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Excellent reading

Snow thank you so much for the reading you just gave me regarding a certain gentleman in my life. You have given me a lot of clarity and confirmed what I was already thinking. I’m sorry we got cut off, I ran out of credit. I will definitely call you again when I need further guidance.

Sharon From London On 25/01/2019

Amazing Reader, Highly Recommend

Thanks for a great reading Snow...

Emma From Australia On 17/01/2019


A very honest and straightforward reader who picked up quickly and described people really accurately. I found the reading a great help because I knew as a reader myself how on point she was. No time wasting, very easy to talk to and a lot of compassion. Thank you Snow

Sonya From Oxon On 15/01/2019

Beautiful lady

What a nice soul !!! Beautiful reading really comforting!!

R From Sydney On 12/01/2019

Great Reader

Snow is an amazing reader, very informative and right on. Very encouraging and truthful. Extremely intuitive. A combination of practical sense and strong intuition. Amazing. I highly recommend snow!!!

Christine From Boston On 04/01/2019


Friendly, accurate, intelligent and uplifting! Will provide you with the clarification you need!!

Mark From Australia On 18/12/2018

Great reading indeed!

Thank you so much - you have given me renewed hope and purpose. Great validations and insight into the situation.

Lyn From o/s On 07/12/2018


From On 25/11/2018

Enlightening as always

Thank you Snow as always you can get into different peoples psyche's.

M From Hertfordshire On 24/10/2018


Im not a big fan of tarot readings because i feel like alot of psychics just give u a reading based on face value of cards.snow was different she shuffled and dealt without me having to say stop or pick a pile (i hate that because i feel like im not relaxed enough to feel connected) she also read the cards and her used her psychic ability and when her reading lead to another question shed tune in more to find the answers. So precise too. She also doesnt waffle on or try keep u on unnecessarily she was very quick. Thank u snow

From On 07/10/2018


Thank you so much for the positive reading you made me feel so much better and confident! A lovely kind and gentle lady I would definitely recommend! God bless you xxxx

Ana From On 30/09/2018


Extremely accurate. Lovely lady— keeps going until she finds the answers. Well worth the wait to get through. Thank you snow xx

Anon From Uk On 16/09/2018


Thank you, amazing!

Claire From Edinburgh On 15/09/2018

Spot on!

Accurate, lovely and worth talking to.. Couldn't believe she picked up on so much. Thank you Snow! x

Sandra From UK On 14/09/2018

Spot on

Told me things that were happening in my life without me even saying anything, she was spot

From On 06/09/2018


Snow is my go to reader shes so amazing

Barbara From Belfast On 05/09/2018

lovely lady & Truthful

she totally amazing lady and she pick up on everything right way. she is really worth taking in touch with. she can tell you everything you need to know. Thank you so much for you time and the truth.x

dee From derby uk On 31/08/2018

Top reader

I've had a couple of readings off of snow over the last couple of years. She's a genuine, caring and funny person who gets her teeth right into your reading and doesn't give up until she's gotten all the details you need. One of the best readers on this line xx

Jax From U.K. On 19/08/2018


Fantastic reader, so accurate. Give her a call.

Mel From Sydney On 14/08/2018


This lady knows her stuff, Not sure why she is not getting that many reviews. She is among the top readers. She was able to tune into the two men who are around me and give me in-depth analysis and information regarding them. A very honest reader and thorough as well. Give her a go. You will not be disappointed. I shall be contacting you soon for updates. Love and light. Xx

From Australia On 10/08/2018


Love snows readings shes Great

B From Ireland On 09/08/2018


She's exceptionally good, Very good connection. One of the best. Highly recommended! I will be in touch soon Blessings. X

Anita From Australia On 03/08/2018

Wow amazing

Snow thank you so much for my ready today. It was amazing you got everything spot on about the 2 men around me. I will update you when I find out what my ex wants from me. You are a lovely person and extremely good at what you do. Thanks again xx

Tara From Sussex On 02/08/2018


Quick to tune in and accurate. Will call again

Mary From Adelaide On 21/07/2018

I just love snows readings ❤

From On 22/06/2018


Very good connection and incisive. Insight into my present complicated situation and predicted outcomes Even brought up a past relationship she could not possibly have known about. Reading was to the point, no messing about and stuck to her guns even though I had my doubts about certain things. Would recommend. Would recommend.

Wini From London On 03/05/2018

Lovely reader

Have had a few readings on this site. Snow's reading was the best ever! Worth every penny wish I could have had longer, thank you

Jaqui From Scotland On 21/04/2018

very good reader

highly recommended!

Ana From London On 07/04/2018

Wonderful Reader!

I have had a couple of readings with Snow. What a wonderful reader and a lovely person too! Her readings are very clear - no messing about and we had a few giggles along the way. The 2nd reading was consistant with the 1st and each time she picked up on a very complicated situation. She cares enough to try and get to the root and I love the way she pulls the cards out throughout to validate what she says. She was spot on! Thank you Snow! xxx Definitely give her a go you won't be disappointed.

Felicity From UK On 04/04/2018

Fantastic !

From UK On 03/03/2018

great informative reading

Thank you very much. A great amount of detail - good validations, interesting guidance and altogether a quality read.. Thank you

Lynda From Perth On 11/02/2018

Great picked up on everything?

From On 25/01/2018

Amazing - Thank you

Asked my name that was it then boom straight into the reading, spot on with everything. She looked deeper into situations to get a more accurate reading and delivered it in such a caring and professional way. Thank you Snow for your kind words and reassurance, give her a ring you won’t be disappointed x

- From Uk On 21/01/2018

Brilliant, brilliant, brillian

Ask no questions apart from your name. Top class reader. I am amazed by her knowledge. I am still in shock a week later.

Mscuriosity From London On 20/01/2018

Wow my reading was great, this lady is amazing, I feel great just talking with Snow, this lady is spot on

Sally From Australia On 12/01/2018

She knows her stuff

This lady discusses with you but tells you the truth not just what you want to hear.

From On 07/01/2018


I asked for a general reading as I’m fed up asking for relationship readings as I feel that’s giving the reader a heads up! After saying a few things she picked up on my ex and how things are/were and I was pretty blown away. I would say it was a very good reading and we had a few giggles along the way. Would defiantly speak to her again. Many thanks Snow

Tracie From Shropshire On 07/01/2018

this lady is amazing

Snow thank you. I could just hug you. Although the situation was complicated you picked it up and i am happy with everything, i didnt have to explain myself. And yes i will follow my intuition..xxoo lots of love

Amreeta From sydney Australia On 05/01/2018

Honest & Accurate - Impressed

Snow, spoke to you 31/12/17 and apologies got cut off without saying thanks - much appreciat. Reading was very good & appreciate your honesty in the no win situation. Know you right & believe prediction will happen but choice with me. Lots of best wishes for 2018 & May the force (the good of course) be always with you. Thanks Maudie

Maudie From London On 31/12/2017

If you don't choose Snow, you're wasting your pennies!!!

The most accurate, easy to talk to, no rubbish, no rudeness, perfect predictions, incredible ability to see all!!! If only I talked to you earlier Snow, I would have saved sooooooo much money and time. Thank you. I can finally breathe!

Sarah From Australia On 31/12/2017

Great intuition!

Snow was brilliant and very precise with her reading. Great intuition and ability to pick up energy and connecting really well. I hope to get her again! Fingers crossed!

Sharon From London On 24/11/2017

Lovely lady

Very down to earth and easy to talk to. Will tell you the truth in a nice way. Kind soul and accurate. She really does help you to heal Thankyou snow

A From East Sussex On 19/11/2017

Great Reading

Snow picked up on a lot of things that have happened to me recently with accuracy in relation to people and my feelings towards the situation. Gave good insight as to what may be ahead.

D From Sydney On 25/10/2017

Lovely lady

Wow amazing reading and a lovely lady to speak to. Was able to accurately describe people and situations.

D from Sydney From On 24/10/2017

The Best By Far

My first time with Snow- an amazing lady with some very deep insight into the problem which she identified straight away and in great depth. Looking forward to the developments. The best by far! Thank you Snow!!

Jane From Leicestershire On 01/10/2017

So lovely and helpful and really has strong abilities

Thank you so much for such a lovely reading, you really made me feel at ease and i do believe in what you said, i will definitely be calling back to let you know how it goes. Thank you so much

Olivia From UK On 01/10/2017


Had a reading with snow exellent

Tiger From South yorks On 12/08/2017


I was put through to Snow and I must admit I loved speaking to her. It was like chatting to a friend but with great insight, she cared enough to get to the root and not just read off her cards. She understood but was so kind in explaining. I rate her and was happy I got straight anwsers to my questions. More readers like snow please!

S From London On 06/08/2017

knows what shes doing ! fab

shes brilliant , knows what shes doing ,straight to the point no messing about with trying to fill time.she will talk about you ,not like some readers who tell you their life,im not paying for that ,so this lady is a breath of fresh air . i even paid for more minutes . thankyou

tracey From devon On 06/08/2017

Love her!

This was my second reading with Snow and I just love the way she pulls the cards throughout our conversation and they are always spot on for my situation. Very lighthearted and easy to talk to and so reassuring. The best!!!

B From USA On 05/08/2017

Great reading! Thank you Snow!

I really enjoyed speaking with Snow, she was very thorough and detailed in her reading, plenty of validations and good connection. Am looking forward to the predictions! Thank you!

Magi From On 23/07/2017

Top Banana

Snow reads clearly and quickly without any waffle and has a positive attitude and a good sense of humor. Snow picked up on my situation and concerns and explained in a very clear and concise manner the way forward. A 'Top banana' indeed

Simone From Channel Islands On 22/07/2017

Amazing connection

I can only say thank you so much spot on in every area of my life thank you again

Maria From London On 22/07/2017

She very care and gud reader .i have yet if this true

I like her she help me out .and set free from lies Nd pain .thank u snow

Sharon a From Stoke on trent On 20/07/2017


Today was my first reading with Snow. Her connection was so quick and validated few situations I was worried about. I did not tell her anything just told her which areas I want to look into and she picked up a lot of things and her reading was very positive and uplifting. She is a very nice lady to speak to as she was caring and understanding. I wish I spoke to her earlier. Thank you Snow.

Nisha From London On 12/07/2017

Good reader

When she gets it all worked out she gets it right. Very honest reader and very helpful. Nice lady too x

From On 05/07/2017


Had a lovely relaxed reading by Snow unfortunately I was cut off although I tried to reconnect. It's nice to talk to someone uplifting...thank you

yvonne From Australia On 28/06/2017

1st time with Snow. Very very good indeed. Did not have to say much, but she honed in to the situation very quickly! This quality validates a great reader! For her, I forsee a huge following and a growing fan base. Keep up the Good work Snow. I thouroughly enjoyed my reading!

Lisa From Kent On 24/06/2017

Best reader

I am in a very complicated situation and have made so many calls everyday but no clarity Snow got it . Thank u

Ss From Midlands On 23/04/2017


Absolutely spot on reading, actually incredible! Everything that I needed answers to became so clear, such a shame it cut out at the end! Will be calling back very soon.

Jack From Hertfordshire On 20/04/2017

pretty interesting , highly recommended

Had a good reading with her, wasnt for long , but had a good time speaking to her.. she did it differently and told me some interesting things.. will work that out thanks


By far the best reader on here!

I had a reading with snow and straight away without me saying a thing she identified why I was calling and gave me outstanding guidence on how I move forward. I will be calling her back with an update very soon!

Kaz From Berkshire On 16/04/2017


Very awesome and reassuring picked up really quick and great on the situation didn't have to explain nor did I say much she said n did all the talking and pretty much honed in on things going on and how things are I appreciate it very reassuring calm and down to earth and quick thanx much .... XOXOXO

Monica From USA On 15/04/2017

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