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Perfect connection with Selina. She was able to pick up on my situation and even tho all is very much complicated she gave me the light at the end of the tunnel. I can’t wait... 2 weeks to 2 months!

From On 15/02/2021

Peace and Reality

Speaking to her has brought more clarity to my understanding as to why and what was wrong with my relationship. Her reading and vibration sent healing to my life. She is warm, honest and funny. I speak to so many people on here but Selina is exceptionally full of words of wisdom and strength. I saw my errors in my relationship on my own path and saw what my partner was frustrated about. Selina made me saw this. We come on here to speak to others about what the other person is doing instead of been positive about our life. Thank you Selina let the universe bless you with more. I am lady who's partner who wants to build in the Caribbean.

Terryann From London On 29/12/2020

Very accurate reading

She is very kind and polite,the reading is very true,and makes a lot of sense,and has given me a Good guide,

Mac From Kent On 30/11/2020

To The point , kind , True

Selina was fantastic. Everything she said about me and every part of my life was true. She saved my life. Thank you.

Lily Sherafat From London On 14/09/2020

What a lovely reading this morning, and thanks for being honest and a lovely chat to cheer me up, will phone back soon, take care lovely lady 24/8/20

Susan From On 24/08/2020

I don’t think my review is gonna get posted because it’s negative. But I didn’t enjoy the reading. I thought she was good until I started to tell her my background story and then she started to use it for the reading along with her assumptions which was completely off that I have to hang. Sorry.

From On 13/06/2020

Put my mind at ease

Thank you for the reading today, Selina! Selina was able to tap into the person i was referring to very quickly. She made me see things from a different point of view. That shows that there are several ways of looking at things. What she said resonated with me and the person i was talking about. I could totally imagine him thinking the way Selina explained. I am glad i spoke to her today. She put my mind at ease and also provided re assurance. Will definitely call her again

G From Sydney On 04/05/2020

Really good

The reading flowed and I was told to expect positive changes in the near future. Fingers crossed

Leighbless From London On 13/04/2020

Amazing reading

Levy lady Amazing reading ...can’t wait for the prediction to come though Barbara x

From On 24/03/2020

Amazing Lady

Had a reading with Selina today. She gave me a very positive reading and helped to calm my fears. Thank you so much for your time and for listening to me rant :) Take care and speak soon x

From UK On 09/02/2020

Experienced and genuine reader

Thank you for your interpretation of the situation. A couple of good validations. Seems time is not right now and things are not right to move forward. I appreciate that!

DCR From CT On 26/01/2020


I had a wonderful reading with Selina today. She is described my ex to the t and gave me a lot of reassurance and positivity about my future. Thank you so much Selina. Speak soon. xx

Ann From Scotland On 16/11/2019


I feel I was guided to Selina today. I had chosen another reader who wasn't unavailable and I was put through to Selina. I am so happy that I was! She picked up on my situation straightaway, described where I would be moving to and was very spot on with my situation. I loved my reading and will definitely be back. Thanks so much for putting my mind at rest, Selina.

Lynne From Medway On 11/11/2019

good advice

Thankyou Selina for listening,tuning in, and having a really good talk! Just what I needed...excellent advice xxx

Kay From South-west England On 12/10/2019

Not sure

She was lovely enough to speak to very polite but told me the complete opposite of what other readers have said so I guess time will tell

From On 06/10/2019


Sellina was so lovely and picked up on my situation very quickly.. She was a really good lisner and I am so sorry I got cut off so quickly

Alan From UK On 20/09/2019

Lovely lady

Selina didn'/ waste time s straight to the point and a lovely lady to speak to. Hope pr reductions come to pass

From On 08/08/2019

Thank you Selina

Thanks so much for listening and for the reading. I'll wait for the shy guy to get in touch like you say.

Emmy From London On 24/06/2019

Very good!

Picked up on unspoken things and the nature of my situation unprompted, would definitely recommend

Jay From Midlands UK On 15/05/2019


Thank you for tapping into the heart of the matter regarding my situation with the gentleman I’m dating. I appreciate your insights.

From On 04/02/2019


Selina gave a good Reading picked straight away looking forward to next few months see what plans out I'll be back with an update

R From London On 04/02/2019

You were right!

I had a lovely reading with Selina yesterday. I'd actually selected another reader but it went to her, so it was a lovely stroke of luck (clearly meant to be!). From the very beginning I felt at ease, she listened to anything I had to say (which wasn't much initially, as she picked up on a fair bit with accuracy and without prompting). A wonderful reading, great insight and intuition, and such a beautiful warm energy about her. Thank you so very much. I will call back with an update (although you were right, I heard back!). And I hope you enjoyed your shopping trip! :) x

Dee From Melbourne, Australia On 30/01/2019

You were right!

I had a lovely reading with Selina this evening. I’d actually selected another reader but it went through to her - clearly meant to be! From the beginning of the reading I felt at ease and she picked up on the situation. A WONDERFUL reading. Thank you so much Selina. (You were right, I heard back!). I hope you enjoyed your shopping trip ha ha x

Dee From Melbourne, Australia On 29/01/2019

positive energy

Selina was so positive and kind, she concentrated on the future and did not dwell on the past, although she knew I had been through so much without me saying. Very detailed reading. Lovely and empathetic reader

Mia From Kent On 11/12/2018

Great reading

Selina delivered a spot on reading. I was very impressed. Nice lady too.

L From Australia On 03/12/2018


Selina tuned into the way I was feeling immediately and was gentle in her approach and very kind . She gave me a very accurate reading getting people's personalities spot on and also my past and current situation. She definitely knew what was going on and I felt so much better during and after the reading . Thank you so much Selina.. you have helped me through and comforted me as I was very anxious. I will be contacting selina again once things have progressed for me or during any time of uncertainty. Thank you Selina .

Rita Williams From lincs On 01/11/2018

SPOT ON reading!!

Selina is so gentle and honest with her reading - picked up the situation clearly and gave me an understanding where things are at and how it will unfold. Will hang in there in the meantime...

From On 08/10/2018


Great reading, highly recommended. Very accurate and without any prompting. Thank you for the giggles and I will definitely call you back.

M From London On 04/08/2018


Lovely lady.. pick up on my situation.. answer all questions with no hesitation.. thanks again selina

V From Essex On 25/07/2018

First time speaking to Selina and it won't be the last. Very accurate on what she picked up. She is lovely to speak to and very sincere.

From On 16/07/2018

Lovely lady and very positive

This lady is an absolute joy to talk to, Thank you for my predictions, and the honesty on them. I really enjoyed my talk with you. Money well spent. Cannot wait for things to happen.

Miss Palmer From East Midlands, UK. On 09/07/2018

Beautiful lady

Had a lovely reading with Salina today. She was spot on with her cards, her interpretations and her insights. Felt comforted and relaxed and after speaking with her. Love and blessings to Salina Xx

Denise From Somerset On 24/05/2018


I had a wonderful and insightful reading with Selena today. I gave no information at all and she picked up on the situation after only a few minutes. Really excellent and supportive reading. I will call her back.

Suki From London On 13/05/2018

Lovely person and very kind approach. Love you

J From On 17/04/2018

Real reader and lovely lady

thank you Selina, excellent reading, love from a fellow reader ;) xxx

From Glasgow On 13/03/2018

Great insight

Another lovely reading with Selina tapping right in and being able to tell me how the land lies. Very helpful - many thanks.

Lynda From Perth On 05/03/2018

Thank you. x

Thank you for reassuring me of a situation after another reader on here was way way out on my guy's personality etc etc. Thank you for explaining in the way a reader should. I would come back here. x

From Scotland On 28/01/2018


Fabulous connection - great insight and VERY helpful guidance. many're a star!

Lynda From P On 01/01/2018


You told me that I should not loose any sleep over a quite serious situation as it would be resolved in my favour. I still couldn't sleep but you were 100% right it got resolved and I can now sleep well again. Thank you for your true psychic gifts.

AC From England On 22/12/2017

Clear, accurate and insightful

Thank you for sharing that this Xmas will be significant. A positive step forward. Looking forward to it, and the ensuing relationship. Many thanks.

Lynda From Perth On 26/10/2017


One of the best out here she is taking my journey with me and guiding me and supporting me along the way. Picking me up when I am feeling down and always great to giggle with! I totally trust her insights and value her compassion and guidance! xoxoxo

B From USA On 04/09/2017

Felt validated! genuine expressions of empathy for my situation

Hi Selina, Thankyou for the understanding reading.. I found it hard to try and explain my feelings and situations leading to my intense inner discomfort and lack of contentment. I felt a lot better after further discussing my story/stories! Sorry we were disconnected .. I look forward to speaking with You again soon Selina. Thankyou for your gift of light and understanding. I wish you much love & many blessings

Kerryn 11 From Perth Western Australia On 28/07/2017


Loved her, cannot wait to call her end of the month and confirm her prediction.

Beeta From London On 18/07/2017


had an amazing reading from Selina could of talked all night. Selina helped me so much with my situation and gave me lots of guidance. Thanks selina x

Sophie From Liverpool On 10/07/2017

Good comforting Reading

Positive reading. Selina was able to pick of my situation without asking any questions and managed to tune into my current situation and give useful advice. I liked that she did not ask me to give a summary of my situation before she could tell anything I strongly recommend her.

Rose From UK On 30/06/2017


Very honest reading. Insightful and Acurate. Please don't ask for times... very difficult! Will definitely have another reading.

E From South West On 28/06/2017

Response to Anna

Dear Anna I am so sorry you felt my reading for you was vague. All the readers on this site work in different ways and I work with the Druid craft Tarot deck, I can work with my cards in such a way that they tell me what I need to relay to you, I cannot however get into the mind of the person you were enquiring about, which is predominantly what you were wanting. I am happy to confirm there are many readers on Trusted Psychics that can offer you such a service and can confirm from personal experience that they are very good. Love and Light always. Selina x

Selina From On 26/06/2017

Thank you for your help, you really lifted my spirits and showed me the path to follow. Anne

From On 26/06/2017

So confused

She may be good for some but she made me so upset by being so vague . She is not as good of a reader as people think . I think she knows how to talk that is it.

Anna Z From US On 26/06/2017

Came across as a lovely person, very easy to talk to, unfortunately reading left me with a lot of unanswered queries

Jacqui From Uk On 25/06/2017

So sweet

I added more time and could have talked all day. So compassionate and friendly and understanding. Felt like we've known each other for years! Thanks for your encouragement today. I will find my patience once again!

B From USA On 21/06/2017

I just loved the reading!

My time ran out! I enjoyed talking to you so much. I will keep you posted!! And I hope you keep the strength you have found and keep moving forward, trusting in when the time is right xx

Thankyou!! From Alice Springs, Australia On 06/06/2017


I would have to say that Selina is one of the best readers on this site as well as Guy. Selina is so easy to talk to , very clear and very spot on with what's happening and also tells u things that are going on and not just based on general sayings as a lot have done before . She is also very friendly and such a lovely person to talk to and so happy that I have come across Selina and will be definitely checking in every 3 to 6 months for a reading , there are a lot of fake ones on here and I can guarantee that u would be very happy and definitely get a great insight for the current situation that your in. I have spoken to a lot of Physics and Selina is the real deal. Selina I want to thank u so much and I wish u all the best on your journey as well and will be thinking of u and many blessings to u . Rose xx

Rose From Australia On 21/04/2017

Very Supportive

A lovely reading from a lovely lady. Intuitive,sensitive and compassionate. Altogether a very calming and reassuring experience. Thank you for your honesty.

Stephen From Cambridgeshire On 10/04/2017


Oh Selina, I'm sorry we got cut off.. Could've Talked all night! We connected straight away and I laughed so much I truly believe your reading will evolve and I promise we will speak again In the meantime, may all good things come to you Your made my night xxx

Anna From Australia On 08/04/2017

Gifted and Special

Thanks for all the support and readings.. you are really gifted.. it was special to speak with you.. always happy and positive and know how to lift your mood ..and i m sure your predictions will be true too as u r so gifted . thanks a lot


Selina is amazing to talk to. She put me at ease. Such a friendly spirit. She is detailed in her readings and takes her time to listen. Call her!!

Carma81 From On 30/03/2017

Lovely reader

What a kind compassionate and patient reader she is. Just had one of those telling off type readings and felt quite down as if everything was my fault, and then I rang Selina and it was so calming - yes her reading was positive but she was more like a counsellor in helping me to see why sometimes I do get negative and how I can help myself to not be that way. Thank you Selina, you are lovely xx

Ires From Melbourne On 30/03/2017

Honest and Accurate Reader

Had a great reading with Selina , she articulates what she sees so well. She is positive and was spot on with alot of things she saw regarding my situation . I definitely recommend Selina as a trust worthy honest reader.

Victoria From London On 24/03/2017

Honest and Accurate Reader

Had a great reading with Selina , she articulates what she sees so well. She is positive and was spot on with alot of things she saw regarding my situation . I definitely recommend Selina as a trust worthy honest reader.

Victoria From London On 23/03/2017


It was so nice to speak to u , sorry we got cutt off as i had no balance... yesterday was nice too ... thanks a lot its good to have friend to talk too ... thanks again


A Great and Thorough Reader

She really is very good , it was pleasure to speak to you .. I am glad... u r amazing person thanks for you counselling and compassionate and warm attitude towards some tricky questions... u r amazing person thanks a lot



I was feeling very upset after a break up, I lost all hope of a reconciliation- until Selina gave me hope. - this changed everything. She knew things about the man in question which I did not reveal, she explained my cards were 'amazing' and it literally transformed my mood and gave me such hope. Selina was understanding, honest and empathetic. I would highly recommend this reader. Laura

LAURA From Kent On 15/03/2017


Thank you so much for your brilliant reading I felt so reassured after You were so spot on with everything you said I'm excited To see how everything turns out After what you have told me this evening Xx

Kerry From Birmingham On 15/03/2017

Very goid reading

Firstly im so sorry i got cut off, i stupidly mistyped first digit of my card num..thank you for such an accurate reading, you git the situation spot on. Lovely and patient oerson to talk to. Thank you again. Take care x

J From London On 14/03/2017

Fabulous Lady

What a fantastic reading. Selena gave me excellent advice on my situation that has really got me thinking. Maybe this might be possible with your help Selena.. I'll be back to let you know how it goes .. Thank you! x

Sandra From AYRSHIRE On 13/02/2017

Informative and very enjoyable

Selina very quickly picked up my situation and gave me very positive future guidance Having spoken to manyreaders on this line I was well impressed with her insight and how she endorsed some of her colleagues from a personal point of view. They had all given similar readings which backed up Selina"s reading. Also a lovely warm lady and easy to chat with. I would highly recommend.

Annette From Uk On 06/02/2017

Excellent - 5 stars!!!!!

Thank you Selina What a lovely lady, and described everything, feelings, emotions, personality traits to a tea!!! Will definitely come back to this lovely reader!!! xx

Claire From Wales On 04/02/2017

Accurate and compassionate

Great reading, accurate and very compassionate reader

Ruth From London On 25/01/2017

Accurate & Patient

Selina was very positive and accurate. She was honest and compassionate ,at the same time. She is an awesome lady. She gave me great insight that I needed to hear. She was able to give me the insight that I needed. Selina was very inspirational as well. Thanks a million! I will definitely call you in the future and recommend you to family & friends.

Keysha From USA On 23/01/2017


Caring uplifting compassionate lovely reader genuine God Bless Helena 9/11/16

Helena From North East England On 09/11/2016

Fantastic Reader

Helped me with a situation that I can only describe as one That has been troubling me for some time,thank you Selina for helping me essentially help myself to make the changes,would recommend anyone to give Selina a call ??

John P From Scotland,United Kingdom On 15/08/2016

Very accurate

Very positive, very accurate reading. Lovely lady will definitely call again thank you

Amber R. From South east On 10/08/2016

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