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Very Happy

Dear Jo You are Amazing i spoke to you in April 2018 you were spot on regarding my ex i found someone better and we are moving in together and she makes me so happy it funny how table can turn just like you said you are a true genuine psychic. sorry for the late review x

Fernandez From london On 02/02/2019

Wonderful Reader

Thank you Jo for the wonderful reading you gave me couple of days ago I will definitely keep you posted regarding your predictions you've given me You have beautiful energy about you thank you so much god bless Xx

Andrea From United kingdom On 21/01/2019

Good reader

Excellect Reader she is very very good at her job she will never suger coat stright to the point which i like i will up date you soon regarding my love situation. x

leena From England On 11/01/2019


Amazing reader. Picks up on the situation very quickly and tells you as it is!! No sugar coating or time wasting!! Looking forward to the predictions unfolding.

Mark From OS On 08/01/2019


Top class psychic and a genuine soul you will never sugar coat or give fault hope about my situation you have also said being positive will give me positive results and i did that and now i am feeling sooo much better about my life thank jo you are lovely psychic.

mina From london On 06/01/2019

Excellect Reader

You are a Fantastic reader i love speaking to you your energy so pure your so hard to get hold off as your always busy.

mel From uk On 06/01/2019

Great reader

Hello Jo I would like to thank you for the reading you gave me few days ago your Reading are like am talking to a friend your very calm and non judgemental u have lovely Energy also he did contact me like you said i was over reacting to my situation i will ring you in 3months time for an update Lots of love Marco Xx

Marco From uk On 03/01/2019

Excellect Reader

Dear jo I have had many reading from you even if just to get some advice you are a true genuine soul i worked on my self for year now and i am feeling so much better thanks to your support i took action i got some help regarding my life style i am feeling so healthy and my life is back on track i even lost weight and i feeel dam good about my self because i took action i am glad i listen to your advice now i am getting married in july thank to all your support you are a true gem xxxx

fay From United kingdom On 02/01/2019


Hello Jo i would like to say you are a brilliant reader your so calm and a great listner,i will recommend you to my friends to come on this site. thank you for all your support i will be calling you very soon for an update x

edna From uk On 12/12/2018

Good reader

Thank you jo for the great reading i had with you few days ago, lets see what happens with my love situation i will update you soon.

pooja From uk On 12/12/2018

very good

You Are Amamzing Psychic you said alot things that no other psychic pick up on, your Energy is so beautiful am not superised why your always busy, you did say alot things to me and one of your predictions happend but not on the time frame but it was a week later which is fine, i shall update you in 2019 finger cross everything else happens. love deva x

deva From london,uk On 10/12/2018

Excellent reader/psychic and very kind

I had a pleasure to have a reading with Jo and I was so happy I got through. She is so kind and sweet, spot on accurate about the situation I was calling about. Thank you Jo!

From Australia On 09/12/2018

very good

your prediction happend there was a delay but it happend few days after Well done you are great, i shall be calling you very soon for another great reading keep up the great work. Richard x

richard From london,uk On 07/12/2018


Well what can i say You were right about my situation and i took action and i changed it around thanks to your Wonderful advice Your so hard to get hold of you must be popular hence why your always busy please do come on line so i can have another reading two of your prediction happend one was new job and 2nd one was Love life i am just waiting on the rest fingers cross. thank you Jo

abbi From England On 07/12/2018


Amazing Amazing Amazing Thank you soooo much you are one top psychic i have spoken too i know i was talking alot but you actully took the time to listen to me that really touch my heart not many people do that i shall be rining you again soon for an update love lin X

Lin From london On 03/12/2018

Birthday girl

Hi Jo, just spoke to yoh today on 10/07/18. My birthday is on Tuesday and you said I would get contact for my birthday.. I am really hoping you are right because you somehow made me feel very confident and happy. Will say what you told me to say when the clock hits 11:11. Will update you if prediction comes through...

M From US On 07/10/2018


Truly amazing and incredibly accepting reading. Thank you, Jo! x

L From London On 11/08/2018

The best

Hi Jo I had sucha an amazing reading with you few days ago, you picked up on my situation without me telling you anything. Thank you for your help you really put my mind at ease i do trust what you said to me i am going focus on what really matters and i am going try my very best to be positive. will update you in a few months finger cross x Love&Light M xx

M From England On 30/06/2018

very good

Just want to say thank you for all your help you have given me Jo you are a very good reader I Am looking forward to your predictions. I will be back for another reading from you love & Light CC

C From australia On 28/06/2018

very good

"Outstanding" I have had many reading in the past with others Psychics but Jo she has hit the nail she is really good at what she does. I Never Believed what jo said would come true because of the reading i have had with other psychics but alot of things jo has predicted came true she is mind blowing and spot on I Will update you soon regarding the rest of your predictions also i must say you are so hard to get hold of plz do log on abit more XxX

H From london On 27/06/2018


Tried and tried to get her. Eventually did. Amazing all made sense will update with predictions

From On 25/05/2018

Thank You

Dear Jo i had a very good reading with you in january 2018 you did say to me in april i would get some good news regarding my job well i did you are very very good at your job now i am waiting on the rest of your predictions lets see what happens i will be in touch soon x

sophie From australia On 01/05/2018


Jo is one of the best readers that I have spoken to & I have spoken to a number of readers! A truly talented person. Thank you for your non-judgmental guidance. Euphoric!!

Peter From Sydney On 20/04/2018

thank you

Few months ago i had a lovely readings with jo she is very positive and i said to her i would update her well i have some wonderful news for you the predictions you gave me manifested and i still can't believe it am in total shock i got the job and my realtionship is back on track anyways i have not seen you on line or your busy hope your still working on hear i will be comeing back to you very soon love and light godbless xx ray ray

Ray From United kingdom On 06/04/2018

thank you

Thank You very much for your Reading it was lovely talking to you and i felt alot more positive after i got off the phone to you x

naysha From On 07/03/2018


Dear jo i wanted to give you feed back about my reading i had few you few weeks ago i would like to apologize for putting the phone down on you i must say you were right about my situation and i was not ready to hear the truth what i like about jo is you will not sugercoat your very direct and honest and one of your prediction came by and it came early like you said. thank you jo i will be in contact again speak soon

From uk On 07/03/2018

Ace :D

Omggggg One Word Amazinggggg i am very shocked and happy and very greatfull i got to speak to you your a busy Lady so its hard to get through to you can you pleaae log on abit more soooo i can speak to you Love u My Angel xxxxxxxxxxx

From uk On 07/03/2018


hello jo i really wanted to say thank you for all your support you have given me through these past weeks i have followed everything you said to me OMGGG it actully worked your sucha a positive person and a beautiful soul i really enjoyed talking to you actully you put my mind at ease i can have good night sleep without stressing about my partner we have now sorted things out and you were right when two people are meant to be together no one can separate them i am very lucky i spoke to you soooo glad your working on this website i have spoken to many Psychics but your reading was soooo Spot on your are my Angel Your a blessing i really hope god Gives you everything you want In life am in tears while i am writing this Reviews am still in shock xLove And Lightx Shaz

Shazzy From london On 06/03/2018

hello i just wanted to say thank you for my reading tc

paul From United kingdom On 05/03/2018

Excellect Reader

Wow Wow Wow my first ever psychic reading i am shocked about how accurate jo was i never thought in a million years i would speak to a psychic i am sooo happy right now sorry for the late review but Jo you are my number one so far dont ever leave this website

sim From london On 04/03/2018

Great reader

thank you jo for my reading i will be in touch soon to let you no what happends godbless

sammy From United kingdom On 04/03/2018

great reader

well few days ago i had a reading with jo and she was spot about my ex boyfriend she told me i would get contact and i did so i thought i would write you a message and let u no the outcome thank u so much x

jasmine From u On 28/02/2018

very good

jo just wanted to let you know your prediction happend on valentines day i got contact from my ex and now we are taking it slow like you said i hardly seen you on line or your busy on line everytime i want a reading hope to talk to u soon you are the best Jo keep it up :)

lisa .k From United kingdom On 27/02/2018

really happy

when i had my first reading with jo few months back i didt no what to expect i have had many reading by other psychics but jo was mindblowing she will tell you how it is with no fairytale the things she picked up on that no one knew about but me jo has given me hope and see life in a different way also few of your prediction have come by just waiting on the rest jo is amazing happy person i hope god alway bless you with everything you want you are a genuine psychic i will becoming to u for another reading in a few months time love and light xx

chez From United kingdom On 27/02/2018

wow wow

i remember you said to me only leave you a review if your predictions happend two of ur prediction have come to pass thank you very much jo i will be coming back to you very soon for another reading xxx

kel From australia On 19/02/2018


your prediction happend just like you said thank you my dear will be updating you soon for the others x

nadia From On 11/02/2018


I had a reading with jo few days ago Omg she was spot on with everything that was going on with my ex and my career one thing that stood about jo she will tell you how it is no suger coating she is right nothing in life is set stone prediction can change i honestly will be coming fot a reading again. thank you sooo much Jo you are a star x

K From uk On 11/02/2018


my reading was spot on jo is very down to earth and tells you how it is without sugercoating thank you so much will update you very soon xx

k From australia On 10/02/2018

very good

i cant believe how good you are at your job no sugercoats just too the point will update you very soon

steven From uk On 27/01/2018


thank you Jo will update you soon xxx

mita From uk On 25/01/2018


At Fist i was abit confused by what jo was telling me but now eveything makes sence I am so glad i had spoken to you you are a true psychic

k From australia On 25/01/2018


Jo is very good picked up on everythn wthout any clues

B From Ireland On 24/01/2018

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