reading from you to my friends on one of our rum nights!

Sabrina From Oxfordshire On 13/08/2017


David is a brilliant reader and a genuine guy. Very accurate!!

E From Uk On 09/06/2017

Do not ring this man

Had a reading am he told me I would meet someone in 3 weeks nd start a relationship with them # I've been in a happy long term relationship also told me I would get a promotion in work # I don't even work also told me I would work away from home a lot # I have small kids so I would be at home more this man is not the real deal do not ring him

Julie From Manchester On 20/05/2017

Update of your reading

Update Sorry I called you three times in one day/week/month. Numerous times after.I guess I was just going thru a real hard time (as usual) and I needed a friend to speak with. You are the first person I thought of to contact. My husband and I are back together after 13 counselling sessions as you guided which was 30 sessions in 6 months.Blessings to you. And you will definitely get the best karma points in your life.

Sureh From United Kingdom On 18/05/2017

Top bloke

Didn't say what I wanted to hear I got honest answers a great laugh what a reading should be like ! Thank you David ! How a reader should be ! Can't understand why you have negative reviews ! Thanks again speak soon x

H From On 15/05/2017

Thank you for a positive reading look forward to the near future hoping what the cards have predicted will come true. Blessings to you

Ann From Australia On 13/05/2017

Totally wrong

I use this site so often, spoken to so many readers but with David he was saying what I wanted to hear! He didn't really understood my situation and it seems like the answers were just made up as he was going along! I wasted my 10 minutes on this call at the end no questions were answered.

Gigi From West Midlands On 02/05/2017


this guy wos soo spot on i couldent believe it...

xamira From sheffie On 30/04/2017

Your timing was totally inaccurate.

L From On 16/04/2017


Wonderful insight into person in question, very gifted reader- looking forward to seeing what occurs in the future with P. Thanks much!

Debbie From NY On 11/04/2017

Totally wrong!!!

David has no idea what he's doing..he just fishes and still gets it wrong!!!

A From Uk On 19/02/2017


I can't believe David hasn't got any reviews and has only been reading for 6 years. He really got to the root of things and understood the situation well. He explained the other person's perspective in detail. He is also very humorous and gave me a much needed laugh. I feel uplifted from this reading. I would definitely recommend calling. Thank you David

K From On 18/02/2017

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