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Run out on minutes! Thank you for reading. Very informative and clear . Lots of guidance x

Mairita From On 05/02/2019


This lady is truly outstanding she picks up so much information without asking questions. Bang on with all the validations. Hope I will get the chance to speak to this caring gifted lady again as I know she is so busy. x

Tina From UK On 28/01/2019

Amazing reader

I love talking to Cosmika, what an amazing reader, so polite, so full of positivity and solutions as she reads. She has been very accurate for what she has said to me, and then been revealed at a later date that what she has said is true. Amazing how she sees the picture. I love talking to her.

Kylie From Australia On 18/01/2019


Cosmika picked up on something I hadn't even mentioned..and was so very accurate it was stunning. She is such a lovely lady as well. Many thanks, Cosmika.

Anon From UK On 16/01/2019


Very insightful reading, lots of predictions and picks up on the situation fast & accurate. No hestitating just straight into it without any questions! Brilliant x

Anon From Kent On 09/01/2019


Absolutely one of the best readers. Absolutely accurate, kind, caring, positive. Amazing reader. Thank you, much gratitude for you.

From Australia On 30/12/2018


The ultimate women!!! Gobsmacked! Absolutely gobsmacked.

Lan From On 11/12/2018

Spot on.Bless you and your guides and Angelic assistance.

J From On 20/11/2018


You don't have to say a word , she just tunes in! Thank you so much. Extremely special women!

Lana From On 20/11/2018

Amazing reader

So lovely speaking to you and so much information an amazing reader and i would highly recommend her very intuitive. The best reader ive ever had. Fingers crossed for my predictions

Emma From London On 24/10/2018

Lovely Reader

I liked her. She sees bizarre things but she pieces it altogether and I like that, she is so honest about it. Fingers crossed for the predictions xx

From Edinburgh On 28/09/2018

Thank you

Sorry didn’t have the chance to thank you. All great as always x

BahA From London On 12/09/2018

Thank you

Once again thank you for your time and insight, xx

Baha From London On 04/09/2018

Good first reading

Hi Cosmika. Sorry i ran out of funds before i could thank you. I wish we could talk more. It was a very interesting reading and very insightful. Thank you

Justin From Melbourne On 30/08/2018


Thank you. Sorry we got cut off. You were really quick to pick up on things and confirmed my thoughts about certain people in my life. Also, looking forward to predictions. Thank you again, K

From On 24/08/2018

Thank you

We spoke a lot as always and thank you for your patience, I will update you. X

Baha From Uk On 20/08/2018


So good got every bit of this complicated story

From On 13/08/2018

Great as always

Thank you Cosmica, mins went off. You’re great and will be extremely busy soon by these reviews but you deserve it! Also you’re such a lovely and compationate soul! Thank you

Baha From Uk On 17/07/2018

Very accurate

Predictions have come to pass, and she is just so accurate! Unbelievable! Thank you so much x

Baha From Uktahb On 11/07/2018

Very Good reading. Deep insight .

Very good, indepth reading and clear understanding of a somewhat complicated situation. The line kept cutting out at times, but good reading. Would recommend.

Wini From UK On 28/06/2018

Ver consistent.

I've had 3 readings with this lovely lady now and she hasn't deviated at all. You'll enjoy a reading with her as she puts her heart and soul into it.She'll pick up on things that only you know to be true. She'll amaze you...ring her.

Ronnie From Berkshire On 22/05/2018


Such a lovely person to speak to me. Tuned into every detail impeccably! Thank you so much Cosmika! Very special lady

Helanah From York On 22/05/2018

Quite good s

She picked up on things quite well . Impressive. I was sceptical about low amount of reviews. I’m glad I talked to her , she started to pick up vibes after 1 minute so give readers time to get messages clearly. I do recommend, picked up information quite well . Told me things she couldn’t physically know.

Marita From London On 17/04/2018


She's a diamond and is going to be very busy, very soon. So intuitive and insightful. Brilliant lady and very succint in her delivery of your situation. X

Ronnie From Berkshire On 11/04/2018

Very good

This lady was spot on with whatever she said and as we got into the reading a bit more she started getting some info/images which all made sense. I spoke to her for 2 hrs I guess and was all worth it. She did not sugar coat anything and was very straight forward. I did not have a chance to say thank you, she’s definately worth a try!

Baha From London On 08/04/2018


Thank you, amazing

Claire From Edinburgh On 08/04/2018

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