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Bang on!

Bang on, spot on....really!!

Mark From Oz On 27/01/2019

Prediction did happen

have spoken to Amana a few times. she has a real talent she is able to pick up on situation. she said I would get contact end of weekend it happened and hope this flourishes into something more L.T. will try to catch her again

predicgi From On 15/01/2019


Amanda is absolutely amazing! Every time I talk to her she is dead on. Most of the things that she has predicted for me has come true.

From On 30/11/2018

Thank you Amanda

Amanda was absolutely spot on. She picked things up that were impossible to guess at and her timings were accurate. Thank you so much.

From On 10/10/2018


Amanda you were right, I saw him this weekend just as you predicted. Amanda is great, she never fails me with her predictions. Give her call, you won’t be disappointed.

T. From On 16/09/2018

Very Good

Hi Amanda. Sorry i ran out of funds and minutes before i could thank you. Thank you for the very insightful reading. I will take on your advice and will pray that what you said is true and happens. Thank you once again.

Justin From Melbourne On 28/08/2018


Didn’t have to tell this lady anything she was straight to the point picking up on most of my concerns she was unbelievable in the way she is able to tune into ones energy .. Thank you so much Amanda... Will definitely be seeking her advice again

JB From South London On 28/08/2018


My folks upstairs were certainly prompting me to call - something I had been trying to curtail. Now I know why - the answers came through as I needed them, Amanda was SO on the nail, so lovely to chat to and an amazing connection to predictions. Thank you - you were JUST who I needed to speak to today. Very happy indeed.

Lyn From Aus On 21/08/2018


I spoke with you on 8/13 and the predictions have unfolded just as you stated. I always enjoy talking to her. She is very talented and does not sugarcoat, but delivers the information in a helpful and calm manner. I have had several readings with Amanda and her predictions have been accurate.

T From On 17/08/2018

So good and so lovely!

Amanda is amazing. So accurate and really lovely to talk to. Connects very easily and is wonderful

Anna From UK On 06/08/2018

fab fab fab fab!

what all the rest said....! Just love you Amanda, you are always worth the wait. xxx

T From On 17/07/2018


Hi Amanda, I wanted to update you my predictions are unfolding just as you said. She is really a sweet and talented reader. She has been consistent in her predictions and three of them have unfolded. I enjoy talking to her as it is never advicey, just what she sees and feels. You will not be disappointed with Amanda.

Anonymous From USA On 09/07/2018

very good

dora From london On 05/06/2018


very calm, soothing, non-judgemental reading. thanks a lot Amanda for your connection and bringing my confidence back. i will be back to let you knoe about predictions. best wishes xxx

From london On 01/05/2018

Gifted !!

You truly are gifted Amanda with such a loving and kind approach to my situation and not judgemental you tell it how it is and what you see. You truly are a gifted psychic and got my situation spot on thank you for your guidance I will updated when predictions pass. Love and light to a wonderful soul xxx

Sophie From AUS On 04/02/2018

Great in-dept guidance

Finally i have found a reader who is a genuine article. i have been searching for a reader who i can really connect with and who can give me the most accurate predictions, i finally found this lady Amanda, i have had many readings with her over he past several months, she has given me great in-depth guidance on many sensitive issues i had been going through whilst always continuing to be non-judgemental as well as this, have hsd many problems with regards to my relationship with my parter over the last year but with Amandas help, guidance and predictions i have managed to get intouch with my inner self, learnt to know my own feelings and create my own positive energies to heal heart and relationship. Bless'd Be x

Dionne From Belfast On 21/01/2018

Really fantastic

This Lady is amazing .. gave me some of the best sight on to present matters! Thank you and sorry we got cut off.

Helanah From Y On 10/12/2017

First time

I have been receiving guidance and support for my difficult twin flame journey for two years tonight Amanda predicted he's about to come forward in the next few weeks before Christmas ! She was spot on about him and why he hasn't come forward She validated everything I was aware off and gave me a glimpse of our future home too . Beautiful reader no time wasting or guessing no pausing just straight from her guide . Thank you for a warm heartfelt truthful reading Amanda I'm very grateful . God Bless Helena 26.11.17

Helena From North East On 26/11/2017

Amazing lady. Didn't ask any question and got straight into the reading. No waffle. Non judgmental caring lady. Thankyou will deffo call again xxxx

Michelle From Preston On 12/11/2017


A concise genuine connection with no waffling or time wasting which was very much appreciated.A very pleasant reader who is honest and pure in her reading .Thank you so much Amanda and your guide .xxx

Anon From Uk On 03/11/2017


Was a great reading ... plausible predictions given explains in detail personalities ect. Will update when prediction passes x thank you x

B From We. Yorks On 09/09/2017



Deb From New York On 20/08/2017

It happen like she said it would

Told me I would get contact from my ex girlfriend in 7 days and I did exactly 7 days later. She is one of the best!

Leon From USA On 16/08/2017

Very good

Seems very good -let's wait and see if predictions come true

Al From Australia On 02/08/2017


Dont normally leave reviews but its this simple. No messing around, no time wasting and story telling, straight to the point and factual. She tells you whats going on and doesnt fish. Wont be long before shes in high demand.

P From Leeds On 10/07/2017


Had a reading with this lovely lady today and she is brilliant. No prompting or fishing and no questions asked apart from my name,dob and area to be looked at. Validations are spot on and no waffling. She is non judgemental and doesn't give you advice or her personal opinion like alot of readers. I have alot of readings over the years and although she starts off with cards but this is just a tool to link in and she is definitely psychic. Lots of information just flows. Please give Amanda a call you won't be disappointed and I think she is going to get very busy soon so catch her while you can. Lovely calm and gentle voice also. Thank you Amanda. 3/7/17.

Susan From London On 02/07/2017

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