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After three months of trying, I had my third reading with you and you blew me away as usual! Funny how you kept saying "you're not crazy" hahaha! I will be back in July. Thank you!

Sylvia From Aussie On 29/05/2019

Simply the best

I don't know how to thank you.As this is not enough. You have predicted things for me and have happened exactly as you said. You are a highly gifted psychic what makes it even better your a lovely person who is genuine and will only simply says what you see. Your listening skills are brilliant where i feel so much at ease and confident. I got put through to you and glad i was. I would never doubt with what you say as timing has always fallen into place or sooner than you have predicted. Once again than you so much your a star. xxxxx

R From Uk On 07/01/2019

My Favourite Reader

By Far !! Thank you so much Muria Rose, you have helped me beyond words. You have calmed me down, and helped me to understand myself better than anyone. You have helped me to understand my situation. Absolutely mind blowing and amazing !! Thank you.

From Australia On 30/12/2018

Excellent reading

Wow muria you are just super ! You picked on so many things in my reading which were all mind blowing true ! Your so popular on here and it’s very difficult to get through to you , but you are worth it

Dynamite From Bham On 06/11/2018


This lady is the real deal. I was blown away and her predictions have come to pass.

From On 02/11/2018

Amazing, the best reading I have ever had

I am blown away by this reading, wow ! She has described my situation so accurately, even small details she picked up on. Muria was so amazing ! She helped me to have faith in my situation, put my mind to ready, and to know that what I am going through is not for nothing. Its all coming, dont worry. Wow, thank you ! This woman is next level. Highly recommended.

From On 17/10/2018

She's in my head...

Muria, i "accused" you of breaking into my house and reading my notes regarding my most private thoughts! What an outstanding reading on so many levels. That was some connection. What's interesting about you is that you explain what needs to be done and you know that your querent knows this anyway. Hence your incredible reviews. Oh! My favourite part: "I'm a babe magnet!" Hahahahaha xox

Ronnie From Berkshire On 30/08/2018

She is hard to get through to but when you do you will not be disappointed. I was on the phone with Muria Rose for over an hour, the way she delivers her readings is very unique, she explains things in great detail and helps you understand things on another level.

From On 23/08/2018

Words can not describe

What a lovely lady, thank you for being so honest with me, the road ahead will be a struggle, but worth it in the end! Thank you for being so kind and lovely! xx

Claire From Cardiff On 22/08/2018

Amazing Energy

My very first time reading with Muria Rose and i have to say it was a very enlightening and comforting experience. Connected to me brilliantly and got to deep layer of my psyche that very few readers can reach. The validations were accurate, on point and i look forward to the predictions manifesting in devine time. Thank you very much x x

Waves From Australia On 27/07/2018


One of the best readings I have had, definitely the most informative, the information flowed without any input from me apart from my name. Thank you with all my heart Xxx

Jackie From Uk On 25/07/2018


Excellent reading. honest.detailed. cleared up a lot of things for me.

Wini From UK On 27/06/2018


excellent really accurate reading with Muria rose. Got cut off abruptly and tried to return but unfortunately she had logged off!

Wini From London On 22/06/2018

Muira!! Where are you

I hope all is well with you! Sending you love light & healing! Do come back soon! A lot has gone on. Belize xxx

From On 13/05/2018

very good reading

in depth reading, very positive, thanks again!

Ana From London On 11/03/2018

Absolutely Amazing!

Firstly I'd like to say I've had many readings on here, but my reading with Muria was, by far, the best! She gave me a very detailed and intricate reading, she gave it 100%! The information just flowed, she is a genuine reader, I can see why she's so busy. Thank you so much. I appreciate your honesty and the effort you put into my reading. Will definitely be calling you again x

N From England On 16/02/2018

Perfect on point

Tottally amazingly super awesome

Maxx Angenetta Jones From United States On 07/02/2018


Muria Rose...it is no wonder you are so hard to get thru to as you are just awesome

N From Perth On 05/02/2018

Would give 100 stars if I could

From the moment she picked up the phone she blew me away. Was on point with everything she said and I had not said one thing to her. She picked up all my current problems and put them all into perspective for me and advised me how to deal with the situation at hand. I am so grateful I got through to you. I got cut off but thank you so much for your honesty and advice. I have definitely taken it on board and I will definitely update you as everything unfolds which I truly believe it will. Thanks again. You are an amazing woman with an incredible talent x

Kate From Melbourne On 01/02/2018

Mind blowing

Muria Rose, it’s been 4 days since our reading, what you have said has been swirling in my mind. You spoke the truth, I was hiding behind my fears but you are the only psychic that’s ever picked up that I’m actually a quiet person by nature. Most people don’t see that. You picked up on my situation details on point. I’m so very glad I spoke to you, because for some reason, I got up the next day with a new zest for life & felt strong to keep carrying the on, let the load go... Blessings x

E From Australia On 20/01/2018

Best reading ever

Lovely reading, talked for two hours but still not enough, she is the best, tells u exactly what is going on and so positive, i loved the reading cant wait to update xxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous From Wales On 17/01/2018

Wow Wow Wow

Spoke to you yesterday Muria and you absolutely blew me away and gave me such a warm and in depth reading.The information flowed and flowed and you left no stone unturned. I didnt have to tell you anything, you saw it all ! Im the lady who told you she was seeing Robins all the time and you told me this was sign. You also reassured me that my man was coming back and not to give up hope...... I look forward to my predictions coming true and you have give me faith they will xx Thank you so much for such a beautiful reading xx

L from London From London On 16/01/2018


Thank you for your reading today you have no idea how much you have helped me I feel blessed to have spoken to you, God bless you!

Rainah From Sydney On 11/01/2018


So sorry i had to cut our call short by answering the door. V detailed reading. Lovely lady.

S... From .. On 09/01/2018


Muria is amazing! She has the ability to deeply understand my situation and give clarity and clear advice on the future. Thank you so much!! You will not be disappointed xx

Name From Location On 08/01/2018


Amazing reading with this beautiful lady. Waited months to get through and it was definitely worth it. Best reader on this site my miles and understood my situation perfectly. Thanks Muria rose will keep you updated x

Kerry From Uk On 06/01/2018

Muira come back!!

Hi Muria!! I really do hope you’re well. I’ve been wanted to tell you for sometime now that you was right about the man at work!! Lol I couldn’t believe it. Do come back soon!! Xxx

Belize From On 14/12/2017

Where is muria

She’s the best on this site. Hope to see her log in soon.

Nicole From Ireland Paris On 30/11/2017


She is outstanding! Thank you so so much connects amazingly well. Thank you

Helanah From York On 23/11/2017


Thankyou so much for your words. Picked lots and so honest that you gave clarity. I am not leaving and thankyou for confirming what my heart and soul know....very kind and caring.

Julie From Australia On 06/11/2017


Absolutely amazing reader and being a reader myself she wowed me and it takes a lot to do that. Highly recommend. x

From On 01/11/2017


The best by far. God bless you and thank you so much. Spot on on everything xx

Celia From England On 29/10/2017

Best reading

Lovely and down to earth reading, told me things only I knew, gave me advice and put me in a better frame of mind and lovely to talk to , cant wait for change to happen and to look forward to future, cant thank u enough, please pray for me and my special baby who will arrive in February xx just so u know who i am x thankyou from my heart

Anonymous From Wales On 28/10/2017

Amazing connection!

She is a true psychic that can pick things up. I am waiting for her predictions to come true!

Tara From London On 24/10/2017

No wonder

I have used this service over a number of years -a have used numerous readers- and no wonder it's very hard to get through to Muria Rose because she's brilliant -

Alex From Melbourne On 21/10/2017


What a wonderful reader

Alex From Melbourne On 21/10/2017


1st reading and was on 35mins. Given so much information was unreal. Will see what happens

Sa From ... On 19/10/2017

Amazing 5 stars

Muria is an amazing woman with an exceptional gift to see the future. She provides incredible details and is always happy to go an extra mile in the reading to unravel the situation. I would highly recommend having a reading with her - it will be mind blowing. Wishing you all the best Muria, you are going to become a very popular reader here. God bless.

K From London On 16/10/2017

Absolutely amazing reading WOW

Hi Muria Rose. Thank you so much for SPOT ON Reading Now I have a very clear understanding In my relationship and my work. Will call you soon.

Gia From Melbourne Australia On 11/10/2017


Some people are sent to us as a 'gift' Muria Rose is definitely one of those special people. She's made me feel 99% better... The 1% is left to me. Thank you. I am truly grateful for your honesty and encouragement today. Love and light x

B From London On 04/10/2017


I have no words knew everything in detail and more Gave me so much I did not think anyone could see this much and trust me I spend loads of time on these sites. I can see the way through now . Hated her timings as so far away but I really trust that is how it is

Ss From Midlands On 04/10/2017

Absolutely Amazing

Thank you so much, i was put onto you by chance and im so glad you are by far the best reader ive talked to on this site. You connected with me straight away and even after we got cut off by accidental hang up i called back you knew who i was and reconnected without any issues. You have made me feel so at ease your honestly so amazing and i cant thank you enough. Will be calling again

Carrissa From Australia On 28/09/2017


Wow! Muria Rose is an amazing reader, she is so so positive and uplifting. She tells you what she's guided to. After speaking to her for a while, found her to be extremely kind hearted. What a beautiful Lightworker. Lifts all the darkness away. Love her reading! Absolutely fantastic. Call her, she's truly a 'gift'. Bless you xxx

B From London On 25/09/2017


Muria Rose is amazing! Her reading was spot on and very detailed. Great connection and I really enjoyed your reading. I will be calling you back soon. Blessings

D From USA On 17/09/2017

the girl recognising her abiltiies

Hi Muria, im so sorry i accidentally hung up! ever so grateful for your absolutely BEAUTIFUL reading. you are truly amazing and I connected with you beautifully. I look forward to your predictions manifesting and you are truly outstanding. I cannot believe how well you connected. many thanks to you and your spirit guide. lots of love from the bottom of my heart and many blessings xxx

r From location On 09/09/2017


She is so just so awesome , we connected so well and she was really detailed n mind blowing .. i loved the readings i had with her, she is very intelligent and sharp and an amazing lady.. love u loads.. u r an incredible psychic :)


Muria rose is my fav reader. My first reading I had she told me the names of people involved. I am intrigue how my situation will play out. I feel when I need talk to het, I get put straight thru to her. I hope my pending prediction with play out. It's all about the timing.

Nicole From Paris On 31/08/2017

I can honestly say she is the best psychic on here

Amazing reading, there was so much information given and all accurate, validations and connection like this I have never had with any psychic before and I have had many readings over the past year. I am still processing what Muria told me and the level of detail given was overwhelming. I truly cannot quite believe the reading I had, brilliant!

Magi From On 31/08/2017

Sent from spirit

What a fantastic reader! She really connects and knows what's going on :) spirit shall be proud what a blessed lady x

Becci From Wales On 28/08/2017

A Guide for Souls in waiting

I have had too many readings to mention there are some very good readers of Tarot there are some very good empaths some gifted Pyschics then there are a small number of specialty gifted and blessed souls who serve as Messangers to help the spirit that sometimes allows the human side to let doubt and reasoning interfere with destiny . I struggle to find the words to say about this lady with the gift given by God and Angels to be there to remind me (us) the reason I'm here my purpose and what I'm blessed with I will never doubt again her words her insight her healing will carry me through the last stage of this part of the universal test I'm faced with before given the gift of pure deep and meaningful love the long wait will soon come to an end . My respect and love to you Muira Rose for your help your guidance and spiritual love given to guide so many souls lost in this world of material things . God bless you and keep you safe . Love Helena xx

Helena From North East UK On 27/08/2017

So thankful for the absolute amazing connection

You read right into my soul, gave the the insight int behind the scenes and the path ahead. So deeply appreciate the incredible connection and valuable guidance. Not often one has the chance to connect to the higher powers and receive this depth of guidance. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Twin flame and soul mate - wow... a interesting ride ahead...

Lynda From Perth On 09/08/2017


I've have had a lot of readings on here and Muria is the best by far!! She was very detailed when describing my situation and picked up on everyone and every detail with accuracy. I was in total shock of how she described everything to me. What a lovely ready, I was left feel that she woman is truly sent from heaven. Thank you so much for providing your insight. God bless you!! xxxx

Belize From London On 08/08/2017


Thank you for your insight and guidance..at times I nearly came to tears,you are a beautiful and special person who has a unique gift.i cant thank you enough for your time today.

anne Marie From ireland On 08/08/2017

Reading was so intricate

Wow. Muria, The stuff this lady told me was so intricate. My situation was/is so complex and it involved a very devious ex-friend who wanted my man and went all out to get him. Muria described the things this woman did/said/behaved towards him, Unbelievable but everything she described about the womans personality was correct, Muria I was angry at his stupidity and naivety, but I did wave a white flag to him as you suggested, lets see if he does feel that I will listen if he does contact me. Muria, you blew me away, amazing lady.

From London On 07/08/2017

100% genuine

Amazing, genuine and calming. Muria rose picked up the situation without any prompting or asking questions. The information just flowed and I didn't really get to say a word, that's how a reading should be. What an absolute blessing and has left me feeling at peace, I honestly don't have the right words to describe how good she is! Xx

J From UK On 07/08/2017

Twin flame

Thank you so much for my reading I was needing more information and you were able to shed incredible light on my situation. Most readers cannot connect at this level. I feel more at peace and it was great to know that Muria Rose has aided other twin flame journeys. I feel at peace.

N From Sydney On 05/08/2017


This woman is amazing, I've had quite a few readings in my time, and not one like Muria Rose's. She was so accurate and knew exactly what was going on. I'm a psychic myself and she confirmed everything I was thinking is exactly how it should be. Absolutely amazing reader, wow!

Simone From South east On 03/08/2017


Hi Muria Rose it's me with the aloof guy with the unusual name!! I tried to continue the call but pressed the wrong button then you got snapped up!! You are brilliant, and your readings are always amazing. Just want to thank you for all your guidance you are spot on every time!! I will be back soon. Take care xxxx

Leanne From Uk On 02/08/2017


I had a mind blowing reading with Muria rose. She didn't ask any questions just my name and began to tell me why I was calling and great detail with my twin flame situation. She told me his initial and how many letters in his name and that it was an old fashioned name..his personality described what's going on with his emotions and also mine. She was spot on. She gave great advice and the things she knew made me gobsmacked. Thanks so much for the reading. X

Jess From On 01/08/2017

The Best!

Muria Rose you astounded me with such a detailed and accurate reading of my situation. You have an amazing gift and I feel blessed to have spoken to you today. I hope you will be logged on often as I know you will bring clarity and comfort to so many who need spiritual guidance. I also know it will become almost impossible to get through to you because you are so good!! Thanks again and I hope I didn't keep you late for that dental appointments :)

M From Ireland On 28/07/2017


Thank you! Your reading was very detailed and spot on. One of the best readings I have had on this site. Sorry we got cut off before I had a chance to thank you. You are amazing.

J From Australia On 28/07/2017

Agree with Jessica and Happy livelines caller

Muria explained everything she was doing before starting the reading - she was going to give some information to ensure that the connection was strong. straight away you got my personality, career, type of relationship, why I was calling and his initial. In fact apart my name I didn't say anything. As you quite rightly said I had already been told what you were telling me many times and you were just giving me validation. Your reading was identical to others I have had from top readers on this site. You are definitely very gifted. I knew you would be! I know everyone has a right to their opinion however, I think it would be nicer if callers gave constructive criticism. Readers on this service are people with feelings. As you said Muria you can't connect with everyone and there maybe a good reason why you are not meant to read for that person or why they are not meant to know something. Look at all the positive reviews and don't ever not log on because someone has given a negative review. Than you so much and the best of luck on this line . x

G From London On 26/07/2017

25 th July

First reading n won't be my last ! So Indepth ! I only said hi my names Carol n she told me exactly wot I'd rang for .ive had loads of readings in the past n she's one of the best I've had on here . Thank u and thank u to ur guide from the rough cut diamond . I will ring back X

Carol From Notts On 26/07/2017

My Favourite

Thank you Muria, u really made my day and helped me with my problem. He has text me and we are now on speaking terms. I am so glad that I've found you! Plz come on more as I need to call you bk. Thank u with all my heart, Tara xxx

Tara From Midlands On 24/07/2017

So beautiful ....

Such a beautiful reading, I cannot thank you. You helped me in so many ways. You are now my go to reader above all others. I will call you back on Friday.

Lizzie From On 24/07/2017


If you are looking for a reader with depth she is it! If she can not read for you .. I am sure there is reasons why for that. No comment like the one below will ever make me doubt how amazing my reading was with her. Those not getting connections with her could be because you're either spiritually blocked, not able to be read for, or you're in a Karmic relationship. In this case not many can read for you. I say move on to someone who can and leave these readers alone because they try their best. Thank you MR for your readings I'll never forget it

Your GA From From OZ On 22/07/2017


I saw the reviews and thought that she sounds amazing. But upon actually getting through realised that she couldn't pick up on the situation. Very disappointed.

Donna From Australia On 19/07/2017


I have read with them all and Muris has the gift of an angel. This is my first review and while most advisors have connected with me there is nothing like receiving a reading that you can relate to and feel naturally real about. My craving and security for finding someone who has given me the insight that is beyond my expectation has been satisfied. I can say this from extensive exploration for my own spirituality and understanding on a situation in my life that I have not been fulfilled with until I spoke with Muria. Muria is the real deal that I have been able relate to most!

M From Sydney On 19/07/2017


Put through at random. Amazing. Knew names of each party. Knew work link. Knew things u could even imagine. I didn't say a thing. Amazing

Nicole From Paris On 18/07/2017

So happy i spoke to you!! ❤️❤️

This lady is so gifted. I am in shock! I have spoken to many readers on this sight there are many good ones like jessica said. Alex, sadie, guy, arosa, celeste, Kia, Dee Dee etc etc and with Muria i had such a clear and insightful reading. She works so hard with her spirit guide Murtaza to get the honest answers and hits the nail on the head every time. Sasha its sad to see people like you leaving such harsh comments on this site. You just sound like a very sad person. You have a right to an opinion but maybe you could sound less rude!! These readers work hard to help people and its not nice when someone like you knocks them down like this. After all its not possible to connect with everyone. But I am so glad i found this reader she asked me nothing but my name and left me literally speechless x ❤️

A happy livelines caller! From Manchester On 18/07/2017

WOW WOW WOW! The BEST psychic on here by far!

I said NOTHING not even what I wanted to talk about and she picked up on my situation in 5 min where it took other readers ages to pick up. She (and her spirit guide Mustafa) is the female version of Alex (and Amir) I can see her getting as popular as he has been on this line. They don't realise how amazing this woman is in her readings. She picked up on names ect and it was 100% spot on. I am sold and I will be a regular caller. She is the reader I have been searching for. I wrote this review because she deserves it even though I know she will get too popular for me to get to speak to her again. I'll still do it because I wish her every bit of success in her mission to help humanity.

Jessica From Australia On 18/07/2017


Sorry about the delay in leaving a review. I spoke with you friday night. The girl with the distant twinflame. Your reading left me reeling with information and it has taken me a few days to ponder over what you said. Looking back at the notes I made I must say you were right about how it has played out as it has.Your insight on twin flames is amazing I must speak to you again. I tried again today but you logged off before I could get through. Pls come on for longer if you can!!!

S.L From Lincolnshire On 17/07/2017


A truely compassionate, genuine and kind hearted lady to talk to. Dont agree with the negative comment below from sasha some people just cant handle what they hear. No need for such NASTINESS! I for one Loved every minute of the hour and a bit i spoke to you!! One of the best readers on here!!!!!!

Susan From England On 17/07/2017

Very good - 5 star reading

Wow!! My new favourite reader. She is so lovely and accurate. I am so happy to have found my new favourite. If you want an honest and accurate reading, please phone this lady - although I should not say this as I want her to be kept free for me!! Thank you so much Muria Rose.

Lucy From Oxford On 17/07/2017


Did not connect just made things on as went along Did feel she was psychic at alll She even asked me for answers for the questions I asked for. Dreadful I would not recommend her at all. There are better readers on hear.

Sasha From Luton On 15/07/2017


I have had my first reading today with Muria Rose and I have to say she is marvellous! Everything she picked up was absolutely spot On. Her and her guide Murtarza are superb and they hit the nail on the head and very lovely! She is new to this site and I know she will be getting busy very quickly. I really hope not to much so I can come back for a reading again, but overall it was a pleasure getting read from Muria Rose and her guide. Thank you very much you have both given me the real insight I needed and was looking for! :)

Sophie From London On 14/07/2017


Thank you so much!! Sorry we got cut off.. Muria Rose picked up on everything to a tee without me saying anything. Spiritual signs came even as we spoke. I was definitely meant to speak with you tonight. Thank you for your insight and encouragement with my twin flame "situation".. xx

Emma From Sydney On 14/07/2017

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SafiPIN : 9750 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
I am a psychic/tarot reader and have been reading tarot for over 5 years. I offer insight and clarity on all aspects of life and can advise on the best course of action with any dilemmas the customer may have. I specialise in emotions, relationships, careers and goals and read traditional tarot as well. PIN: 9750
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Busy For 57 Minutes
Psychic Reader Eva
EvaPIN : 1913 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
Hello, I am Eva a compassionate Psychic Tarot reader. I am here to assist you when you are feeling down or when you are searching for answers to your questions. I am a passionate and professional reader with many years worth of experience. I do not judge and I can assist with love, relationships, family, career and many other areas also. PIN: 1913
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Busy For 38 Minutes
Psychic Reader Cosmika
CosmikaPIN : 2289 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
I am an intuitive Tarot, Angel and Playing card reader I also get clairvoyant flashes as I tune into your energy vibration. I specialise in positive readings on love & other relationships, career & life in general. I'm like 'Cosmic Catchphrase', I say what I see in the cards. The main spiritual tools I use are tarot & angel cards. PIN: 2289
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Busy For 19 Minutes
Psychic Reader Sean
SeanPIN : 3090 Call : 0904 007 0202
(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
I offer evidence and assurance-simple but profound insight given by spirit and psychic intuition and a warmth of calm conversation. I offer answers expressed by both tarot and my intuition and spirit connection ability. Also ,if you merely want to contact loved ones in spirit, I have a very high level ability to contact and speak to and provide connection evidence and messages from those who have passed. I have certificates in psychic mediumship. PIN: 3090
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