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Susan - 2685

I was born a natural clairvoyant, but it took a while for me to understand the messages I was receiving for others. I've worked as a professional psychic since my early twenties for clients all around the world, so I have over 25 years of specialist experience in this work and will always do my best to answer any specific questions you may have. I specialise in love and relationship readings and can provide a telephone forecast for you. PIN: 2685



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

Clients find my work calming and insightful, so you will be in safe hands. I will always work to provide the answers to any questions you may have, and I have experience in understanding and translating the symbols that are received during each sitting to help you make more sense of your particular situation right now.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

Although I have been a natural psychic and clairvoyant since a little girl, nowadays I also use Tarot cards when reading for clients to bring a Spiritual focus onto your specific questions and topics of relevance each time you call. I like to provide the most information possible without wasting any time, and in this way, I can also do my best to offer the timing of certain events within your personal forecast, which will hopefully allow you to make practical use of your personal psychic sitting.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I was very young when I discovered my mediumship abilities, and friends often noticed that I said things which tended to shortly afterwards come true. I see things in my mind's eye, and sometimes hear words and messages, or am shown meaningful symbols as Spirit help is at hand. Client confidentiality is very important to me, and I offer the caring support during each consultation that I would expect to receive myself.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

People often say they find my voice very calming and I will always do my best to gain insight into any problem you may be concerned about, no matter how difficult or demanding it may at first appear. I will try to find the best answers for you, particularly when more than one option may seem to be available and life seems confusing. I truly want you to succeed in life and in your relationships, and I believe that when you have the best information at any given time you are much more able to make the best choices in any area you focus on.

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Susan - 2685

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Susan has been an incredible source of support for the last 5 months, She gave me so much hope and encouragement when i was on the verge of giving up of my then X partner. Everything she told me has happened as she said and we even met at Restaurant as she had foreseen. She gets really emotional with my reading due to the depth and intensity of the connection i share with my partner. My always go to reader. Thank you for being so wonderful. Xx

Bec From Australia On 04/02/2019


Susan is an amazing reader, I have spoken to her a few times and she is always spot on for me.

Michelle From Uk On 10/12/2018

She is amazing

Thank you Susan for my reading today. She is an amazing reader who has been recommended to me by a couple of people. I look forward to your predictions and once again thank you.

M From London On 03/12/2018


If you want a consistent reading then this is the reader, everytime i have spoken to her she's given me the same information and in greater depth, Absolutely blows me away with her description of how things will pan out and describes both i and the person in question as if reading from a book. Her predictions have never changed and so have the time frames. 100% genuine. Always looking forward to our chats, I'll be back with Updates. Xxx

Anon From Australia On 12/11/2018

Again go reader

You are such a amazing person and a fantastic reader. I remember speaking to you few months ago and wow i spoke to you today and the dates were exactly the same along side more detail. Looking forward speaking with you again.

R From uk On 29/10/2018


Had the most loveliest chat this morning with Susan I’m so gutted at accidentally cut you off. You was very spot on about the person in question and you got the whole situation down to a T. You have made me feel at ease. Thank you so much x

V From London On 07/09/2018

Incredibly accurate

Susan is superbly accurate, very good with timings and absolutely lovely to speak to. Very soft and calming. Susan - I hope all is well with you and please come back on.

Anna From UK On 31/08/2018

Always so accurate and consistent!

Susan has been my go to reader for years now and she has always been spot on accurate about everything that has been going on in my life and in the life of people around me.

Naeemah From UK On 01/08/2018


Such an amazing reader, picks up on so many things and advices you accordingly. Truly one of the best here. Blessings to you. Xx

Sly From Australia On 31/07/2018


Doesn't ask any questions and knows why you are calling immediately. She can pick up on people's thoughts and feelings very well. She is one of the best on here and really lovely

Anna From London On 15/07/2018

5 * reading

Thank you for an amazing reading!! very accurate with details! One of the best on the site..

Donna From London On 09/07/2018

Thank You Susan :)

Hi Susan, Thank you so much for taking my call then and for your wonderful reading about my situation. You have been my regular go-to reader and always read my situation correctly and predictions have come through, bar timings but they still come through. You always put me at ease and just calm my mind down. Thank you for your incredible support and for being there for me when I needed it. I will touch base with you again and update my situation soon. Thank you, Sonia..Xx :)

Sonia From Melbourne, Australia On 07/07/2018

Timely predictions

I was distressed, rude, impatient!! Susan was gentle and calming. Gave me predictions, timing them accurately! One prediction has come through as per her timing. I think when people are stressed they don’t want waffle and she certainly didn’t waffle. Her focus was 100% about me and giving me timely predictions. Thank you Susan!!! I was a mess!

Sara From Australia On 30/06/2018

Prediction well on its way

Susan is definitely the real deal. spoke to her early June regarding a relationship. she said that communication would come in within 10 days. It did exactly on the 10th day. I had worries about an argument and holiday. she tuned in and said spirit said that the holiday was still on- July and September. Although she herself thought July was too quick. It seems we will be going on that holiday end of july/august. We also talked about another holiday in September. I am sure this will happen too. If you also want to know what is going in terms of emotions/situations around the other person. She is your go to.On top of that she is very caring and empathetic herself. she was able to pick up on past as well as present. Will make her every 3 month treat

Ariel C From UK On 24/06/2018

Amazing reader

Susan picked up on my situation. She knew things only I knew and one prediction has came true. Recommend her to all. Truely a beautiful reader

D From Oz On 23/06/2018

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