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Awesome source of information

Thank you for addressing my direct questions and not wasting my time like I've had elsewhere. You are well connected and able to answer questions and provide validations without any time wasting. A truly great reader - many thanks - I so appreciate your insights. Looking forward to the message this weekend and further in months to come. :)

Libran From Aus On 07/03/2019

Thank you

I really appreciate your communication again. It’s comforting and helping me to stay on track. You tapped right in.

From On 21/02/2019


Anne-Marie gave a detailed, fluent reading and was very accurate about the different situations I am dealing with. Highly recommended.

J From London On 12/02/2019

Pretty sharp

she gives razor sharp perspective on issues.. but very gifted n talented thanks a lot :)

Pranav From Midlands On 04/02/2019

Thank you!

Kind compassionate reading. Connected right into the heart of the matter. Will call again soon.

From On 31/01/2019

Thank You

My impression of Anne marie. Well for a starters I'm glad I got through to you because I had heard a lot of good things about you and I was hoping that you would be able to answer some complex questions and give me some dates of prediction which he did now thank you for giving me all of the information that I was looking for and I will update you once your predictions have unfolded which I hope they do because it's really important for me I am extremely excited thank you for giving me your time much appreciated please come here often you're going to get busy

Rosie From london On 20/01/2019

Very good

Picked up on everything really well. Very impressed

S From .. On 11/11/2018


Brilliantly gifted reader. No tricks, no games, just accurate and insightful!!

Mark From Australia On 03/10/2018


Very helpful indeed.

L From Aus On 01/10/2018


A wonderful reader. She's quick to tune in and accurate.

Maria From Sydney On 24/08/2018


wow Annemarie a true gifted lady i didnt need to say anything except can you look into my nan please and what followed was incredible ... she knew it all the whole situation and confirmed what i knew in my heart thankyou so much i will definately be back. you are amazing !!!!!!! Thankyou angel xxxxx

nicola From england On 07/01/2018


Ths girl is abs brilliant

B From Norther ireland On 07/01/2018

Time will tell

Thank you for being patient with me. I was not at my best during the reading and Anne helped me to ground myself. After reflecting on her words, I was much happier because she told me confidently the causes of my situation as well as providing guidance; so I can help myself. Thank you for letting me know that everything will fall into place nicely at the very end. That was really comforting. With my effort, I hope to make the predictions come true. With Appreciation and sincerity, bless.

Elwina From England On 01/08/2017


Thank you for another amazing reading your spot on every time just waiting to see your predictions come true ill be calling you back soon x

Molly From Scotland On 12/07/2017

Short, quick and to the point

Great reader, No dragging on the call, answered all my questions and was shocked that I still had so many minutes left! Thank you.

Sue From West Midlands On 11/07/2017

Barely touched the surface

Just kind of said generic things that could have applied to most, but I will eat my hat if the prediction or the next couple of days happen.

Optimist From On 01/07/2017


I had a reading with Anne-Marie a few days ago and am just now leaving my review. She was outstanding, no prompting, no time wasting, clear phone line, no rubbish, just straight talk in a sensible way and very direct. I appreciate A.M. getting straight to the point, so many readers on here spend too much time advising, instead of saying I can't connect. I will definitely be phoning her again, she knew things that had actually just taken place, she also picked up on very detailed situations and not just basic typical information.

T. From USA On 23/05/2017


This is my second reading with Anne-Marie. In my first reading she predicted something I did not think possible... I called her tonight because what she predicted previously has actually happened. Thankyou so much.. Unbelievable yet true!

Sandra From UK On 04/04/2017


I had a really good reading with Annemarie., there was a little prompting needed but I feel as if timelines seemed plausible and info given was accurate. I'm happy with the reading.

Jackie From Aust On 05/03/2017

Anne Marie is a naturally gifted psychic . She has been very clear and concise with no input from me. Excellent

Lynne From London On 16/01/2017

Down to earth and real

Anne-Marie connects easily, is down to earth, doesn't sugar coat, and is real, in that she is accurate in what she reads and sees. She doesn't keep you online unecessarily and I have appreciated her insights in the time I have had with her. Thank you.

Ires From Me On 08/06/2016


Anne-Marie is amazing! xoxoxo

Julie From southall On 27/04/2016

Nice Reading!

Thank you for your help. You gave me the information I needed.

Rima B From Maryland On 17/03/2016

Thank you

Such a beautiful lady got my situation straight away put my mind at ease .thank you

Anne From Belfast On 25/01/2016

Thank you for my reading you got my situation right! No sugar coating sorry we got cut off

Caroline From England On 06/01/2016

I believe in myself now

I have been here in england for over two years now and had dealing with much negativity towards me because of my nationality. Because of my trade I have much aggression towards me. Over time it left me alone and low. I felt so low I nearly gave up. With support of Anne-Marie I learnt to overcome my depression and see the good inside me that I had. I learned to like myself and not listen to hurtful words. Anne-Marie gave me inside courage and power of finding myself. Now my confidence rubs on those around me who once gave me hard words. Now I have there respect all because I now respect myself. Thank you Anne-Marie for helping me overcome my problems.

Mariusz Kulesza From Manchester On 30/11/-0001

Brilliant, just brilliant

Thank you for yet another excellent reading. This lady is a superb psychic and should you want to see the future please call her!

B. Seedham From On 30/11/-0001

God bless you

Well Anne-Marie, god bless you! You have opened my eyes with true insight into my situation. I can't believe how much you connected with me, really breath taking. I feel empowered with confidence to sort out my life now. Thanks you so much for showing me my path to happiness.

Wendy T From Cedar City, Utah On 30/11/-0001


The real deal very good seems to know your situation positive reader leaves u uplifted dosnt ask u questions i hope all my brilliant predictions come true give her a go wonderful reader love light????????????

chantelle From Rwading On 30/11/-0001

Anne-Marie Is Truly Amazing!

Thank you Anne-Marie for following your gifts to really guide me through the most difficult relationship issue I have ever had. You were spot on, compassionate and funny. I have so much insight now and I feel absolutely empowered. You have a client for Life!

Ruby R. From North London On 30/11/-0001

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